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  1. They clearly cared to the point where they thought enough was enough and so if they couldn't fix it they wouldn't stay. Not caring and giving up are 2 different things my dude It's not dying but it damn sure is wounded.
  2. This definitely, and especially now due to DayzRPs current state Nothing this low lol When people say shit like that it is honestly equivalent to climate change deniers Like stop it, there are problems we need to fix, stop pushing it aside and labeling it a low
  3. Lol Welcome bud, hope you find something nice here
  4. Pretty sure it reached over 100 at this point
  5. Just got rainbow six today, so sweet
  6. It's all up to what the staff does I'll try to be a bit positive and say you stay strong too... I guess
  7. Personally, the next couple of days will dictate if I stay in this community or not Also I would say that looking at this as positive is definitely a matter of perspective. My days are pretty nice when I wake up, but when I put my contacts on and check on the forums just to remember all this shit I get depressed again, so things need to happen to change that
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