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  1. Swimmer and I both do not have video.
  2. I (Jack Shephard) was the man driving the truck that ran you over. Here's my POV: Myself and Swimmer were driving through Vybor on our way to NWAF. As we were about to make a turn, a man comes up and I stop the truck and turn off my engine. I can barely hear him say "Help me" and I knew it was going to be a trap. I tried to tell him to get out of the way but he kept moving in front of our truck. He then pointed his mosin at us, telling us to get out. I tried to maneuver out of there but he ran behind the truck as we were backing up, killing him. It was complete self defense and to be honest , I had no intention of killing him.
  3. Server and location: S4 Prison Island/Kamenka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:25 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Jack Sheppard Names of allies involved: Derek Name/Skin of suspect/s: Henry Frantz Suspects weapon/s: Black Mosin Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://imgur.com/2CVzjzg Detailed description of the events: I logged on S4 and swam to the prison island. I looted it and met a guy by the name of Derek (I'm pretty sure his last name started with P) and he decided to go back to the mainland to get water and come back. After he left another man came up with a Russian accent (I think it was supposed to be German) and greeted me. I gave him food, water, a mosin, etc and tried to start conversation. The gun had no ammo so he wandered around looking for some. He came back with ammo and immediately pointed his gun at me telling me to drop all my weapons and strip down naked. He took everything and left with almost no RP. He ran to the ocean and I chased him to Kamenka. He then disconnected.
  4. I'm Jack Sheppard. You can see me in the video at 1:20 walking in from the left. I witnessed what most people did. Some guy was standing in the doorway to the tower and a man started to punch him. People told him to stop, a shot was fired, and he dropped dead. I was there with 3 other people including DeMarcus that can back me up, and I'm sure they did not kill him either.
  5. Is persistence enabled on all the servers? So then how often will loot/helicopters respawn?
  6. Swimmer and I have been wandering around Cherno starting up a trading business. We got guns, meds, food, and everything you need to survive.
  7. Or you could just walk up and say hello. Works most of the time.
  8. Haha yeah I guess. I just want a loop I can do from spot to spot and meet new people and trade stuff.
  9. I've visited Green Mountain on the US server multiple times and like the way things are set up there. Most people are friendly, offer to trade, etc. Are there any other spots in Chernarus like this?
  10. Just visited Green Mountain and for the first time I didn't see anyone.
  11. purplepoplenom2

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    Jack the cowboy!
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