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  1. Had fun with you too in the church;) till next time
  2. Thanks guys had my first night back and it was 10/10
  3. Hello guys its Connor MacManus most of you might not remember me lol but its been a while since I've played and i'm glad to be back and looking forward to playing with everyone!:)
  4. shleal225

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    oh man I cant wait to try this out....
  5. mine was with B.O.S 2.0 and we where at OG Ravens nest and we robbed the whole place killed everyone then when I.R.A came lied our way out haha and got away for awhile..... Then got executed by R.S.M (Archer) a few days later was the best experience I've ever had on here. <3
  6. shleal225

    Pepsi Or Coke

  7. hahah i know its bee far to long i do miss it here i think our best times siorre was in front of OG ravens nest lol
  8. pshhh they don't even know.... maybe i should tell them about my bat....
  9. shleal225

    I'm Back?

    im back too woot!!
  10. I'm back you guys probably don't remember me but I cant wait to play again with all my old friends and make some new ones
  11. shleal225


    name; Connor Song; Unforgiven 2 by Metallica im nervous but excited being on stage gives me such a rush