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  1. Pepe Jones

    favorite initiation lines?

    When they changed the gun raise key to middle mouse button.
  2. Pepe Jones

    Rainbow Six: Siege tournament?

    yeah boi
  3. Osip Ovechkin was born into and abusive religious family on Utes Island. His father was an angry drunkard who usually took his anger out on the young Osip, who over time built up a sort of pain tolerance and figured out ways to talk himself out of punishments with specific wordplay to outsmart his inebriated patriarch. As he grew Osip substituted humor and friendship with fierce nationalism for his country. He swiftly climbed the ranks in various government agencies. Eventually in 2002 Osip became The Chernarussian Envoy to Russia where he committed countless acts of collusion for the benefit of the Chernarussian government. With more and more information being leaked Russian officials became suspicious and had plans to apprehend Osip on his scheduled visit in 2009. However, due to the civil war breaking out Osip became paranoid quit his job, abandoned his home, and fled into the arms of the CDF who were eagerly awaiting his abilities. For Osip had become a master of interrogation during his work as Envoy. He used his diplomatic immunity as a shield and had no problem getting "hands on" when it came to getting the information he needed. He did whatever was necessary and set ethics aside. During the war he assisted with CDF interrogations and the sudden outbreak wasn't about to slow Osip Ovechkin down. Osip will work for the state, Osip will uphold the state, and Osip will die for the state.
  4. Pepe Jones

    New Moon Media Thread

    Pepe Is Hungry
  5. Pepe Jones

    S1: BadRP 25/10/18 3:10

    As I was the one who initiated on behalf of the entire group of New Moon, I can tell you it was because I recognized him from when he executed our leader several days before which is in Lewis' previous Dayz video. However, from what I know from reading the rules you don't even need a reason to initiate, which I believe is what @PsiSyndicate had a problem with after speaking to him. Therefore the statement that this is about some bullshit reason to initiate is invalid as it is not against the rules and the only rule broken is by the randoms who came in and ruined the whole RP scenario for both parties. I can't say the same for other groups but New Moon had plenty of reason to initiate. As you can see that was New Moon.
  6. Pepe Jones

    S1: BadRP 25/10/18 3:10

    Arvid Gustafsson POV I was in between Kab and Stary when someone called out that two people saw us then turned and ran. We followed them into Stary, and they ran into the church. I recognized his voice from a previous altercation in Stary. And we initiated. I then began to negotiate to end the situation peacefully When it was clear they were going to try and beat the 18+ to 2 odds (which they did for a while) things got violent. @PsiSyndicate suddenly killed two saviors who were not involved. After that several of new moon ran in and were subsequently killed. After this several randoms arrived and began to talk shit to the bois inside the church most of which was cancer and BadRP. After a few more fruitless attempts to breach the church I decided to put my gun down and end the violence once and for all. I was told to come in the church and close the door. They said if the door was opened that I would be executed. Then just as we were getting ready to end the hostilities my men opened the door and I was killed. As for the BadRP accusation that was all done by randoms and @PsiSyndicate's stream-snipers. No one in New Moon, Kamenici, or the Saviors did any BadRP. As for the reason for initiation it was because you ran and because I recognized you from the Stary fight I can pull up your video of the past violent action where you shot at me and killed New Moons leader if you have forgotten @PsiSyndicate. As an explanation for my kills @keibancz: You ran into an active firefight and started looting bodies. I then initiated on you and told you to put your hands up and you ran away, i told you to stop running and you kept going. Then you came back and someone else initiated on you. Then Psisyndicate initiated on you. You ran inside the church then came out I recognized you from when i initiated on you because of your UN helmet and shot you for running from before. Comply next time and you will not be killed. @BrandonTower: You walked into an active firefight by stream sniping @PsiSyndicate and said in game "what's up roleplayers". Probably against better judgment I put him down, but at that point we were all tired of the constant barrage of randoms saying shit OOC and I contributed to the cure for cancer. I do have a video from a 5 min geforce save of me killing him. Edit: in my video you literally hear someone say "that guy reminded me of someone who would moderate a chat or something". Our groups are not the cause for BadRP your stream is.
  7. Pepe Jones

