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  1. Azimo

    Chernarus Winter Map

    +1 Looks great and runs great!
  2. Ashley Wright was a Sniper in the British Army, after doing a tour in Afghanistan and 2 tours in Iraq, Ashley and his Brother Matthew left the army due to all the bullshit surrounding the wars and felt like they were always helping line someone else's pockets, So they decided to join a private mercenary group where they could start to line their own pockets instead of the government's, Most of their work was either Extraction, Assassination or Smuggling they didn't really mind as long as they got paid, Ashley’s moral compass was always trying to lean towards helping others but if the money's good it's hard to turn it down. Ashley arrived in Chernarus with his brother and the rest his companions on a mission to extract the daughter of a very wealthy businessman from Scotland, His daughter (Skye) had been kidnapped while shes was on holiday by Sex traffickers and sold to a nasty Russian Oil baron by the name of Yuri Dorkovsky, The Intel arrived that he had her and many other girls at his place in Chernarus. Once they arrived they found Yuri Dorkovsky and his heavily guarded compound, We scouted it out for a few hours before noticing some very strange behaviour from some of his guards, It seemed to be that a man was trying to eat another man, without hesitation we went into the compound at full force taking down multiple guards once arriving inside it seemed like there was more of these Infected people most of them the young girls that had been Kidnapped, We lost 2 of our own men inside before finding Skye, She looked very unwell but we continue with the extraction. Once we reached the beach in the south to get the hell out of Chernarus we were stopped but a very large group of military men, They were very Hostile saying nobody is leaving this place and this is the last boat out of here, Once they set eyes on Skye in the back of the car they knew she was infected they fired into the car killing Skye, Whilst we tried to fight back there was just to many of them so we made a tactical retreat. After seeing them sail off with on the last boat he knew we would have to hunker down and survive by any means possible in this place we now call home.
  3. Azimo

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    >Joined Jan 2015 *already has a the staff stereotyped* riiiiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhtttttttt I was not stereotyping anyone, just saying if they go ahead with the re-do whitelist idea then it shows that they don't really care what the people want, as the majority of people have claimed they don't want to do the whole thing again. As suggested before questions on the lore is fine just the whole thing seems abit over the top.
  4. Azimo

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    Wouldn't be surprised, shows how much they care about the opinions of the community!!
  5. I didn't mean it as in I just blurt out everything, I just mean I say "I'm Phillip, I came here from Svetlo, What about you?" They'd just ignore me and walk away. I I just try to ask them something, they won't tell me and keep insisting that they have to go and get gear. I'm mainly around Cherno, and everyone I meet doesn't want to RP and they just want to go to Balota to get gear. It's just a little annoying that I joined DayZRP to RP, and most people don't even seem to make a character, just play as themselves and make up random shite. My point is I havent seen much RP in DayZRP so far, but I hope to see more soon. As Joe has just said, the Cherno area is not a good place to RP at all, lots of bad RP and alot of people around that area have recently just spawned. I suggest moving up to Zelen and take it from there
  6. Azimo

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    This. I was staff for over a year, got MVP, donated over 200 euros. I made the mod what it was with help from other talented people and kept this community alive long enough for us to grow again. I have NEVER been banned for an IG offense and only ever recieved warning points once. Yet for some reason you don't trust me enough to play here anymore? That is insulting, despicable and genuinely offensive. If you want everyone to be agreed on following lore that is one thing (make everyone take only the 5 lore questions) but to redo the ENTIRE whitelist? Thereby stopping them playing for likely days if not weeks? fuck that. I will lose all faith in staff + rolles ability to make any good decisions, I will leave properly. I will not be a part of a community that is actively hostile and against it's community. The same community that is the entire reason it exists and is popular. Rolle, if you want this place to get better, grow, be good. I would suggest actually listening and not brushing off people like usual. It will hurt you greatly. I have to agree completely with Tam here, If making current whitelisted members re-do it, is a total lack of respect to the players and a respect for their opinions. The majority of members that have posted on this thread have shown massive displeasure and distress of doing the whitelist process again. 5 questions on the lore brilliant idea, and would freshen it up, but not the whole thing this is just terrible. In my Opinion if this re-do whitelist thing comes in, it really shows that the community's voice and opinions are completely worthless.
  7. Azimo

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    The idea of refreshing the whitelist process is fine, BUT getting everyone who is already white listed to do it again, is a TERRIBLE idea.
  8. The same as Erik I don't really have much to say, I was one of the guys in the woods that initiated on Roy, we then move him to a house that we have agreed to meet at. Once at the house I was outside with a few others taking care of waves of infected, So I did not hear everything that was said but could hear alot of abuse and swearing from Roy. There was no intention from anyone in our group to kill/execute Roy but from the bad mouthing and language i'm not surprised of the outcome. Sorry I don't really have much more than that and i think everything else has been covered.
  9. Hey, I am the guy who randomly got killed (by a glitch). We entered the military base as per norm, i went up stairs in the prison building started to loot abit of food and all of a sudden YOU ARE DEAD, Brilliant no gun shots or anything, i think the game must of lagged and through me off the top of the building or something. I then spawned in cherno started getting some food and drink then made my way up to where my friends were, as i was running i spoke to "Dax" over TS saying can i go back to my body as i just died to a glitch, when he replied saying no i couldn't go back i was around zelen at the time. My friends took some of the things that i had and we met around pogorevka, then they went back and whatever nick said happened, happened, i stayed in pogorevka not entering the radius my friends then returned and said the stuff they left had gone. So i have not broken any rules and neither have any of my friends not really sure why this even got posted but i guess he is just doing what he thinks is right, i have nothing to hide as i did nothing wrong. Just to add i only asked because i was sure when i singed up to DayZRP that was ok to go back to your body if the game glitches but i must of misread or something anyhow to harm done and no rules broken =) Cheers Ash
  10. Azimo

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey, Welcome look forward to seeing you around!!!
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