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  1. Big scenes incoming Competition breeds excellence, the potential story arch between two powerhouses striving to achieve such important but possibly similar goals will lead us to a great piece of roleplay. That being said our history in the world of DayZRP is quite literally carved into the stones of Chernarus, I would not say i'm worried about being similar to CPG.
  2. Set it to active if possible, iv'e spoken to the current members and added another, a few were on holiday last time.
  3. Goals added, accidentally deleted them while editing the thread
  4. Something I just noticed. Jane Fowler isn't linked to a profile... >.> Yeah, we haven't found a member yet but being as she is part of the lore i thought we should put her in there anyway
  5. Made some changes to the group thread, some new graphics incoming but for now, changed the general media sort of stuff that people had a problem with!
  6. Pretty much stated above man.. It's kinda a direct copy from the show, change some stuff up and you should be good! I'll start looking at it and change some stuff, i really really want to keep the name because it is literally the REAL name before the show, i can change the graphics and music and such, but the name is literally history
  7. Ive took the time to put a line through the unnecessary. quote was taken from this original idea also another one what u think it is I guess we just play the waiting game until someone wants to play a drug kingpin and rip off Breaking Bad. If I were you and you wanted to do this sort of role play, come up with something original. I think it was Oscar Wilde that once said: Be yourself; everyone else is taken. Why not come up with something that is original and will get people appreciating the idea, surely before posting this you must have known people would pull you up for this. I have no doubt that you and whoever will be in the group together could come up with something original and better than this idea. Something new and fresh. good luck I suppose. I think the thing that gets on my nerves is RP is supposed to be there to play as someone you aren't in life, and if that person is a character or person that inspires you then why not "RIP OFF" the idea? The whole epilogue is my own text, so i don't see the problem there, the music and images or such are just to sort of add to the feel that we know who we are trying to be. Since when should RP be limited if it is not direct copyright, it's supposed to be a place where you can be who you want, hence why i tried to work with the loremasters before hand. May i remind that there is literally a guy on the server playing Alfie Solomons, 100% as his personality and nobody bats an eye?
  8. When I approached the loremasters before releasing the group (got no replies until a friend helped me approach Fox) I was hoping to understand how close to the original series i could get. I never denied that how close I am being as realistically i did want to have that of the Peaky Blinders. But let's clear some things out: The uniform was the very noticable thing of the REAL Peaky Blinders, i will obviously limit it to how modern clothing is and how much clothing SA offers. What is the harm in using the font and music? It brings a certain feel to the thread and people know what to expect, if they have watched the show i'm sure they would be actually pretty hyped. I changed the name from Shelby to Fowler because Fowler is one of the surnames of the notable members of the REAL gang, again. Character pages can be solved, we did have real gang photos lined up however we thought we would rock the images of those who inspired us originally.
  9. Teamspeak is all setup so feel free to come in if you have any questions or want to apply !
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