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  1. DeeBlack

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    I'm back indeed, this is gonna be fun
  2. Štěpán was born in a rough area of the city of Chernogorsk in Chernarus, his childhood was hard and he fought often with other boys. With his mother strung out on medication and his father slaving away in a Machine factory he didn't get much attention and was raised by the streets around him rather than a home life. His mother would often sell her needlework in the city center, this is where he meet a small shy girl from a well off family called Raina Valentova. The two played often together until the Girls mother found out and disproved of the company she was keeping, despite this they would sneak out of school early to play and go on adventures together, helping her break out of her shell a little and him become less volatile. Sadly this wasn't to last and the girl was sent away to another country to be educated at age 10 and Štěpán again was left alone, though he wrote her often he returned to his violent nature. By 2009 The Civil war was engulfing the country and Štěpán didn't see the appeal of joining the CDF and being a puppet of the USA, instead he joined NAPA and their militia and went to war at 16 years old, unfortunately this meant giving up the letter writing he held dear. Whilst at war he learned the fine arts of subterfuge and guerrilla warfare against the Chedaki and their local ethnic Russian supports, his violent nature and quick reacting mind he owned to growing up poor and in danger was put to good use, or at least he thought so at the time. When the war was finally over Štěpáns Militia refused the orders of the US installed government to return home and they continued to commit war crimes on the Former Chedaki supports and members who received amnesty from the government. Finally in 2012 NAPA had gained so much political influence that the militias were incorporated into the CDF and past crimes forgiven, he returned home and went on standard CDF duty, able to send a letter to his childhood sweetheart he missed so much. Much to his surprise she was returning to the country near the time he was also going home, they agreed to meet in their old spot in the woods north of the city, the little skinny girl that left years before had came home grow to be beautiful and Štěpán looked at her now as more than a friend, the two stayed up talking and joking until the sun came up, stealing a kiss before leaving for home, determined not to leave each other again. Štěpán fortunately was based not far in Balota airbase and the two met often and again were inseparable, although she would be punished often for seeing Štěpán they kept a steady relationship and overcame the odds until to their despair Štěpáns company was selected to be part of the UN mission to Takistan, again he had to say goodbye to her. Fortunately the Intervention was short lived and they could communicate often on social media, on his return he Promised he would never leave her again and after his Company's tour has just ended it was unlikely they would be sent out again. They lived in relative peace for 5 years, meeting, dating and falling in love with one another, eventually Raina's family had to get over their hate of Štěpán When they realized he wasn't going away and she seemed happy, they eventually got a little apartment together and Raina became as much a support for Štěpán as he was for her, his PTSD and night terrors grew worse and she was the only one able to nurse him back to sleep. Things were going well, there was even talk of marriage, until the infection. No one at the lower ranks knew what was happening until it had happened, the Main CDF and UN forces were overran fairly quickly and Štěpán was at the front line trying to stream refugees and keep the monsters at bay, word was spreading that Bombing campaigns were underway along the border and were imminent in the Country itself, so Štěpán deserted his post like many CDF men on a mission to escape with their loved ones. Štěpán returned to his flat to find Raina gripped in fear at what the television had shown her and what she saw from her window, he took control of the situation and packed hid military bags full of supplies and ran with her out of the city, the pair checked on each set of parents to discover that Štěpáns parents had overdosed on his mothers pills instead of face what was coming and that Rainas parents being of the 1% of the city, had been evacuated with the priority citizens. Together they ran for their spot and and from the hills watched as UN soldiers were merciless in their containment tactics with the very refugees the two had broken away from to head to the woods. Now despite having each other they struggle to live a life of solitude, keeping away from other survivors and infected alike, the two must venture to the cities again in order to find food and water which is becoming more and more scare. They are trusting each other to survive and be the only sanity and comfort the world can offer.
  3. Vilém Kováč Was Born in the Cossack Village of Yuvichi In Northern Chernarus in the Black Mountain Regions. His childhood was standard for boys of the time, little contact with the outside world and little education in his early life, instead it mostly consisted of practical skills like hunting, fishing, cooking and Horse riding. Coming from a Cossack tradition in a Soviet occupied state Hatred of all things communist came hard and fast, from campfire stories of Stalins De-Cossackisation and the oppression they currently live under with the Soviets, His village was on the route for the Soviets to enter his province of Chernarus so regular soviet aggression and theft of their possessions let him see it first hand, as did the rape of many of his friends at the hands of Soldiers. As Soon as the fall of the Soviet Union and the Independence of Chernarus came around Vilém was determined to be a Solider of his new Homeland. He trained harder and went the new school that was set up in a nearby town that he would walk to every day. Educating himself on the History of Chernarus and the crimes of the Soviet Union, he became a well learned individual in Soviet and Easter Bloc affairs in general, Going on to University in Novigrad to Stuff International politics and Recent affairs. By 1997 He was old enough and educated enough to become an officer in the new Chernarussian Defense forces, but instead he enrolled as a recruit of the 13th Tank division. He stayed as part of the fledgling CDF for many years and conducted drills alongside international forces, the threat of Russia being all too easily remembered by him, with the Chedaki on the rise and ethnic Russians angry at the Apartheid against them, the water was boiling for all those years and Vilém knew it was just a matter of time. By the 2000s Civil war seemed all but inevitable, Bombing and mass slaughter of Ethnic Russians and Chernarussian by each sides extremist forces Lead to more and more controversy, hate and violence. by 2007 Chedaki Soldiers became more and more bold, gone were the days of Silent, deadly, insurrection, they were preparing for all out war and Russian Army made Mortars and weapons made the it all too real. In 2009 the Civil War erupted, Vilém's Tank division was deployed to South Zagoria and he fought throughout its entirety alongside NATO and NAPA forces. The Chedaki were a vicious enemy and of course it was the civilians who payed the price for any action taken by either side. The Conclusion of the war lead Vilém to believe that communists could and would do this again, they stoked the fire of Ethnic war among people he knew from his own experience and suffered so much together and were as neighbors in misery. He pleaded with his Commander to allow him to transfer to a Tank division permanently stationed in south Zagoria, he reluctantly agreed and promoted Vilém to a Sergeant and gave his to the 33rd Tank Division where he commanded his own vehicle. Vilém Stayed on the try and mend the wounds with the ethnic Russians, he treated them like people and spoke to them in their own language. He became know by villagers in Northern South Zagoria as Malen'kiy Otets, the little father. by 2012 Viléms Division was called the take part in Operation Arrowhead as part of the NATO strike force, reluctantly he took part in the operation, whilst his valor in the operation earned his the Chernarussian Star and a promotion he knew he needed to return to safeguard his people. On his return home from Takistan he went through his home village, there he was greeted by his parents and the villagers as a Hero, he promised to visit every year and to never let any innocent Chernarussian or Russian of this land to come to harm. For years after the Wars South Zagoria seemed at peace, that was until a massive flare in Ethnic violence took off in 2017. A marriage between a Russian and Chernarussian was attacked by extremists and from there more violence like that of 2000s began again, fearing a new Civil war Marshal law was enacted and Vilém was deployed to the streets again. He thought another Civil war as on the horizon but something much worse was about to happen and then something worse again A disagreement lead to the bombing of a Storage facility by Russian Air Force and a response from the Chernarussians. This wasn't a civil war, this was war with Russia itself. But the worst was yet to come, With the War beginning and Vilém fighting and fighting, no one could of prepared themselves for the dead to take revenge for the Sins of the people of Chernarus. CDF and Russians once fighting each other now fought a new enemy, one that would take the country and everything Vilém knew to the grave with it. Months have now passed since that day, now Vilém is banding together with survivors from Chernarussian and Russian backgrounds in the Right Sector, a Militia who wants to protect the people of Chernarus and survive, his whole world is destroyed by the dead, not the living. But We Will Rise Again
  4. DeeBlack

