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"Wait...I'm not a whitename anymore?"

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  1. Oisin

    • Oisin

    I see you looking boyo 

  2. jason hunter

    Why don't you get in game?

    I believe a large portion of people is waiting for .63 ....Me included
  3. why did i click on @Roach 's thread again?
  4. UndeadRP

    Hi man! Long time.

    1. Eagle



    2. jason hunter

      very long time...my goldfish memory is not really recognizing you.


      Could you help reminding me again, so i can hit myself with a frying pan twice. thx 😛

  5. jason hunter

    • Oisin


    1. Terra


      @Oisin Awesome clip. I laughed! 🤣

      Watching the video-clip and read your response, I dont understand how it could be seen as flaming. But maybe that is just me.

      Good luck with your appeal.✊

    2. Oisin


      Thanks XD 

      Same with yours like.. its just stupid to get points over this shit, your points and mine like. 

  6. jason hunter

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    They're coming home i guess
  7. Spartan

  8. I'd love to see ALOT more animations for almost everything...immersion is key here
  9. jason hunter

    0.63 Dev tool play around! INSTALLATION VIDEO! [OUTDATED!]

    If admins got this...That'd be real nice (i litterly just realised, sorry for necro)
  10. *CHAPTER 1: Prologue* Trevor Barrow was born in Chatau, France. Becausehis father was a very wealthy man and the leader of quite a few companies throughout Paris, they had alot of wealth. At the age of 13, Trevor and his parents had to move to the United States due to the fact that his father reciever a bigger opertunity there. They moved to a large house in Spring Hill just West of Boston. Trevor was quite spoiled, his parents were not too good at the saying "no" part of the parental job. It was safe to say, that Trevor was the one of the richer kids in the area. At the age of 18 Trevor went to the university of Harvard. His first semester was actually going quite well, he made a resonable number of friends. There he was offered to join some kind of secret group of people, he became quite well-known throughout this group. This mostly had to do with the fact that he was quite good at making friends and that he had a large sum of money within arms reach. One night when he went out to a party, he returned home to find that his home was burned down completely, his parents died in the fire, leaving him with millions of dollars. But Trevor was devestated due to the loss of his parents. "Weeks have passed'' Trevor hung around alot with his new "friends" from this group, and doing a few "totally legal" jobs. He also joined a kickboxing club to keep himself occupied. This went on for a few months... *CHAPTER 2: Chernarus* WIP
  11. jason hunter


    I'm totally +1 for this. Dynamic groups were great! But i doubt this rule will change :/
  12. jason hunter

    Big streamers trying out DayZ

    I love it. It will bring more people (back) to the game. And it will probably bring alot of new faces to our community aswell.
  13. jason hunter

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Wait...we're approved? great, let's make it worth it