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    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

  2. jason hunter

    Why don't you get in game?

    I believe a large portion of people is waiting for .63 ....Me included
  3. why did i click on @Roach 's thread again?
  4. jason hunter

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    They're coming home i guess
  5. I'd love to see ALOT more animations for almost everything...immersion is key here
  6. jason hunter

    0.63 Dev tool play around! INSTALLATION VIDEO! [OUTDATED!]

    If admins got this...That'd be real nice (i litterly just realised, sorry for necro)
  7. *CHAPTER 1: Prologue* Trevor Barrow was born in Chatau, France. Becausehis father was a very wealthy man and the leader of quite a few companies throughout Paris, they had alot of wealth. At the age of 13, Trevor and his parents had to move to the United States due to the fact that his father reciever a bigger opertunity there. They moved to a large house in Spring Hill just West of Boston. Trevor was quite spoiled, his parents were not too good at the saying "no" part of the parental job. It was safe to say, that Trevor was the one of the richer kids in the area. At the age of 18 Trevor went to the university of Harvard. His first semester was actually going quite well, he made a resonable number of friends. There he was offered to join some kind of secret group of people, he became quite well-known throughout this group. This mostly had to do with the fact that he was quite good at making friends and that he had a large sum of money within arms reach. One night when he went out to a party, he returned home to find that his home was burned down completely, his parents died in the fire, leaving him with millions of dollars. But Trevor was devestated due to the loss of his parents. "Weeks have passed'' Trevor hung around alot with his new "friends" from this group, and doing a few "totally legal" jobs. He also joined a kickboxing club to keep himself occupied. This went on for a few months... *CHAPTER 2: Chernarus* WIP
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    I'm totally +1 for this. Dynamic groups were great! But i doubt this rule will change :/
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    Big streamers trying out DayZ

    I love it. It will bring more people (back) to the game. And it will probably bring alot of new faces to our community aswell.
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    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Wait...we're approved? great, let's make it worth it
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    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Together we can decrease the level of violence, raise awareness of our activities and save lives around the world. The impact of a day of global ceasefire and non-violence cannot be underestimated" -Jeremy Gilley
  12. jason hunter

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Oh yes, im in...where's the alcohol?
  13. Waw...tonight was great! Thanks to: @derNils : glad to be able to RP with you again @Grimnir : Your RP is lit, and you manage to bring up good arguments too. keep it up!! @fletcho1 : "Yeah, walk away!" Honestly, nobody made me laugh so much in a while @[email protected]: Both your rp and your character keep suprising me, and thats a good thing, keep that stuff going. @Razareth : What? Thought I wouldn't mention you? Oh pls, your an awasome roleplayer. @Lady In Blue : How could I possibly forget you? Your RP is just top notch, I'm sure alot of people enjoy it. (sorry if I forgot someone, i'm tired )
  14. jason hunter

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    Oh boy...This is gonna be fun...again
  15. In real life, do the steps that are required to avoid a bear attacking you (running away was not the answer) in DAYZ however...Depending on the weapons i have, i may fight it, if the weapons i have are shit... (imagine someone running away like Jack Sparrow)
  16. excactly...Something that really shows how bad the apocalypse was for other people, and that we should be glad with how lucky we have been so far. bruh...that was deep
  17. I would love to see abandoned, decayed safe zones that were set up by now-perished survivors. That and caves...This game needs caves
  18. jason hunter

    Who got you in/motivated to make you stay in DayZRP?

    I actually found this website by accident. I was looking for a roleplay server for dayz without KOS. After a bit of googling i found this place. I signed up and never looked back. -------- What motivates me to stay is actually the awasome people in the community + the awasome peeps that i got/get to RP with. Especially in the beginning, throwing a special thanks to those people: @Spartan, @Ron , @Jamie, @SommerTheViking, @Blackfyre . I know i'm missing a few peeps, sorry about that
  19. jason hunter

    Should there be a group member cap?

