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  1. Pepe Jones

    Pepe Jones


    Meanwhile in Stary Church...

    @OnionRingOfDoom @Mr.Panda @osku197

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Were you the cunt who shot me??

    2. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      Maybe.... Onion where you the cunt teammate who shot me?

    3. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      But why! It was all going so well...we were going to wait it out in the church and not take part in it :D

    4. FalkRP


      Who shot nice guy eddie? think about it, no one had a gun on him

    5. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Report: ruleplay over dank roleplay

      Calling @Pepe Jones for his POV

      • 7.5 Remember that kill rights are still subject to rule 5.2 and rule 5.3. You shouldn't use kill rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using kill rights is viable in the current situation.
    6. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      Well what can I say I just "*smell of campfire RP*"

    7. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Smells more like RPVP to me ;)

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