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  1. Will We Bounce Back?

    We never really bounced back from the last shit and then all this gets piled on top? Nah, people can sit here and claim it's gonna be all right, but it's not. Until staff actually steps up and does something to fix their mistakes instead of just waiting to perm people, then the community is dead. Simple as that and everyone knows it. Once all these people do themselves in, you are gonna be left with a select few and specalized group of roleplayers on the server who will only make it worse. I honestly hope the admin team is working on some sort of last ditch effort to save this community or it'll just continue to spiral at its current pace. And no, that fix is not a goddamn lore wipe. The time for that is over.
  2. Gamblers Media Thread

    I don't think we had someone on top of a building. Could be wrong though. Nice shooting though
  3. Premium

    All the ranks are based off the total amount you've donated. So you would only have to pay 80 to reach the higher rank.
  4. Best Video Game Cutscenes

    mhmm mhmm. Shit was great.
  5. Best Video Game Cutscenes

    Not really nice looking or fancy, just funny af. Love this game. Every scene Flynn is in is great, but these are the two best imo.
  6. Best Video Game Cutscenes

    Holy shit, that came out in 2010...? Fuck me.
  7. Gamblers Media Thread

    Twice now in a few days. Beanies are bullet proof.
  8. Gamblers Media Thread

    Just bouncing a sniper round and shit like that.
  9. Kicked for "invalid RP name". What?

    You have to have a legitimate first and last name. It also can't be the name of famous dudes.
  10. Failed Robberies Thread

    The dude screaming "SHOTS FIRED" as he's running away got me. lmao
  11. New Moon Media Thread

    Lol, looks legit. Too bad you haven't done that in like 4 or 5 days. Feelsbadman.
  12. Akrasia

    LMAO. I was thinking the same.
  13. Profile gif size

    Just gonna bump this real quick since we never really got an answer. @Rolle please.