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  1. Would anyone here know a site where I could get the latest updates on the US Iran situation?
  2. The following more or less starts of slow and a bit more peacefull and eventually goes over into a more 'violent' beat. It describes my character's evolution from pacifist to a more 'violent' character
  3. I see...That is actually rather sad to hear, and quite worrying
  4. I'm totally agreeing with your statement! I have been seeing this quite often, which is why I haven't really been on the servers in a while because this just ruins it so bad for me. I remember a time when RP was solid and fresh. Sure, there was the occasional OOC banter, and I didn't mind that, as long as it didn't get out of hand like how the OP described. I'm really not sure what is going on with the RP community...Perhaps the whitelist became to easy? #BringBackSweatyWhitelist
  5. no, people will abuse it and meta game it. Sometimes even without them realising they do
  6. just gonna smash probably the weirdest possible fix in the world but: try downgrading your GPU drivers to an older version. you can do that here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx
  7. +1 do I really need to give my opinion on why it should be banned? Don't think so, If you wanna get off to something go watch p*rn XD
  8. oooh, now this is a nice rule. Thanks boss man
  9. @Lemons out of all the people... Welcome, buddy
  10. After a hard day at work (especially done by @Razareth and @derNils) we decided to have a small celebration.
  11. problem with that could still be that other people pick it up (if the owner dropped the jacket) and then go into a radiation zone and start taking damage. better to just remove or replace it I'd say
  12. Wew... Alot of cool stuff happened yesterday, with alot of peeps, and I dont know alot of them, so sorry if you weren't tagged. @derNils : What can i say? Your RP is always top notch @Oisin : looks like you're a pirate now. Good RP from you lad @Razareth : Thank for providing first aid on le me, good RP from you during that moment @Mademoiselle : You saved me and Oisin. I really liked the medical RP you provided, it was really well done Thank you! And anyone who was at Mogi summercamp and dubky yesterday night
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