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  1. UN Evacuation Zone Event - 21:30 server time 9/15/17

    We must support eachother in this horrible scenario...
  2. UN Evacuation Zone Event - 21:30 server time 9/15/17

    Well...that moment when you crash right before the event and there is 31 people in queue...
  3. @Irish great RP as always...you puppy eyed freak @Majoo drugs are bad for you...cringelord @Razareth Great RP from your friendly neighbourhood police officer! @derNils Kruger and Jason are back at it again @Spartan Why did you make me remember those days man?
  4. As above, so below

    So...when will you be releasing a book Terra? Looking forward to part 2!!
  5. [Game] GIF Response

  6. best of luck with this Majoo!
  7. [Game] Last Post

  8. You are banned

    This...This is amazing.
  9. [Game] Last Post

    I'm gonna win this.
  10. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    Well hello there @Saradomin and welcome.
  11. DayZ dev team shoutout to the community

    more peeps incoming lads prepare for another wave
  12. Jánská - Media

    no the left one nice screenshot tho...
  13. [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  14. Jánská - Media

    poor you... I'm sure it will just be a matter of time till we somehow bump into each other.
  15. The Game

    Dunno...just randomly came up in me for some reason.