    S2: No reason to initiate, possible Metagaming in Chernogorsk - 23/08/2017 @ 09:05

  5. DeeBlack

    S2: No reason to initiate, possible Metagaming in Chernogorsk - 23/08/2017 @ 09:05

    POV: We all met up at the small chapel on the hill east of Cherno then made our way to the winking Chenarussian, we then talked to the local Merrymakers about the bloody disastrous job the local constabulary and armed forces were doing at preventing their harm, then after some time the Public house was shut down by the proprietors so we decided to move our persons down the road a ways in order to leave the town. Then all at once an aggressive action was dropped on us and we did not comply to their demands, I then ran into the building where i saw a member who i assumed was one of them but didn't know for sure of his malicious intent so I moved to the back of the building to where I was shot and killed from someone aloft, twas my first hostile interaction with this group and was confused as to the reason but as its just a game and other human interaction may of led them to the conclusion that we were going to attack them
  6. DeeBlack

    S2: No reason to initiate, possible Metagaming in Chernogorsk - 23/08/2017 @ 09:05

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  7. Bogrov Yurievich, Born Bogrov Zinoviy Yurievich, is a ChDKZ insurgent currently active in South Zagoria Region as a bomb maker and tactical operation planner. Born in Krasnostav into an ethic Russian family he was raised within the soviet system and spent his youth in the "Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization" And later without his parents permission joined the Soviet Union army whilst they were looking for fresh recruits to go to Afghanistan. He joined the 1060th Artillery Regiment of the 40th Army and fought bravely in the desert theater as an artillery gunner and won the Order of Glory 1st Class for defending his gunning position for 32 hours from a surprise Mujaheddin attack. On his return to South Zagoria in 1991 the old world he left behind had turned to chaos with the local "Nationalists" murdering ethic Russians, pulling down historic statues and oppression of anything that didn't want to become a slave under their boot.
  8. DeeBlack

    Report PoV

    The white Knight strikes again, it's not about being offended by slang its about memey wee fruits taking the piss whilst doing it or defending themselves. My personal opinion is I don't give a single fuck, people who do shit like this often usually end up banned anyway so whatever, If the Admin take issue with it then it will be dealt with but besides that there's not a lot you can do so fuck it and ignore it if it bothers you.
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    IRA relations

    Only thing is if he was from Enniskillin he wouldn't have a southern accent
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    IRA relations

    Oh sweet Jesus, /close
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    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    @Ghoozovich I mean if (((those))) kind of people will exist as its 2017 then so do Right Wing Death Squads Reeee. But in all seriousness I'm looking forward to see how the RP will change in 2017 and the wars in the East of Europe and Middle east that will bring about cool groups and ideas. Affix Bayonets!
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    Lore Faction Interest Thread - Government/CDF and UN

    ^ Good joke
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    Lore Faction Interest Thread - Government/CDF and UN

    You know where i'll be
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    Černaruský Národní Řád Media Thread

    Even in death my hand still is in search of kyle....
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    Timeline now null and void?

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