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  1. jason hunter

    Big streamers trying out DayZ

    I love it. It will bring more people (back) to the game. And it will probably bring alot of new faces to our community aswell.
  2. jason hunter

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Wait...we're approved? great, let's make it worth it
  3. jason hunter

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Together we can decrease the level of violence, raise awareness of our activities and save lives around the world. The impact of a day of global ceasefire and non-violence cannot be underestimated" -Jeremy Gilley
  4. jason hunter

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Oh yes, im in...where's the alcohol?
  5. Waw...tonight was great! Thanks to: @derNils : glad to be able to RP with you again @Grimnir : Your RP is lit, and you manage to bring up good arguments too. keep it up!! @fletcho1 : "Yeah, walk away!" Honestly, nobody made me laugh so much in a while @[email protected]: Both your rp and your character keep suprising me, and thats a good thing, keep that stuff going. @Razareth : What? Thought I wouldn't mention you? Oh pls, your an awasome roleplayer. @Lady In Blue : How could I possibly forget you? Your RP is just top notch, I'm sure alot of people enjoy it. (sorry if I forgot someone, i'm tired )
  6. jason hunter

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    Oh boy...This is gonna be fun...again
  7. In real life, do the steps that are required to avoid a bear attacking you (running away was not the answer) in DAYZ however...Depending on the weapons i have, i may fight it, if the weapons i have are shit... (imagine someone running away like Jack Sparrow)
  8. excactly...Something that really shows how bad the apocalypse was for other people, and that we should be glad with how lucky we have been so far. bruh...that was deep
  9. I would love to see abandoned, decayed safe zones that were set up by now-perished survivors. That and caves...This game needs caves
  10. I actually found this website by accident. I was looking for a roleplay server for dayz without KOS. After a bit of googling i found this place. I signed up and never looked back. -------- What motivates me to stay is actually the awasome people in the community + the awasome peeps that i got/get to RP with. Especially in the beginning, throwing a special thanks to those people: @Spartan, @Ron , @Jamie, @SommerTheViking, @Blackfyre . I know i'm missing a few peeps, sorry about that
  11. No there shouldn't be a cap. What are the chances that every single member is ingame at the same time? If you're playing with a group that's all about "a large number of people" then there shouldn't be a cap. Even if a few can't the same day, there is still a fair amount of people in said group. Could you imagine a large millitary group that runs around with 5 members?...phew.
  12. Jamie

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    1. Beni


      Can you stop bullying please. 

    2. jason hunter

      jason hunter

      Jamie...You wound me 

  13. jason hunter

    If you didn't play on DayZRP, would you still play DayZ?

    I wouldn't be playing DAYZ anymore if it weren't for DAYZRP. The thing about this game that bugs me is this: You spawn, You get gear, You die, repeat. This + the bugs and just the way how the game plays (PVP is harder, etc.) turns me off. (DAYZRP offers more then the standerd "Spawn, Loot 'n Die" It offers an actuall story...Almost like a endless multiplayer campaign mode, wich i love.) If however for some reason the DAYZ mods gets revived (not by DAYZRP, but by the DAYZ community itself) and alot of servers return to live...We'll i'd be the first to play it again. Although, now that i'm saying it, DAYZ standalone and DAYZ mod have alot in common,..; But there has always been something that i find more fun in the mod's public servers than the Standalone public servers. I guess it's just the way how combat works in the mod.