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"You Say Fascist Like It's An Insult"

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    عاش بيت الأسد.

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    Come back Dee, Syria al-Assad needs you.


  1. DeeBlack

    Not gunna lie folks, that last episode of GoT was shite, just told us shit we already knew. Next season better be fucking lit

  2. DeeBlack


    1. Pep


      bro 19 is young enough to be shot here

  3. DeeBlack


    1. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      did nothing wrong

    2. Spartan


      Z- Green stripe- The Dutch flag


    3. DeeBlack


      well done spartan you cracked the code

    4. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      yes the Z-verticalgreenstripe-dutchflag did nothing wrong

    5. Spartan


      Thank you, I'm smart as fuck. You're welcome

    6. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      don't think to hard though, you might hurt yourself

  4. DeeBlack

    Going back to the roots

    1. Galaxy


    2. Harlow


      Comrades, the voices...

    3. Corry


      Of the dead batalions 

    4. APTerminator


      Time for the 2nd battle of Cable Street.

    5. Keira



  5. POV: We all met up at the small chapel on the hill east of Cherno then made our way to the winking Chenarussian, we then talked to the local Merrymakers about the bloody disastrous job the local constabulary and armed forces were doing at preventing their harm, then after some time the Public house was shut down by the proprietors so we decided to move our persons down the road a ways in order to leave the town. Then all at once an aggressive action was dropped on us and we did not comply to their demands, I then ran into the building where i saw a member who i assumed was one of them but didn't know for sure of his malicious intent so I moved to the back of the building to where I was shot and killed from someone aloft, twas my first hostile interaction with this group and was confused as to the reason but as its just a game and other human interaction may of led them to the conclusion that we were going to attack them
  6. Yuri Bogrov

    Bogrov Yurievich, Born Bogrov Zinoviy Yurievich, is a ChDKZ insurgent currently active in South Zagoria Region as a bomb maker and tactical operation planner. Born in Krasnostav into an ethic Russian family he was raised within the soviet system and spent his youth in the "Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization" And later without his parents permission joined the Soviet Union army whilst they were looking for fresh recruits to go to Afghanistan. He joined the 1060th Artillery Regiment of the 40th Army and fought bravely in the desert theater as an artillery gunner and won the Order of Glory 1st Class for defending his gunning position for 32 hours from a surprise Mujaheddin attack. On his return to South Zagoria in 1991 the old world he left behind had turned to chaos with the local "Nationalists" murdering ethic Russians, pulling down historic statues and oppression of anything that didn't want to become a slave under their boot.
  7. DeeBlack


    1. ToeZ


      I did.


  8. DeeBlack

    When you're the only actual fascist in the group but everyone gets called it "as an insult" 

    1. ToeZ


      How dare they. Fascism is pride.

    2. DeeBlack



    3. Pep


      They say fascists like its an insult!

  9. DeeBlack

    Some people are massive cunts fam

    1. Harlow


      and they would have gotten away only if it weren't for these meddling irl fascists

    2. SweetJoe


      What seems to be the problem Mr.Black?

  10. DeeBlack


    1. Corry


      I'm triggered you even put this 

    2. Harlow


      I'm triggered that Corry got triggered by this triggering post.

    3. Pep


      When you risk your life defending your country from terrorists and some creature online is having a mental breakdown over the word man

    4. JakeWalford


      Burning cars at a G20 Summit because that's not Ironic I swear.

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    Happy 12th my friend