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  1. Pepe Jones

    Why don't you get in game?

    I can't believe I would ever say this but, @Roland rule changes are absolutely amazing. They gave me a warm tingly feeling deep inside my no no square. The only thing I fear is that these changes came too late. The whole prioritizing passive play and forcing people to meta game every time you wanted to commit a hostile act in a fucking apocalypse rubbed me in a wrong way. Now that it's resolved it gave me hope. That being said I'm still slightly afraid to come back and play. Maybe beta will bring about a new golden age but as of right now I think the past mistakes weigh too heavy on my poor tortured soul. None the less I still love DayzRP and it means a lot to me. I pray for the old days to come back and I am eagerly awaiting a triumphant return should the stars align.
  2. Pepe Jones

    • Pepe Jones
    • Eagle

    Jesus Christ your fucking profile music has me in stitches. Most terrifying surprising Scotsman I've ever heard.

  3. Pepe Jones

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    Image result for moschops

    1. Nihoolious


      Where do you find this

    2. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      You don't wanna know

  4. Pepe Jones

    Pepe Jones

    I say we just get rid of the report section it's clearly obsolete. Why even bother arguing points and having a proper dialogue it just slows us down.  

    1. Squillium


      I’ve calmed down but I still hate you

    2. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      Talk shit get hit Sqil. I'm a HOI 4 master.

    3. Roland


      I agree. Look how reports were handled in 2012 - 2013

    4. Squillium


      Yea, but weren’t  the punishments more lax?

    5. Roland


      No :D 


      I got better one :D 

      These verdicts were the best. Now we have to write entire essays to justify banning a rule breaker and people STILL appeal it.

    6. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      I guess sarcasm is lost over text lol

  5. Pepe Jones

    Pepe Jones


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    Haha xD

  7. Major

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    Would you like to see Britannia
    Rule again, my friend?

  8. Pepe Jones

    Real life picture Thread

    Fuck off stealing my jokes m8. Get your own imagination you faux Irishman.
  9. Pepe Jones

    Real life picture Thread

    Nice to see you and your sister out for a pint.
  10. Pepe Jones

    [GAME] What would you do if you woke up with the person above you?

    Fold his armbands neatly at the foot of the bed.
  11. Pepe Jones

    S1 - Power-game, BadRP, and Lying In A Report 12/9/2017 Around 10pm EST

    Sorry I misread and thought you said you did it lol. God damn ghost fart clearly.
  12. Pepe Jones

    S1 - Power-game, BadRP, and Lying In A Report 12/9/2017 Around 10pm EST

    POV Oh shit my wish came true this is an actual report haha, oh well here we go. First of all I would like to say I didn't "powergame" my witness did so my "confession" is bullshit and It wasn't a confession rather me joking about the fact that Galaxy was so brought back by the fact that our semi scripted event among two people in the same group, in the same TS would bring up more evidence to further RP considering the girl had logged out. Second of all the charges were not pedophilia the charges were abduction they were misconstrue. Now my memory might be a bit foggy considering this happened so long ago and the event just suddenly became an issue Coreena coincidentally at the same time as the other report went up hmm. Everything I say might not be water tight as I have not watched the video so if I say something wrong and you want to accuse me and others for lying in a report that no one fucking remember the details of then go ahead. Either way we were all sitting in Tortuga bored and I decided I wanted to have our first court case so I starting walking around and eventually came across panda and Onion fighting. I came up and asked what happened and Panda said onion kidnapped his daughter. So I promptly arrested him and took him to the court room. Then I got everyone in to the church and started to explain how it was going to work. After that I choose jury members and assumed my position as the prosecution lawyer. The court case unfolded and in the end the jury decided on trial by combat and when Onion lost he was labeled guilty of abduction. That's all of got from my memory. I am now going to watch several of the timestamps and refute them. 8:57 - General Meme Roleplay Hunt stated he was the town alcoholic which is true and Lady in blue made a fart noise.immediately after that she was shut down by the black fangs and it stopped. 13:59 - More Memery/Sexism Blue was ejected and was taken ot of the town for a while until she calmed downa nd sexism isnt agaisnt the rules IG sorry. 19:38 - Unnecessary & Immature Pedophilia Comments during the trail accusations that Onion had sex with the girl so a addressed it to the jury in order to make him seem like a bad guy so they would side with me. If it was brought up as a charge then yes it is necessary for the court to address it even though they were not the original charges. 21:29 - Moe Rocka? Are you serious? Yes that is his name and his character don't see the problem there, but alright. 33:49 - Moe Rocka Powergaming A Photo he pulls out evidence that as far as we know could be real and you can't call us all out for powergaming because we have to assume that it is legit until we talk to each other OOC. We still continued the RP out as if it was real. 37:53 - Immature Racism Begins Squilliam is Jewish and dusty pointed that out. Don't see the problem there. 43.15 - South Park Noises? People made noises mocking me and my nazely voice again don't see a problem. I'm trying to arrest someone it makes perfect sense for them to mock me. 1:04:53 - Eagle Literally announces… “Guilty By Trial Of Combat” Trial by combat is an ancient German law in not surprised eagle was confused seeing as we haven't used it in the west for years for it makes sense that he misspoke when he read the verdict. 1:10:22 - Eagle announcing onion is found guilty for attempted rape of a little girl Eagle was confused and misspoke again if you remember from the first tiemstamp I read that charge as abduction not rape. 1:12:57 - This does not even make any sense The man who was just guilty came back into the court armed and we acted accordingly trying to avoid violence, don't see how that doesn't make sense. In the end you can clearly see that this report has no sustenance. We all got together and had a good time acting out a court case. I enjoyed myself like any others did and it was a great day of RP I'm sorry you don't feel the same way though from the video and all of your laughing it seemed like you did. But on the accusation of bad RP I'll say this. I don't think that going around RPing as a stereotypical stoner is good RP at all. It's childish and irritates me. Saying "dank" over and over and making bong noises irritates me and I personally think that's Bad RP. However, that is just my opinion and I can respect the fact that you yourself enjoy playing it and took time to make a character page. So even though I didn't enjoy your RP I wouldn't go and report it because that is how you have fun playing a video game. i'm sorry that you don't think the same way I do and have to seek out punishing people for having an enjoyable RP experience. All in all I would love to talk this out in Teamspeak @Coreena because I Have a few questions and I hope we can resolve this like adults and not take up staffs time with a false report. And I will make sure it's a one on one and not some cancer where there is 80 people in the channel arguing. I'll make a private locked channel for just us and I'll even record it so you don't have to because I'm such a nice guy. I will send you a PM as well just in case you didn't read this.
  13. Pepe Jones

