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  1. Thank you very much Terra. This is the type of explanation that I wanted. I'll make sure not to do the same mistake.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't recall saving my application. Took me about half an hour to make the application. Lots of efforts and thinking were put into it. Is there any way to retrieve your application?
  3. According to the person that read over my application, he himself thought that one of my statements about KOS was incorrect. Here is his response: "KOS is incorrect as you cannot seek revenge after 2 hours has passed" Now, according to the corresponding section in the rules, it states something quite similar. Here is the rule: You can take revenge for a hostile action taken against you for 2 hours from the time hostile action was taken, as long as it does not conflict with the other rules. I recall saying something VERY similar to that. I just simply want an explanation.
  4. Thank you sir, I will make sure to look closer and hopefully come across one.
  5. I haven't been playing much Dayz since the last patches so forgive me for my lack of knowledge. But I have one main question. What is going on with the M4's. I haven't been able to find one since the newer weapons were introduced to the game.
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