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  1. Oh no 😜

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      It is back and still hates F*****ns 

  2. Vilém Kováč Was Born in the Cossack Village of Yuvichi In Northern Chernarus in the Black Mountain Regions. His childhood was standard for boys of the time, little contact with the outside world and little education in his early life, instead it mostly consisted of practical skills like hunting, fishing, cooking and Horse riding. Coming from a Cossack tradition in a Soviet occupied state Hatred of all things communist came hard and fast, from campfire stories of Stalins De-Cossackisation and the oppression they currently live under with the Soviets, His village was on the route for the Soviets to enter his province of Chernarus so regular soviet aggression and theft of their possessions let him see it first hand, as did the rape of many of his friends at the hands of Soldiers. As Soon as the fall of the Soviet Union and the Independence of Chernarus came around Vilém was determined to be a Solider of his new Homeland. He trained harder and went to the new school that was set up in a nearby town that he would walk to every day. Educating himself on the History of Chernarus and the crimes of the Soviet Union, he became a well learned individual in Soviet and Easter Bloc affairs in general, Going on to University in Novigrad to Stuff International politics and Recent affairs. By 1997 He was old enough and educated enough to become an officer in the new Chernarussian Defense forces, but instead he enrolled as a recruit of the 13th Tank division. He stayed as part of the fledgling CDF for many years and conducted drills alongside international forces, the threat of Russia being all too easily remembered by him, with the Chedaki on the rise and ethnic Russians angry at the Apartheid against them, the water was boiling for all those years and Vilém knew it was just a matter of time. By the 2000s Civil war seemed all but inevitable, Bombing and mass slaughter of Ethnic Russians and Chernarussian by each sides extremist forces lead to more and more controversy, hate and violence. by 2007 Chedaki Soldiers became more and more bold, gone were the days of Silent, deadly, insurrection, they were preparing for all out war and Russian army made Mortars and weapons made the it all too real. In 2009 the Civil War erupted, Vilém's Tank division was deployed to the black mountains region and he fought throughout its entirety alongside NATO and NAPA forces. The Chedaki were a vicious enemy and of course it was the civilians who payed the price for any action taken by either side. The Conclusion of the war lead Vilém to believe that communists could and would do this again, they stoked the fire of Ethnic war among people he knew from his own experience and suffered so much together and were as neighbors in misery. He pleaded with his Commander to allow him to transfer to a Tank division permanently stationed in ethnic Russian areas, he reluctantly agreed and promoted Vilém to a Sergeant and transferred him to the 33rd Tank Division where he commanded his own vehicle. Vilém Stayed on the try and mend the wounds with the ethnic Russians, he treated them well and spoke to them in their own language. He became know by villagers as Malen'kiy Otets, the little father. by 2012 Viléms actions with the ethnic Russians and his high regard among them had caught the attention of the Chernarussiy Otryad Bystrogo Reagirovaniya (COBR), who approached him with an offer to transfer, putting his charismatic personality to use, with the states backing. Vilém jumped at the opportunity, studying in Novigrad before being deployed back out among the ethnic Russians, mending wounds and destroying any fledgling uprisings against the Kozlov regime. For years after the wars Chernarus seemed at peace, that was until a massive flare in Ethnic violence took off in 2017. A marriage between a Russian and Chernarussian was attacked by extremists and from there more violence like that of 2000s began again, fearing a new Civil war Marshal law was enacted and Vilém was at work with his fellow COBR operatives to carry out the orders of the state. He thought another Civil war as on the horizon but something much worse was about to happen and then something worse again.
  3. I'm just gonna give this thread a PHAT miss, so I don't get slapped about with that ban hammer.
  4. Action has been taken as you can see by our updated roster, also a group contract was put in place to secure the group follows the group goals
  5. Fuck I miss the Life is Feudal server 

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      The Templar’s ruled that server we was dope while everyone was busy fighting up north we hid down south grinding until we was max everything 

  6. I got you, hmu in discord and I can point you to a guy who is from the faith and knows it well
  7. For a start don't start of with "You Are" please, as it was a minority who did it. The group itself is cobbled together or Chernarussians of many different backgrounds, meaning that while a majority would follow as you say the group goals others do things outside of the group knowledge and are oocly aware of the IC consequences if it brings discredit upon the group. So if a member who pretends ICly to be following the group goals goes off and does merc work then that's his business and is responsible for any action taken ICly if they are caught.
  8. Černaruští Zdejší médií (Chernarussian Locals Media) Credit @cheeks
  9. Y'all got any more of them AKs? Good RP today, really enjoyable.
  10. Thread Updated: Timeline and roster. Welcome To all the new lads!
  11. Try to use it for longer than 2 days yeah?


  12. Spent the day at the Camp, great experience and great mix of RP, Big +Juan from me
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