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"Wait...I'm not a whitename anymore?"

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  1. jason hunter

    Random stuff of derNils Archive

    NiCe ScrEEnShoTs NilS!
  2. jason hunter

    Hello, I'm patient zero

  3. Gegroet vriend! Welkom in onze superleuke community Welcome friend! to our nice community (yes we have cake....I think)
  4. jason hunter

    Zombies should maybe have the chance to get you sick

    Not denying the fact that it's interesting, but at the current state of the game...I would rather not have it. Maybe if the infected are a little less like they are now, then i'm all good for this.
  5. jason hunter

    Zombies should maybe have the chance to get you sick

    i'm gonna pop a -1 for this, sorry. The infected are already annoying enough due to their fast respawn rate, and broken reaction scripts (seeing you through walls, getting the whole town after you even if you shoot supressed, etc.). Giving them this ability wouble be a right pain... *is scared*
  6. accidentaly? Hmm...I don't think so. On my video at 0:34 you are seen looking at Patz and when you realise he's shooting at you, you turn to me and gun me down. Quite the accident indeed...
  7. Server and location: S1, Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-30, 21:34 Your in game name: Patrik Carda Names of allies involved: Domek Svoboda (@PatZ) Name of suspect/s: no idea, logs on me will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I'm patrolling around Zelenogorsk, i decided to go down towards the millitary base. On my way down towards the base, i bump into the accused. He points a gun at me and tells me to get out of the town, i do so and raise my hands while walking away from. Meanwhile @PatZ initiates on the accused after which the accused guns me down while i was still complying to his demands.
  8. jason hunter

    Kozlovská Rodina Media

  9. Hello, Jason Hunter aka Patrik Carda here to post his POV (I have no video evidence sorry) Let me see, it was a few days ago...I logged in in Zelenogorsk I make my way towards the millitary base of Zeleno to patrol the area for thieves While i was patrolling i heard through TS that one of us found a russian just outside the millitary base I quickly make my way over to him to join the conversation. We asked him a bit about his past, but he didn't seem to remember his backstory. Ofcourse us being Chernarussians didn't make it easier for the OP's character, so we decided to do the following We persuaded him to follow us to our "safe-haven for foreigners" and give him a room in the PD This room was in fact a prison cell. While he was in there we decided to interrogate him and provide a bit of tortureRP He reacted a little bit to the pain, but sadly, he wasn't giving us any answers at all. This goes on for a few minutes. He then asks OOC'ly (with a cryptic message) to log of. We let him go because we tought he had to respond in a report for something else...little did we know he had to write a report for us. I find that a sad excuse to log off tbh, and I'd call that BadRP on the OP's side. To answer to the accusations: Gear RP: Hmm...No not really, we took you hostage because your character was a russian, and our characters hate Russians, the reason we took you was not gear related at all. Alof of RP has gone into this interaction between our characters, wich is why we took you, so we could further RP. I know it sucks when you hoard alot of gear and someone empties the bag completely on the floor, but honestly we didn't need anything, as we were all almost fully kitted. Therefore we decided to store the items somewhere safe in the Police Department. The bag was emptied on the floor to make the RP more convincing. If there are anymore question lemme know. - Jason
  10. Thank you for the amazing roleyplay @PatZ. Great painRP as always pls dont come murder us papa Patz ?
  11. People who can only play that which they know... Sounds a little boring. I understand that a bit of research is important, for example, i had a millitary radio operator as a character, i did research on rankings and etc. But dont ask me to follow an online course about radios or some shizzle ?. Playing something diffirent is fine, as long as you know a bit about it. For me there is litteraly no need to know every single detail.
  12. jason hunter

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Yes, welcome to you @Mexi
  13. jason hunter

    To the Kozlovs

    *Patrik presses down the PTT on his radio* *sigh*...I had hoped Mikhail would see reason, if he really is as inoccent as he claims to be, then I don't see why he would not want to participate in the trial... *You hear Patrik coughing for a bit* I wouldn't know where he could've gone, but i'll have to agree with Pyotr, it would most likely be west... I'll keep an eye out for him too, if i find him, i will let you guys know. *He pauses for a bit* I hope we can leave this situation behind us as soon as possible and that there will be a prosperous relationship between both our groups. I have a feeling we both will most likely need to stand together against whatever the future holds for Chernarus... *There is a small pause until the radio turns to silence*
  14. jason hunter

    To the Kozlovs

    *Patrik picks up his radio and presses down the PTT button* Thanks for telling us the demands...Although we have to discuss it between us, to see if monday will be possible. We'll be in touch. *He pauses* How do i turn this off? *The radio signal would then turn to silence*
  15. jason hunter

    Kozlovská Rodina Media

    Don't screw with the locals featuring @Grimnir and erhm, @Solo has a weird kink We're Kozlovská Rodina fear us
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