    S1 | Invalid Kill/Ruleplay x2 | 10:00pm 12/18/2017

    POV I logged into the server as a fresh spawn in Elektro. As soon as I logged in my group began to try to speak with Nexum. They then procedded to avoid RP and evade them in the same amount of time it took me to run from Elektro to FUCKING bash. This is just childish and a blatant rulebreak on the entire groups part. When I arrived at Bash I was informed about how they had finally been caught up and they were refusing to get their leader. We gave them plenty of time to get him to come and RP with us. However, he kept refusing so in turn we were going to force him to arrive. We initiated and put the 4 hostages in the cammo building and RPed with hem the whole time. Whilst we were holding up in the building we began negotiations @Para. Who in turn showed no care for the lives of his friends, told out negotiator to fuck off, and logged out. The demands were not met in anyway and so the consequences were carried out. If you don't like the way it panned out then maybe you should have just not avoided RP for a solid 40 mins and care for the lives of your friends. The fact that this report has dissolved into a ruleplay report shows how weak the case is. If it's ruleplay to carry out sound demands when they were not met then I'm guilty. It is perfectly in line with RP and was a perfect example of how taking someones life can be RPed out to the fullest. Instead of just dying in a firefight they were both given quality RP for the entirety of the situation and then received dignified deaths. Would you rather I make demands and then when the leader bad mouths the hostage taker who is threatening to kill his friends to just turn around and say "now you see I was going to kill you if your leader didn't carry out demands because that makes perfect sense, but instead I'm just gonna let you all go and prove that we are powerless." No that's ridiculous. Nexum Co. was the only group in the report that broke any rules and simply saying "we new your intentions" is not an excuse to break a rule. As for the "powergaming" that was mentioned: Galaxy is referring to a semi scripted event that took place weeks ago in Tortuga. I was representing a father of a kid who was abducted by Onion. The "powergaming" was referring to my witness emoting pulling out pictures to support my case. If @OnionRingOfDoom would like to put up a separate report against me and the rule I did't even break then he can go ahead lol.
  14. Pepe Jones

    Pepe Jones

    1. Complain about groups RP.

    2. Meet group IG.

    3. Avoid RP and run for 30 mins.

    4. Get initiated on. 

    5. Receive demand to save friends life.

    6. Refuse demands over and over again because you don't want to RP.

    7. Ultimate hypocrite form achieved. 

    1. Para


      Or alternatively, talk to us OOC :D something you preach in your own group thread. You're right about point No.7

    2. LouieRP


      Room 4? 

    3. Eagle


      Now you know how it feels :)

    4. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado

      seems like some fuckass shit tbh

      who was this Ill handle it young men worry not

  15. Pepe Jones

    Pepe Jones

    Storm troopers, all of 'em storm troopers.




    Except for that guy who killed me he was pretty good.....