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  1. I agree with your change in the 14.4 rule, it should have always been that way in my opinion. As for 14.3, I like your idea but I think it needs to be worked on a bit more.
  2. I was on Windows 7 ( I loved it, still miss it) noticing none of my games were running as they should with my PC specs, but as soon as I updated to Windows 10, everything was running so smoothly!!!! Trust me, update! If you don't want to, do the following: - Update OS - Update Drivers - Clean PC (dust) - Use Malwarebytes - Check your PC temperatures by going into your BIOS or using programs like Speccy
  3. Have you fixed it? https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1274-uohk-5653 Follow this guide, it'll help a lot!

    1. Hebee



  5. So, this weekend I'm going to be buying a VR set, but I'm in a bit of a kerfuffle. I don't know what to get. It's either going to be PC VR or PS4 VR. If I get PS4 VR, I kinda need a PS4 - and if I get PC VR, I'll need a better graphics card (either gonna get a gtx 980 or gtx1070). I'm not sure which I should get! • PS4 Pro + VR Bundle = $1200 • PC VR (Vive or Rift, unsure....) + Graphics card = $1700 Any opinions?
  6. :ph34r:

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  7. Yes please. The gifs always lag my shitty ass iPhone.

    1. fat man here

      fat man here

      I am going to fucking drown you in syrup 

    2. fat man here

    1. fat man here

      fat man here


    2. fat man here

      fat man here

      Im going to deport you

    3. fat man here

      fat man here

      fght meh u lttle shet

    4. fat man here

      fat man here

      i do like some cunt ;) 

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