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  1. jason hunter

    Plays.tv is being a bitch

    just gonna smash probably the weirdest possible fix in the world but: try downgrading your GPU drivers to an older version. you can do that here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx
  2. jason hunter

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    oooooooh, this looks gucci
  3. +1 do I really need to give my opinion on why it should be banned? Don't think so, If you wanna get off to something go watch p*rn XD
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    NLR rule update

    oooh, now this is a nice rule. Thanks boss man
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    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    @Lemons out of all the people... Welcome, buddy
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    Favorite Video Game Trailers

  7. jason hunter

    The Haven Media Thread

    After a hard day at work (especially done by @Razareth and @derNils) we decided to have a small celebration.
  8. jason hunter

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    problem with that could still be that other people pick it up (if the owner dropped the jacket) and then go into a radiation zone and start taking damage. better to just remove or replace it I'd say
  9. jason hunter

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Let's go booooyyss
  10. Wew... Alot of cool stuff happened yesterday, with alot of peeps, and I dont know alot of them, so sorry if you weren't tagged. @derNils : What can i say? Your RP is always top notch @Oisin : looks like you're a pirate now. Good RP from you lad @Razareth : Thank for providing first aid on le me, good RP from you during that moment @Mademoiselle : You saved me and Oisin. I really liked the medical RP you provided, it was really well done Thank you! And anyone who was at Mogi summercamp and dubky yesterday night
  11. jason hunter

