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  1. Franco Cespedes

    Franco is a single child of a failed marriage. His father came from Chile to Canary Islands to marry a beautiful woman. When he was 12, his mother died in a horrible car accident, making him very sad. Franco became a computer nerd in his teen years. Becoming fat and with many pimples, he got barely any friends. After being bullied and crying everyday after school, he failed his grades. He was stuck without a job, living off his hard working dad. One day his father was tired of his idler boy and decided to do something. They both went on traveling around the world. One of these destinations was Chernarus. Franco's dad, Guillermo, was very interested in paranormal stuff. They wanted to visit the ruins of a castle with a story of ghosts. When they arrive to the South Zagoria place, they got lost in the woods. A bear attacked them, making them run for their lives. They got separated in dense forest. Lost and confused, Franco tries to find his dad. He will face a worse scenario he couldn't expect.
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