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  1. What was your first RP encounter?

    Oh boy this takes me back to my cringy RP days. I believe i was in Severograd and i was holding a sledgehammer. There was this green building i was running up to and suddenly a fully armed player bolyted out of the house, he scared me so bad that my "public servers" reflexes came up, so i hit him over the head with the sledgehammer causing him to go unconscious. I realised my mistake and decided to wait till he got back up. When he did ,I asked if he were alright and that i mistook him for one of the infected. He wasn't satisfied with that and ended up taking me as a hostage and beating the living hell out of me with a hammer...Let's just say my pain RP was not something price worthy back then
  2. Where is the barbecue at the green mountain?

    Well...find out ingame or in the Radio Chatter
  3. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    *Whistles* Looking mighty fine.
  4. Stupidest thing you ever did as a whitename?

    I remember once *looks at name*....bye.
  5. Make our own roleplay survival game?

    Mod support will be a gold mine for us, i'm sure of it. So...Patience is key i guess?
  6. Prapor Vlkodlak [Recruitment Open]

    Someone give this man a trophy.
  7. Prapor Vlkodlak [Recruitment Open]

    Thanks for the...warm welcome @Grimnir
  8. Patrik Carda

    12/05/1966 Patrik Carda was born in a familly with an average amount of money. They weren't poor. But weren't rich either. His Father Rorik was a lumber mill worker in Berenzino, whereas his mother Kajla was a nurse in the hospital of Berenzino. Patrik spent most of his time with his father. Helping him fix the roof, or the fence. Hell he even let him drive to Berenzino once. His mother on the other hand was very busy in the hospital. 15/08/2012 Years have passed, Patrik was now 46 and living in an appartement in Berenzino with his dog "Jarek". Patrik was also a Lumber mill worker like his father. The civil war has long ended but Patrik still has nightmares about it till this day. His father went missing during the civil war and was later found by Patrik in a mass grave that was hidden away in the forest. He hated the Russians for it, never would he trust a Russian. His mother was recently fired but found a new job in the local clinic of Gorka. 10/07/2017 Patrik turned on the news and was shocked at hearing about the bombardements in Northern South Zagoria. He decided to call his mother and tell her what he saw on the news. His mom's new lover "Zdenek" picked up her phone. Patrik never liked the bastard, he always came home drunk as a skunk and he also smelled like one. Patrik asked him if he could tell Kajla what he saw on the news. Zdenek agreed with this and ended the call. 11/07/2017 Patrik Had an accident involving his leg and a stack of wooden planks at work the day before, thus he decided to take the day off. He was drinking a shot of vodka as and while doing so, he noticed the vodka in his bottle shaking a bit followed by a couple of loud engines outside his appartement. He looked through his window and saw a convoy of armored vehicles passing through on the road towards Dubrovka...Probably going north. Patrik turned on the news during the night and saw what was going on. 12/07/2017 05:16 Patrik desperetly tried to call his mother But she didn't answer the phone. He put on his jacket, grabbed his car keys and started driving towards Gorka where her mother lives. He was however greeted by a roadblock telling him not to go towards Gorka. Thus he turned around and drove back to Berenzino. On his way back he decided to go around and drive through the forest on a badly maintained dirt road To reach his mother. He turned on his foglights but still couldn't see much. Then out of nowhere a deer crossed the dirt road and Patrik was forced to manauver around it, causing his car to violently roll down the hill and smack into a tree leading to Patrik going unconcious. 12/07/2017 12:26 Patrik slowly woke up and looked around him it was daylight and the sun was at it's center...meaning it was probably midday. Patrik opened the door of his now wrecked car and exited the vehicle. His leg was in serious pain causing him to yelp when he put his weight on It. He looked up at the hill that he fell off and knew that he wouldn't make it up with his now painfull leg. He then decided to go downhill, knowing that it would lead to Gorka. It was then that he saw the carcass of a deer. did he hit the deer? No, no wound like that could be caused by a car accident. The organs seemed to have been dug out. It was not the sight that made Patrik sick but the horrible smell coming from the carass. He then heard a some rustling and a twig break behind him. He quickly looked over his shoulder and stared at a bush. behind it he heard growling. A pack of wolves came around the corner. Patrik made himself look big and started shouting at the leader of the pack. Wolves started eventually lost interest but that was probably because there was someone else behind him...Or something. -To be continued
  9. Persistence wipe

    I'm +1 on this: Hoarders are an issue indeed, regular wipes is a perfect way to solve this. And ofcourse, there is nothing more frustrating then being a freshy and finding little to nothing. I'd rather be a freshy and find shit tons of loot for a month then find bits of nothing between each "major update". The only issue i have with this is when a wipe could occur just when you need something for an RP event IG (a community event or an event you developed yourself with another character). But seeing as how Rolle said that it would be on the 1st each month, then i guess it could be planned out before a wipe.
  10. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3 (And other art.)

    This is nice. Leonardo Da Vinci would be jealous
  11. At what point are we giving up on SA?

    Development takes time, i think we can all agree with this, and yes I agree with the fact that the SA devs are taking their time. But i'm pretty sure that it'll all be worth it in the end. But for now...Hang on
  12. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Hall of fame huh? sign me up.
  13. An unsettling broadcast (Open Freq)

    *Jason hears the rather strange broadcast, while listening to the odd sounds he decides to reply. He sounds a little tired* *Yawns* I heard music before on the radio...but i'm certain that this isn't music. If you have something to say then now would be a good time to do it. *As he is waiting for a response the sounds suddenly stop. Jason hears the unkown eerie voice. Jason hears him out and after the eerie voice finished speaking, he presses down the PTT* We're going to suffer? Pretty sure everyone is already suffering due to this whole apocalypse thing...Wich kind off makes your goal a little invalid...or complete depending on how you look at it. *He releases the PTT button for a bit* Anyways....whatever it is you decide to do sir, i recommend you won't even try to make people suffer even more...That's a good way to end up in a ditch. *He stops his transmission*