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  1. Hi i am back after a long break so hows is everyone?
  2. Frank was born to a middle class family in Sunrise Florida he would have lived a normal life till he was 13 when he and his father and mother got in to a car crash his mother and father died but he survived even thought he damage and lost sight in his left eye he soon moved to Strasburg Pa to live with his uncle Thomas Carlson his uncle owned a hotel called the red Caboose inn and it where the cabooses was the room there was also a petting zoo store and restaurant there Frank would later get his job helping maintain the place. Frank enjoyed hunting and hiking and campaign in 2016 frank with a group of friends went on a trip to Chernaus when the outbreak started frank and his friends where trap in 2019 he is only member of his group still alive.
  3. Landon Ricci was born on January 1st, 1964 to Ashey and Angelo Ricci He was the youngest of three brother Thomas and Mario Ricci, Mario being the oldest thomas the second to last. His father was the son of an Italian immigrant, his father was born on the way to the States. His mother was a local teacher and his father ran a farm. Landon was the youngest child so, he wasnt expected to take over the farm when his father passed. Landon had a somewhat normal childhood, he was gifted a radio from his uncle on his 12th birthday one day he would discover a radio show called the james report it was a ran by a guy named James Lawson who was a Conspiracy Theorists. From then on he was hooked on buying books and what not, also researching and believing Conspiracy Theorists when he turned eighteen his father and the rest of his family was getting sick and tired of all the conspiracy theory shit, so they threw their son out after he interrupt a parade float that was UN themed at the Lancaster PA 4th of july parade. He would travel to New York City in hopes of finding a job, he didn't have much luck at first however. Then one day, a bomb went off at a local restaurant while a man was inside, Landon, thinking the pizza place would give him a job if he did, ran inside and saved the man. However, that man ended up being a local Capo and street boss of the Genovese crime family, Anthony Terrano. Anthony Terrano thanked him, and offered him a place as an associate to his crew, to which Landon accepted. Landon would accept, and continue working with Anthony up until his death, and afterwards with his son Brandon, Landon would work with the drugs in their operation, as Anthony and Brandon were traditional mobsters and who strayed away from the drug trade. Eventually, Brandon planned to go to Chernarus with the Consigliere to set up an arms deal with the Chernorussians, and Landon went with him. They were separated in the town of Novo when the outbreak began, and hasn't seen Brandon since.
  4. No knock off please i prefer the jersey to be blank http://shop.nhl.com/league/NHL/team/St._Louis_Blues/category/5036/browse/featuredproduct/1934943/partnerid/12724/source/ak1944nhl-shopzilla?sku=6256862
  5. Because i dint get why people are so repectfull for a man who was willig to such. A horrible act had that women died (thank god she didnt) he would be in jail right now.
  6. but he wasnt one that deserve respect either. he was a criminal that should have rotten in jail for what he did.
  7. ok but that dont excuse people saying rip HE WAS NOT A GOOD PERSON.
  8. Donating to charity DONT MAKE HIM A GOOD PERSON. https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/xxxtentacions-reported-victim-details-grim-pattern-of-abuse-in-testimony/
  9. Wasnt this the guy that beat a pregnant women to near death?
  10. plot twist is @Mademoiselle is really sal daughter.
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