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    Stop following me

  2. Karolis

    Carry on the One Word Story thread

  3. Karolis

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  4. Karolis

    Black Skull Media Thread

    Not to mention the knife fight rp
  5. Karolis

    BeanZ WAR

  6. Karolis

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      Woah! A meme? You shouldn't have. 

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      yes... Gosh!

  7. Karolis

    From Voodoo to crashing out

    Take care
  8. Karolis

    Goodbye Moonmen...

    0/ my man
  9. Karolis

    War Stories? (Open Frequency)

  10. Karolis

    War Stories? (Open Frequency)

    *Archer laughs and presses his PTT button* "Geez... One guy ran into your "Settlement" and raised his gun against ten fucking people. Next thing we have is ten fucking hostages. Guess what. You cannot do shit." *Archer releases the PTT button but then presses it again since he has to add some stuff* "Not to mention I'm fairly new in the gang and I already can see that we're winning the fights without trying. So you might as well leave this frequency to real men." *Archer relaxes and starts to speak calmly* "I had some fun with Auxilium. I remember fighting atleast five guys alone when I had to save one of my trials. I shot all of them up one by one. Sadly the last one shot me straight into my belly. We got him later but the shit hurts like hell. The guys were actually copying our white armbands and tried to be bandits." *Laughs it off and releases the PTT waiting responses*
  11. Karolis

    Proposed Settlement Rule Change

    I find quantity < quality. Some of the factions may have the men but they clearly cannot hold a settlement since they have too many enemies and cannot fight back. They can relax because the rules are holding them tight. I don't think random groups will go around attack the settlement just to make a name for themselves. I've never seen that happen. I agree on the last part a little bit. If you don't agree to the people and cannot do anything because you're too weak and not because rules are holding you back. You might as well leave the place.
  12. Karolis

    Inside Manning

    I guess PVP is discouraged now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Though I don't think the ban wasn't needed. Inside man was, is and will be used. It's a great way to win.
  13. Karolis

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    idk u but u scary 10/10
  14. Karolis

    [Game] Rate the persons forum name above you.

  15. Karolis

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

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