    DayZRP mod February content update

    LoOKs GoOd, KeEP Up thE GoOd WoRK
  12. jason hunter

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    In real life, I am following the Ásatrú religion (old-Norse mythology). At the moment, I'm playing a character following this religion
  13. On the night of the 24th of March 1992, Birger Dal was born in a loving family. His father Torbjorn Dal was a devout follower of Ásatrú and saw no other reason but to name him after a character in from the old Norse mythology: Birger. (Childhood) Birger had an amazing childhood, his father was an engineer, his mother didn't really have a job...This was no issue for Baldr seeing as how she spent a lot of time with him, teaching him what was wrong and what wasn't...He joined a scouting group at the age of 6 and stayed there until the age of 19 meaning he eventually became a leader for 2 years. His results in school may not have always been great but he managed to get a degree which allowed him to become a construction worker. He quickly found a job... (adult life) What interested him the most was hiking, he was always fond of nature. During his vacation he decided to go on a hiking trip with a few of his friends from work, their names were: Olivier, Cedric, Giel, Dennis. They found that the black mountains north of Chernarus was the best place to go to. (Chernarus 4th of July 2017) A nice and beautiful country with loads of forests, fields and hills. It was simply amazing. They rented an apartment room in Novaya Petrovka. They then took the bus that went through gozovoy pass and towards the black mountains. They spent a few nights in camps in the black mountains. on the night of the 10th of July, Birger and his friends returned from their trip and went to sleep in their apartment. The next morning Birger woke up to the sound of the TV playing. he stood up from his bed and exited his room, only to see his friends looking at the TV. He asked them what's going on and then they showed Birger the news. Something bad happening around Severograd. Birger and his friends, after a long discussion, decided to stay a bit longer till the issue was resolved. 2 days later, they packed up and they all went in Giel's "rented" car, they drove as fast as they could towards Chernogorsk to get on one of the boats. Upon arriving in Chernogorsk they saw the huge amount of people waiting to get on the boats, they were, however, unlucky as there was no place left on the boats. They went back to the car looking very disappointed. The ride back was uneasy...roadblocks pretty much anywhere telling us to go there or not pass through here. Eventually, we managed to end up back at our apartment. (11th of July 2017) Birger and his friends were still camping out in the apartment when they started hearing gunshots on the streets below. Olivier looked through the window and noticed infected roaming the street along with panicking civilians. The military fought back as hard as they could but it only ended up in more infected rushing towards the town. Birger and his friends figured it would be a good idea to stay in the hotel room and barricade the door...at least for the time being. (15th of July 2017) The group of hiking friends started running out of food in their appartement. Cederic even got so desperate that he started eating dog food. They had to find more food,water and medicine before this got out of hand. Giel peeked through the window. There was only 5-8 infected between them and a small store. Cederic started looking around for weapons, kitchen knifes, cleavers,...Birger was very nervous when taking the knife that Cederic gave him, he never liked violence in any way. They all went over a plan that could get them to the store without drawing attention. Their plan was to attempt stealth to reach the store. Giel removed the barricade that was blocking their appartment room door, Birger then slowly opened the door. They haven't seen the hallway for a few days...but it wasn't filled with blood and corpses the last time they walked through it. Giel immediatly started throwing up in the corner. Birger asked Olivier and Dennis if they would stay with Giel for the time being. Olivier and Dennis agreed to watch over Giel while Birger and Cederic went to scavange the store. Upon exiting the front door of the appartment, they both duck into a bush that was next to the stairs. There was one infected up ahead. Cederic nodded at Birger and then Cederic slowly walked towards it while Birger was following him. Birger accidently stepped on a piece of broken glass causing the infected that was 3m away from them to turn around. Cederic quickly grabbed the infected and stabbed it in the gut...This only seemed to make the infected more angry as he tackled Cederic. Birger then kicked the infected of off him and stabbed it through its right eye. Another infected heard the fight and came dashing around the Corner, Grabbing Birger and attempted to bite his arm, the only thing he was chewing on would be his jacket. Birger pushed the infected away and Cederic struck it underneath it's chin with a powerfull blow of a crowbar. Birger catched his breath and told Cederic that he was alright. After finally reaching the store Birger peeked through the window, the store was mostly ransacked, but there was some food left here and there. As a result of the ransacking, it was quite easy to enter the store through the shattered windows. Once inside, the two walked through the store picking up whatever they could use (food, water, bandages,...) Birger walked into the backroom of the store and found a locked door. the key should be somewhere around here he thought, so he decided to look around. He went to the next aisle, where he found an infected store clerk laying underneath a shelf on the ground...probably the owner of the store. the infected looked at him and tried to stand up, but it wasn't able to because of the shelf. Birger noticed the infected had some kind of key on him. Our protagonist slowly grabbed his knife and mercifully killed the infected, after wich he grabbed the key. He returned to the backroom where he found the locked door, and luckily enough, the key fitted perfectly. When he opened the door he was quite shocked to see the whole room filled up with cans of food and bottled water. 17th of July 2017) The group of 5 were now still stuck in their hotel room, but atleast they had ALOT of food. They were quietly eating their food, until the heard the sound of jet planes in the distance. Dennis looked stood up and walked over to the window and looked through it. "Is that a rescue party? " he said and not soon after the appartement building was hit by a bomb run causing the part of the building where Dennis stood to collapse. That was the last time they saw Dennis as he fell into a thick pile of smoke, never to be seen again. The group had to evacuate quickly, because the appartement was no longer a suiteable place to stay in. 28th of July 2017 - Miroslavl safezone: Birger, Olivier and Cederic were the only people left from the group. Giel suffered a terrible fate after trying saving Olivier from a wild pack of dogs. They were now at a safezone/military base in Miroslavl. The had to sleep in tents, but it wasn't something they wern't used to. This military checkpoint became their "temporary home for some time" 11th of January 2018 - Miroslavl safezone: Birger woke up early and decided to head to the walls surrounding the camp. He became good friends with a CDF soldier named Biljan Brod. They started chatting about how this situation would end up going...Biljan believed it was the end of the world, that god brought the plage to punish humanity for all their sins. Birger was listening to Biljan and rolling his eyes and out of nowhere Biljan was hit in the neck by a bullet, causing Biljan to fall of the wall back inside the camp. Birger jumped of the wall after Biljan and tried to help, but he was already to late... Birger was a little shocked and around him soldiers sprinted out of their baracks and started opening fire in the direction of the shots outside of the camp. Olivier tried making Birger snap out of his shock-status, but to no avail. After giving Birger one good smack across the face, Birger came to his sense and shook his head. "WE HAVE TO MOVE" Yelled Olivier, Cedric knew a quick way out, allowing them to quickly run into the woods. They succeeded in doing so. To Be Continued
  14. I'm UnSTaBLe!

    HeLP Me

    1. Oisin



    2. DrMax


      Stop this Jason. 

    3. jason hunter

      jason hunter

      I'vE BeeN TrYIng To SToP thiS sINce I waS A ChILd...

      BuT mY pApI DrOPpEd Me

    4. derNils


      Don't worry boys I've got this @DrMax, @Oisin *pulls out Luger* :trolle:

  15. jason hunter

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    YoU DOn'T haVE ALOt of beAnz... BUt yOU DoN'T neED THaT tO Be aWeSOMe
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