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  1. MapleMooses

    Todd's Art Thread

  2. MapleMooses


  3. MapleMooses

    Proposed Settlement Rule Change

    I agree with your change in the 14.4 rule, it should have always been that way in my opinion. As for 14.3, I like your idea but I think it needs to be worked on a bit more.
  4. MapleMooses

    Technical Problems..

    I was on Windows 7 ( I loved it, still miss it) noticing none of my games were running as they should with my PC specs, but as soon as I updated to Windows 10, everything was running so smoothly!!!! Trust me, update! If you don't want to, do the following: - Update OS - Update Drivers - Clean PC (dust) - Use Malwarebytes - Check your PC temperatures by going into your BIOS or using programs like Speccy
  5. MapleMooses

    DayZ Crashing

    Have you fixed it? https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1274-uohk-5653 Follow this guide, it'll help a lot!
  6. MapleMooses

    Help - VR

    resident evil 7 tbh
  7. MapleMooses

    Help - VR

    So, this weekend I'm going to be buying a VR set, but I'm in a bit of a kerfuffle. I don't know what to get. It's either going to be PC VR or PS4 VR. If I get PS4 VR, I kinda need a PS4 - and if I get PC VR, I'll need a better graphics card (either gonna get a gtx 980 or gtx1070). I'm not sure which I should get! • PS4 Pro + VR Bundle = $1200 • PC VR (Vive or Rift, unsure....) + Graphics card = $1700 Any opinions?
  8. MapleMooses

    Hide Gif avatars.

    Yes please. The gifs always lag my shitty ass iPhone.
  9. MapleMooses

    Potentially violent protests this weekend

    Time for Canada to build our own wall.
  10. MapleMooses

    lack of general humor within the community.

    I'm tellin ya, SJW's are taking over.
  11. MapleMooses

    Rule Alteration: Whitelist Revokes for New Users

    Glad to see this.
  12. MapleMooses

    Rust group?

    Rust has one of the worst communities I've ever seen. Im down to play
  13. MapleMooses

    Radio chatter rules gone too far?

    When I was in staff, I couldn't find many people who liked the rule. But "it's a rule and we must enforce it, even if we don't like it". It just needs to be modified, not totally removed.
  14. MapleMooses

    Why is guides...

  15. MapleMooses