    No there shouldn't be a cap. What are the chances that every single member is ingame at the same time? If you're playing with a group that's all about "a large number of people" then there shouldn't be a cap. Even if a few can't the same day, there is still a fair amount of people in said group. Could you imagine a large millitary group that runs around with 5 members?...phew.
  20. I wouldn't be playing DAYZ anymore if it weren't for DAYZRP. The thing about this game that bugs me is this: You spawn, You get gear, You die, repeat. This + the bugs and just the way how the game plays (PVP is harder, etc.) turns me off. (DAYZRP offers more then the standerd "Spawn, Loot 'n Die" It offers an actuall story...Almost like a endless multiplayer campaign mode, wich i love.) If however for some reason the DAYZ mods gets revived (not by DAYZRP, but by the DAYZ community itself) and alot of servers return to live...We'll i'd be the first to play it again. Although, now that i'm saying it, DAYZ standalone and DAYZ mod have alot in common,..; But there has always been something that i find more fun in the mod's public servers than the Standalone public servers. I guess it's just the way how combat works in the mod.
  21. Trevor Knox was pretty much all you would expect from a factory worker...besides the fact that was with a motorcycle gang and not exactly the friendliest type of gang... They want by the name: "Black Pistons MC". The Black Pistons Motorcycle Club is the official support club for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Established in 2002 with the backing of the Outlaws, the Black Pistons have expanded rapidly throughout the U.S. and Europe. The Black Pistons have an estimated 70 domestic chapters in 20 states and an unknown number of foreign chapters in Belgium, Canada, Germany,... The exact number of Black Pistons members is unknown but the figure is estimated to be more than 200 in Europe The Outlaws use the Black Pistons chapters as a recruitment source for prospective Outlaws members. The Outlaws also use the Black Pistons chapters to conduct criminal activity, especially for the transportation and distribution of drugs. Members of the Black Pistons are also known to engage in assault, extortion, fraud, intimidation and theft. It was at that MC that he met Michelle, Michelle eventually became Trevor's girlfriend. Trevor & Michelle took part in most of the criminal activities. and at the age of 21 both he and Michelle wanted a life away from the whole biker stuff, they thought stealing a large sum of money from the MC would be a good idea untill they got caught by the gang memebers ending up in them being chased by a large section of the biker gang. They luckily managed to escape the horde of angry bikers but got in trouble with the police soon after. The police checked their criminal records at the station and eventually they knew who they were dealing with. The local police promised that they would reduce their sentence if Trevor and Michelle told them everything they knew about "The Black pistons". That's what they did and they eventually ended up with 5 years of jailtime. After finally getting out, She and Trevor (who were still wanted by the Black Pistons) Decided to flee the country to a place the MC would never even think of looking. This place is known as Chernarus and not long after, this good idea would turn into a horrible one. 15/05/2017 - Novaya Petrovka Trevor and Michelle managed to get their hands on an Appartment room with the money they stole from the "Black pistons MC". It was nothing to fancy, but it was good enough to spent a few months there. The streets of Novaya Petrovka were bursting with activity. The couple decided to head to the store to pick up some groceries, while Michelle went inside, Trevor waited outside, checking his phone. While checking his phone, an athletic looking type with brown hair and a beard snatched his phone and started sprinting through the streets of Novaya petrovka. Trevor started chasing him as best he could, The guy knew the streets pretty good, he was taking shortcuts through alleys and climbed fences and walls, giving Trevor a hard time catching up. After what seemed like an eternity, Trevor eventually managed to cut him off and tackle him. They started fighting eachother but both of them didn't realise they were right next to the police station. This eventually ended up with them spending a night in a small jail. This is where Trevor found out that the not-so-slavic looking person was actually from Ireland. His name was Oisin OConnor, some low life who mugged people for a living. Apparently Oisin mugged people to be able to stay in hotels each night and to get his hands on food and drink... Trevor didn't really know how it happend, but the 2 seem to have become quite good friends with eachother in a short timespan. The next morning when they were allowed to leave, Trevor asked Oisin if he wanted to stay with him and Michelle in the hotel room. Oisin gladly accepted. 10/07/2017 -22:12 -Novaya Petrovka. "Have you got the guns?" Michelle asked Trevor. "Yeah...here" He says as he hands both Michelle and Trevor a standard issue makarov. "Oh...I get it, You get the nice revolver" Oisin said. Trevor chuckled at what Oisin said. "Alright so the plan is as follows." Trevor said. "The gas station is closing an in hour, and right now there are no visitors and wait it gets better...No cameras...Perfect time to strike" "We go in there demand what we need, if he doesn't want to cooperate...We make him ok?" "Does everyone get the plan?" "YUP" Michelle and Oisin said. Michelle stayed in the car while Trevor and Oisin went into the gas station with their faces covered with a balaclava. Oisin and Trevor raised his gun and Oisin yelled at the man to empty the register, while using a Chernarussian accent. The gas station owner wasn't going fast enough, so Trevor grabbed the owner by his shirt and putted the gun against his eye, Demanding him to speed up. After the owner filled the bag with a reasonable sum of money, Trevor hit the owner square in the face, causing him to hit his head against the wall and go unconcious. Trevor and Oisin quickly jumped in the car and removed their balaclavas, while driving back to the town, they noticed a large gathering of people carrying bags walking in their direction. They saw this as a good opertunity to blend in with the crowd, and so they did. The refuge group was later escorted by a few soldiers. 18/07/2017 - Border They were now in a refugee camp near the border of Miroslavl and South Zagoria. This is where they learned about the whole infection and what is happening in Chernarus. A few months later, the camp was overun by rogue soldiers. Michelle, Oisin and Trevor managed to escape the raid. They went into hiding not to long after. 05/01/2018 - They were now in Miroslavl, surviving no matter what. They robbed to survive and really only cared about themselves. This was how they survived the first month. 01/02/2018 Survival seemed to get harder, there were not alot of supplies, or survivors in the area, plus the large amount of infected that kept passing through forced them to migrate somewhere else. They decided that South Zagoria would be a good idea. While they were on their. They stopped in the woods to set up camp. Trevor stayed at the camp and started making a fire and cooking food, while Oisin and Michelle went to scavange an small sports center that whas being used by the millitary, but it fot overun by infected. Oisin returned that night...Michelle didn't. Oisin told Trevor what happend back at the sports center. Michelle got ambush by infected... The coming week Trevor didn't utter a single word. Oisin tried talking to Trevor but everytime he went near him, Trevor would just start getting mad at him and punching him, yelling at him that it was his fault. Oisin came very close to nearly dying, because Trevor raised a gun on him and wanted to shoot him...He didn't shoot. 28/02/2018 -Nagornoe Trevor was doing nothing but drinking and shooting at pretty much everything that moves, including people. They were now in South Zagoria, they were looking for a safe place to stay. They found a small house that looked safe enough in Nagornoe. The house was in an "ok" condition. They reinforced the windows. They both went out looking for supplies in town wich was quite succesfull. Apparently someone was storing alot of food,water and meds in the basement of one of the houses. They decided to claim it all for themselves. 24/03/2018 Trevor seemed to be doing alot better, he stopped drinking continuously and he started talking with other people instead of instantly shooting them. Oisin and trevor were talking about finding a group to stick with, especially with all the hostil groups roaming South Zagoria. They both agreed, they both had radios. After a handshake between the two, Oisin went west towards the border and Trevor went east towards the coast. Both of them were looking for a group to join. If one would find a group that seemed good enough, then they would tell eachother to meet up again so they can both become part of the group.