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"You Say Fascist Like It's An Insult"

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  1. DeeBlack


    Did you know the British Empire was so large that if it was on the moon it would Cover 94% of it.

    1. Zorbz

      Hail Brittania

      Britannia* I swear im british

    2. DeeBlack


      If your referring to the Revolutionary war then yes the British withdrew. However the height of the British Empire was in 1921 long after, which I'm referring to.

    3. Scouser


      If only the empire still stood

    4. Scooter



    5. Scouser


      Sorry Scooter but the sun set over this country a long time ago after its people decided to be offended of near enough everything 

    6. Scooter


      @Scouser There's always hope! A true Briton never surrenders! We'll join the UK and build a civilization far greater than any known to man. Every day more and more people in the US and UK are red-pilled. Sometimes the sun must set, so it may rise again!

    7. Scouser


      Until article 50 is triggered then I have no hope 

    8. Scooter


      @Scouser Because you know who lobbies both sides of the political spectrum in your country. It's time to get rid of both Houses and start with something fresh. If you have enough of the population with you, anything is possible.

    9. Scouser


      That will never happen considering the majority of the population and its politicians are happy to sell this country down the river just so they can get a visa free holiday to Spain 

    10. Scooter


      @Scouser Don't be so silly. When people see the truth, they'll know that the weak "Democratic System" in place needs to come tumbling down. A year ago, nobody thought that Brexit or Trump getting elected were either possible. Anything is possible if you can really the support of Your People.

    11. Scouser


      Democracy is dying in both of our countries, just look at how the Remain Campaign acted and are still acting since they lost the referendum. Also look at how the Clinton Campaign are acting since trump got into power! It's only democracy if it's suits them 

    12. Scooter


      @Scouser Exactly, and Trump isn't even in office yet. Believe me Scouser, I see a bright future for both of our great countries. More and more people are seeing how awful that these leftists are and are increasingly ready for something new.

    13. Scouser


      Amen to that

    14. Volke


      Oh my.