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  1. Arnošt Sedláček (Post Lore Wipe)

    Arnošt was born in 1972 to a farming couple from the mountainous regions of Chernarus near Belozersk. His parents were of the Cossack tradition and so was he, trained from a young boy to ride with skill on horseback and sword dance, although a traditional and fulfilling childhood, he and his family were very poor, relying on good harvest to support them and suffering during bad years. Arnošt learned to speak Russian at home as his mother tongue and Chernarussian after for his parents whilst being born in Chernarus were Tsarist loyalists and old Traditional orthodox Russians. He was educated at home by his parents and by his elders of the Black Mountain Cossacks, as to make sure he wasn't indoctrinated into the Soviet system by the public school system. Arnošt Lived a traditional life during his teens until a Soviet tank column rolled through Arnošt's small Village, his breath taken by the legion of metal monsters and the smiling Soviet troops on them left an impression. His parents always told him, "Those Red bastards killed our 'Little father' and murdered our people, do not follow their lead." Arnošt however saw it as a chance to go and see beyond the borders of his small own and at age 15 he ran away in the night to find the soldiers. He approached the Column of tanks and hailed the men in Russian, they had normal enough faces, if not for the odd asian man that Arnošt had never seen the like of before. Some of the men laughed at him but on the columns commander asked him how old he was, Arnošt said 18 and the commander dismissed him, "I don't take boys to war" Arnošt whilst a tall and strong lad for his age still had a young look to his face. Instead fo returning home in defeat Arnošt followed the column for 4 days before one of the Soldiers found him half starved hiding in a bush. Again brought before the commander he was asked what he wanted, which he responded "To drive on of these and see the world" The Commander impressed with his commitment took him on and in exchange for helping the commander with chores was promised to be sent to the military training camp in Ferghana Uzbekistan. They traveled for many weeks recruiting more men along the way to go to the Uzbekistan. His mother and father always told him the Soviet soldiers were devils who raped women and killed children, but these men were just like him, if not more rowdy. They would joke and laugh and behave kindly with a hint of mockery in Arnošt's direction but he took it well, Calling him "Ataman" a name for a Cossack chief, given to him ironically for his beardless face and young appearance. They arrived in Uzbekistan and the commander had him forged a fake birth certificate and passport, with the name 'Stepanov Jaromir Yevgenievich' pretending to be 18. Training was easier for him than most, for his age he was well disciplined, educated, strong and hardy. He applied to become a tank crewman and after training was put into the 10th Guards Uralsko-Lvovskaya Tank Division, the same as he came to Uzbekistan with in their 12th company. After training it would only be 11 months, just after his birthday that the now "Stepanov" would be traveling to Afghanistan with his company to fight the Mujaheddin. For 2 years he fought in Afghanistan, Surviving mortar attacks, RPGs, Artillery and small arms fire. He went from a loader to a driver and was Made a Corporal as a field promotion after a mine took the legs of the previous driver. In 1989 the Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan began and after being ambushed by Muj fighters he and his Company of 4 tanks and 50 fighting men fought off 400 Muj fighters with 30 injuries and 19 deaths on the Soviets side. Treated for his wounds in a hospital in Uzbekistan 2 soviet officers visited him to quiz him about his life, his documentation was not sufficient to them and he was found out to be a fake, he told them the truth of his real name and home. Instead of punishment for his crimes, he was pardoned for his valor in service of the USSR but he was discharged from the army and the medals he was to earn were withheld. He left the camp only to come across his old Company and commander making ready to return to Chernarus to help keep order after riots has started after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, He boarded his old Tank and a civilian and was escorted home. Upon his return, his Mother wept with relief at his return whilst his father was cold and unwelcoming. The town welcomed him home but some of the older Cossack cultured people shunned him, He took up with a young women ,Magdalena, and settled on a small farm near his parents, they married in 1990. On Christmas Day 1991 He and Magdalena were married, the same day the red flag was lowered from the Kremlin for the last time, When independence came about Arnošt was glad and saddened at it, a mix of emotion his father also felt, which helped them re-bond. Arnošt got a Job working as a Tank Driver in the New "Chernarussian Defense Force", His experience in operating tanks made him ideal for the role and joined the 14th Armored Brigade. He was stationed at a near by Military base and saw his wife and family often, After 10 years of cushy base work he was promoted to a Sgt and put in command of the 3rd tank in his Platoon. At home he was at peace with his family and neighbors and life was good, until one night his wife miscarried and both his twin girls to be died and his wife was never the same, she became emotional and depressed, worst still she became violent and schizophrenic. the Civil war kicked off in 2009 and whilst the majority of the west of Chernarus has little Chedaki influence Arnošt's Company was one of the first to be called to South Zagoria to fight. Arnošt fought with distinction during the War and whilst not getting on at all with the NATO troops of the US he managed to earn three medals at Chernogorsh, Zelenogorsk and Pusta. The War dragged on and the 14th Armored were one of the finest the CDF had in breaking the chedaki line and punching a whole in their defenses. At the end of the War the US had indiscriminately bombed many civilians and that let resentment on Arnošt that he never lost, the Chedaki were defeated at a heavy cost, with many of Arnošt's company being lost, friends included. On his return home his parents greeted him with great pain and sadness, they told him of his Wife's madness and that when he left she was pregnant with 2 twin boys, they were delivered healthy but he madness drove her to drown both of them in the bath. Stricken with grief and anger Arnošt Killed his wife whilst embracing her with a pistol, She was buried with her two unborn children and the two murdered were buried separately. He left the village for the last time, returning to the Military base and getting a transfer to a South Zagorian armored division the 28th as a Rotný (Staff Sergeant) and 2nd in command of his platoon. In 2012 he took part in the invasion and occupation of Takistan during operation arrowhead and earned more distinctions and medals. He bought a small home in Lapatino and shared it with a local women he has relations with but never married. (Further lore to be added with the new lore wipe)
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    Love you Dee, but there are more Assadist songs than just that one. Found this today and thought you would like it. The torn off note that this message is written on mentions S-8 missiles, looks like some some sort of armament sheet. ;) 


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  6. No, Deport the Extremists and teach the young men who end up inside British Values, compassion and love for the country, if all else fails DePorTed
  7. Justice? Like the terrorist Bergos? who killed a police officer and got life in prison? well guess what he radicalized dozens of young Muslims in that prison to go and join ISIS. Prison for Extremists does nothing but let them have a breeding ground to turn young Muslims just in for minor crimes into Faithful soldiers of the Jihad...Fact. Justice means prison, prison means more extremist factories
  8. 50,000 British Muslims downloaded "Inspire Magazine" Al-Qaeda's online magazine that teaches you how to make bombs, Create cells and wage Jihad. 66% of British Muslims said they wouldn't report if another Muslim joined ISIS. Over 100,000 British Muslims said a suicide bombers were justified. Andy Burnham (labor) THE MAYOR OF MANCHESTER where attack this happened, who is organizing a vigil for our dead people is on record with an Islamic extremist group called MEND. The Justice secretary for the labor party took £5000 in "donations" (Bribes) from Islamic extremists. Sadiq Khan THE MAYOR OF LONDON (also labor) shared a stage with a convicted Islamic extremist 7 TIMES! See the fucking pattern here? Islamic extremism is being facilitated by the politicians and unless something is done about it IT WILL NOT STOP. Pray for Manchester all you want, it didn't work after Charlie Hebdo, Niece, Stockholm, or the other countless attacks, It wont work this time, we need action not words.
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