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  1. DeeBlack

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Action has been taken as you can see by our updated roster, also a group contract was put in place to secure the group follows the group goals
  2. DeeBlack


    Fuck I miss the Life is Feudal server 

    1. Falk


      Do you want to buy a horse

    2. Corry


      The Templar’s ruled that server we was dope while everyone was busy fighting up north we hid down south grinding until we was max everything 

  3. DeeBlack

    Looking for someone with knowledge of the Eastern Orthodox faith.

    I got you, hmu in discord and I can point you to a guy who is from the faith and knows it well
  4. DeeBlack

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    For a start don't start of with "You Are" please, as it was a minority who did it. The group itself is cobbled together or Chernarussians of many different backgrounds, meaning that while a majority would follow as you say the group goals others do things outside of the group knowledge and are oocly aware of the IC consequences if it brings discredit upon the group. So if a member who pretends ICly to be following the group goals goes off and does merc work then that's his business and is responsible for any action taken ICly if they are caught.
  5. DeeBlack

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    @Zanaan Anything else or are we good here?
  6. DeeBlack

    Černaruští Zdejší - Media Thread

    Černaruští Zdejší médií (Chernarussian Locals Media) Credit @cheeks
  7. DeeBlack

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Y'all got any more of them AKs? Good RP today, really enjoyable.
  8. DeeBlack

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Thread Updated: Timeline and roster. Welcome To all the new lads!
  9. DeeBlack

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    More the merrier
  10. DeeBlack

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Some people aren't Soldiers. Some people didn't have specialist training when everything entered a rapid deterioration. We've had mercenaries; military, cannibals, Somali pirates and even Mexican gangsters. But everyone forgets about the civilians who once called the house you forage in... home. When the outbreak began the strong survived and the weak died out, you can see them roaming around every town and village in South Zagoria. When you put the infected down you see a monster or a threat, but we grieve, because every day we see a familiar face who once sold us oranges or served us in a bar, we see ourselves. However, the Local people haven’t all fallen from the face of the earth, they have just learned to avoid the super soldiers and psychopaths who are in abundance and instead prefer to hold onto whatever life we can salvage. Chernarussians have always been treated as if we never lived in this land, the families we had, the lives we made are swept aside by outsiders and agitators who claim it as their own with no regard to those whose struggles were significant even before the outbreak. Now it's just a matter of rebuilding and protecting those who remain, those of us who have banded together as Chernarussian people and taking back what was ours, our lives as they were, or as close as one can get. Zdejší is the result of the Chernarussian people's plight, the real people without a dream of a new state or a purge of all things foreign. A group of Settlers, Families and Defenders, all dedicated to salvaging a small piece of the land we had intended to spend a peaceful life in, after so many years of war. However this does not mean we will be rolled over, not again, the people will avoid conflict where it is possible but when called upon to defend even one Chernarussian life or those who have shown them kindness, expect conflict without mercy or hesitation. There are two branches of Zdejší, the Osadník (Settlers) and the Strážci (Rangers) both of these arms work separately but benefit each other in one way or another and their roles and work are the following: Osadník are the normal people and settlers within Zdejší, every man woman and child will be contributing to the Settlement or helping it to grow by either putting their skills to good use in a trade or field or by contributing in any way they can. Everyone must contribute as merit and dedication will earn you better rations and supplies. There are multiple roles you can fill: Specialist in a trade or craft, which includes any useful practical skill (Doctor, Builder, Education, Faith ect) Manual laborers, for those with limited skills (Collecting wood, apple picking, tending crops) Raising children, this is vital to our future and is considered a full time occupation Strážci are the defenders of the Settlers, they are at all times in 1 of 3 stages of activity, Defending, Scouting or Idle. Defending is the standard state for any Ranger who is not currently in the field, their job is to keep the area clear of infected, defend those going for water or supplies and aiding in supply and trade runs to other settlements. Scouting is the main aim for any Ranger, this includes scavenging for specialized loot, Infiltrating settlements to determine their worth, gathering information and searching for other Chernarussian survivors. Idle is the state when a Ranger is sleeping, spending time with family or otherwise not working in their trade. Strážci Stepan Hajek - @DeeBlack Silvestr Marecek - @Harlow Grigory Blazkov - @Bulgarian Bombshell Vladan Volf - @Stormyvill Klaus Pololanik - @Galland Luka Kratochvil - @Rifleman Bohdan Dubrovka - @Kiks Konvalinka Vlad - @Frostie Mikael Komarov - @Sgttater Pytor Kozlov - @Grimnir Radec Sokov - @Combine Emil Donal - @GodOfInternetLag Ruda Kasparek - @Chernon-chan Maxmilian Vitek Myska - @Ducky Radomir Vlasta - @DaRsnn Dima Petrovski - @Mike-Styles Osadník Miloz Kozlov - @cheeks Raina Valentová - @Vicarious Dr. Boris Krieger - @Grozo Gabriel Dolak - @Don Karel Polednik - @Doc Bonifác Dvořák - @Pontiff Pravoslav Urbánek - @APTerminator Viktor Bogdan - @Falk Jiri Judinek - @Grazo Dmitry Bozik - @NozzyRP Benedikt Kozlov - @Beni Milan Straka - @Ouromov Ignac Stana - @Autumn Borivoj Kopriva - @Major Dominik Dvorak - @ToeZOG Secure a safe haven for Chernarussians to live and feel safe [Ongoing] Take in any Chernarussian refugees [Ongoing] Infiltrate and secure contact and trade with settlement Chernarussian and otherwise [Ongoing] Recruit a Priest [Day 660] Recruit a Farmer [Day 660] Recruit a Weaponsmith [Day 685] Recruit a Doctor [Day 730] Recruit into a stable defense and scouting regiment and civilian branch [Day 730] Secure a larger town and set up a flourishing Chernarussian settlement [Day 1130] Deliver something really different in terms of Chernarussian RP and avoid the Militia/Military approach most take and instead opt into Chernarussian Civilian Roleplay Create a living Chernarussian settlement that realistically would be the most common post infection Provide a great RP experience to those we meet and interact with and leave a lasting impression Long-term stream-lining of Chernarussian RP as the main RP focus of the server, be it civilian or otherwise Chernarussian RP can be fun and should be the most common Have a great time RPing with this group YOU MUST BE CHERNARUSSIAN Send a PM to Either @DeeBlack, @Galland or @Harlow
  12. DeeBlack

Try to use it for longer than 2 days yeah?


  • DeeBlack



  • DeeBlack

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Spent the day at the Camp, great experience and great mix of RP, Big +Juan from me
  • DeeBlack


    1. Major


      Babe we both love him but you don't have to pander to me

    2. Harlow



    3. DeeBlack


      Id rather shit in my hands and clap that pander you spunk trumpet

  • Major

    • Major
    • DeeBlack

    This is the least right-wing profile you have had in a while Davvie boi

    1. Harlow


      at least it's not an al-Assad profile again 

    2. DeeBlack


      Al Assad you say?


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