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  1. Findlyn

    How often are you robbed?

    Even as a solo player, never apart of a group, I don't have a problem with getting robbed. Partially because I don't kit out in military gear I suppose, but also there are a few times I have been initiated on, but I was able to talk them down and walk away or they at most took a couple cans of food. From my personal experience if you give bandits a reason NOT to rob you and let you go, they generally will just let you go or at most take just some scraps.
  2. Even though it was a short interaction, and I was the one held up, I enjoyed my interaction tonight with Seymour and "Teddy". Kept the atmosphere light and jovial and ended up letting me go without really taking anything as long as I promised to pass a message if I could. Was glad to see some 'bandit' RP that didnt just end up as a stick up, steal my gear and go. They gave a purpose/story and gave me something to potentially RP to later on. So remember kids, try to RP with bandits in a light/comical way and you may have a positive experience too!
  3. Not to be rude to Pyschic_Donkey, but IMHO it should be almost a auto-decline if someone posts asking this question. To me, it says they only read enough of the rules to get their password and get the information needed to answer the questions in the app. But that is just me and my opinion.
  4. I actually love zombies after this patch. If you are smart, they are avoidable. Even one on one while they are more durable they also don't seem to hit nearly as hard/sometimes instantly ruin a pristine piece of clothing in a random hit. They aren't something you can just ignore or mindless just swat with an axe/loud rifle as you pass by.
  5. While I never had any in game experience with The Inmates, it was always fun watching their interactions while watching streams. Will miss that RP, but wish your new clan the best of luck and if it is majority of the same people, I figure you all will be well known and have just as big a impact on in game lore as you did before
  6. Findlyn


    Thankfully the handful of experiences i have had(dont get a lot of time to log in, and when I do servers were usually full until recent US 4 went up) were fairly nice RP's except for the one. It was someone doing a bad bandit RP, forcing the issue until i wouldnt co-operate anymore and it ended up with me dead. And in the 30 seconds of waiting to rez was listening to him and his buddy giggle about being cannibals and I was going to be their feast.
  7. Findlyn

    Tips for you new guys.

    I honestly don't get people that take everything including someone's clothing when they rob them. It kind of seems it is in 100% conflict of having to leave them with enough supplies to reasonably survive.
  8. Even though past couple times i have logged in for it just to be night time while raining, I still want full night/day cycles. Would kind of not really fit RP for there to never be a night time. I just wish it didn't rain so much, is it typhoon season lately?!
  9. I really like the RP being in first person. IMO, its to 'meta-gaming' to be able to third person and be able to see more then you should. Although, it was a little odd when i first logged in not knowing it was going to happen. I quickly adjusted and figure it was a change for RP reasons and have zero issues with it.
  10. Making my introduction to the DayZRP community here! Alil about myself, limited RP experience(just some D&D and Pathfinder) but really like the idea being the RP/community of DayZRP and its interactions within DayZ. Been looking for a community/server to play DayZ that doesnt treat it as a hunt loot, then play battlefield. This is the type of game I want player interactions. I play a lot of other MMOs, and usually its about the guild I join that keeps me in it. So DayZRP seems like it might be a good fit for me, cant wait to get to know yall and maybe find a new DayZ home!
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