    S1, Stary Sobor RDM/BadRP 10-25-18 02:15

    Arvid POV I was standing outside the door when the OP was locked in and I started to auction her off at the request of someone else. Suddenly the OP magdumps through the door and kills one as well and hits several people. If you were trying to unlock the door you wouldn't spray every bullet you had in your mag. This was blatant attempted mas-kos. As for the other report, you ran into an active firefight and started looting bodies. I then initiated on you and told you to put your hands up and you ran away, i told you to stop running and you kept going. Then you came back and someone else initiated on you. Then Psisyndicate initiated on you. You ran inside the church then came out I recognized you from when i initiated on you because of your UN helmet and shot you for running from before. I have no idea why you thought putting these reports up made any sense.
  8. Pepe Jones

    New Moon Media Thread

    Some one needs to [email protected] how to make a mute hot key, other then that my little bro made me proud.
  9. Pepe Jones

    This is odd

    Read the rules and close this stupid thread. Stop trying to remove content creators who will bring more people to a dying sever based of invalid reports. No one is on during the NA time zones, stop cunting my ability to play.
  10. Pepe Jones

    Spread out spawns

    Why spread out the spawns. I don't want to run an hour to get RP. This game now has a stamina system and no cars. Sorry but the triangle the only hub and spawns next to that is the only place that works.
  11. Pepe Jones

    New Moon Media Thread

    Figured as much lol. RIP @Nihoolious
  12. Pepe Jones

    Task Force Radio in the server

    I love never being able to talk OOC to my friends when no one is around. Stupid, don't.
  13. Pepe Jones

    Accents are kind of lame?

    To fish bio: How many American's can full on sound Russian your argument works both ways fish boi. Don't let me catch you talking shit again or you will get the belt. On whole topic: This is why accent arguments are retarded, they are a double edged sword. If one nationality can put on an accent then you can switch it right back. Calm down and talk to someone else if you don't like it.
  14. Pepe Jones

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    FUCK'N NEEEEEEEEW MOOOOOOON First Initiation and kill of the group goes to me btw @Hollows.
  15. Arvid Gustafsson is an amateur playwright and a professional drinker. Ever since Arvid was an adolescent he longed to create 60,000$ screenplays for the Norwegian Film Association. However, Arvid was met with several massive failures. His first script entitled The Sun Sets In The North was met with horrendous reviews, but Arvid was not one to quit. After Santa is dead and Jesus Killed him, Smoking For Kids, and Tim Allen, Man, Myth, Legend all bombed Arivd found himself in serious debt. Arvid began drinking very heavily and aged quickly. Just as Arvid hit rock bottom he was accosted by several younger men in black leather jackets. They claimed to be apart of a million dollar crab fishing empire and were in search for new employees. Arvid explained he was no fisherman and his only skill was with a quill. The crab men explained that was exactly what they were looking for. Arvid would be payed 60,000$ each month if he simply edited the books to make it seem as though the company was making less money then they actually were. Within seven minutes Arvid was on board. He began to rack in some serious cash and was living the good life in his house on the bank of a fjord. This went on for sometime until the taxmen started asking questions. Arvid unknowingly agreed to testify before a court of law on his business practices. As Arvid was walking to the courthouse he was shoved into a black land rover and taken to a small airstrip. Arvid was then boarded onto a plane and shipped to Chernarus. Once he arrived he was taken to a small safehouse and was instructed never to leave. Arvid was hesitant until he noticed the fridge was stocked with gin. Two weeks later the outbreak occurred. Arvid watched the carnage from his window with a bottle in his hand and a cigarette between his lips, until the ran out of food. Arvid stayed put and grew slimmer and slimmer as his hair grew. Just as he hit rock bottom suddenly a Chernarussian soldier burst through the door in need of a bookkeeper for an blood empire called New Moon. Arvid explained his only skill was with a quill, and Izaak Sirkov explained that's exactly what he was looking for. Arvid simply had to keep record of the amount of food eaten, bullets fired, and men killed. In exchange Arvid would be protected and kept drunk. Within seven minutes Arvid was on board.