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  1. An unsettling broadcast (Open Freq)

    *Jason hears the rather strange broadcast, while listening to the odd sounds he decides to reply. He sounds a little tired* *Yawns* I heard music before on the radio...but i'm certain that this isn't music. If you have something to say then now would be a good time to do it. *As he is waiting for a response the sounds suddenly stop. Jason hears the unkown eerie voice. Jason hears him out and after the eerie voice finished speaking, he presses down the PTT* We're going to suffer? Pretty sure everyone is already suffering due to this whole apocalypse thing...Wich kind off makes your goal a little invalid...or complete depending on how you look at it. *He releases the PTT button for a bit* Anyways....whatever it is you decide to do sir, i recommend you won't even try to make people suffer even more...That's a good way to end up in a ditch. *He stops his transmission*
  2. Saints' Edited pictures

    This makes me jealous Nicely done!
  3. [Game] GIF Response

  4. o7 Leaving Staff

    Thanks for the work Red! It will not be forgotten.
  5. How many times have you been a hostage?

    -snip sorry for necro, realised it too late
  6. Cannibal time

    To be 100% honest with you, i think it's a little too early for that. However...If the RP for it is good enough, i may discard that fact.
  7. nice one

  8. Perma-Death

    You can't replay a character that has been perma killed as stated by Nihoolious. However if another lore wipe would occur, then you can play your permakilled character again. So in short: you cannot play a permakilled character in the current lore. If the lore however resets/wipes you can play him/her/helicopter again.
  9. Pop. location

    Can be found out in character easily...or the IC radio chatter.
  10. Abraham Jones

    On the night of the 20th of march 1984 Abraham was born in a loving familly. His father Mark Jones was a very religious man, and saw no other reason but to name him after a character in the bible: Abraham. (Childhood) Abraham had an amazing childhood, his father was an engineer, his mother didn't really have a job...This was no issue for Abraham seeing as how she spent alot of time with him, teaching him what was wrong and what wasn't...He joined a scouting group at the age of 6 and stayed there until the age of 19 meaning he eventually became a leader for 2 years. (Student live) His results may not have always been great but he managed to get a degree wich allowed him to become a construction worker. He quickly found a job... (adult life) What interested him the most was hiking, he was always fond of the nature. During his vacation he decided to go on a hiking trip with a few of his friends from work, their names were: Olivier, Cederic, Giel, Dennis. They found that the black mountains north of Chernarus was the best place to go to. (Chernarus 4th of July 2017) A nice and beautiful country with loads of forests, fields and hills. It was really nice....was. They rented an appartement room in Novaya Petrovka. They then took the bus that went through gozovoy pass and towards the black mountains. They spent a few nights in camps in the black mountains. on the night of the 10th of July, Abraham and his friends returned from their trip and went to sleep in their appartement. The next morning Abraham woke up to the sound of the TV playing. he stood up from his bed and exited his room, only to see his friends looking at the TV. He asked them what's going on and then they showed Abraham the news. Something bad happening around Severtograd. Abraham and his friends, after a long discussion, decided to stay a bit longer till the issue was resolved...What a huge mistake that was. The next day They packed up and they all went in Giel's car, they drove as fast as they could towards Chernogorsk to get on one of the boats. Upon arriving in Chernogorsk they saw the huge amount of people waiting to get on the boats, they were however unlicky as there was no place left on the boats. (to be continued)
  11. UN Evacuation Zone Event - 21:30 server time 9/15/17

    We must support eachother in this horrible scenario...
  12. UN Evacuation Zone Event - 21:30 server time 9/15/17

    Well...that moment when you crash right before the event and there is 31 people in queue...
  13. @Irish great RP as always...you puppy eyed freak @Majoo drugs are bad for you...cringelord @Razareth Great RP from your friendly neighbourhood police officer! @derNils Kruger and Jason are back at it again @Spartan Why did you make me remember those days man?
  14. As above, so below

    So...when will you be releasing a book Terra? Looking forward to part 2!!
  15. [Game] GIF Response