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  1. MatthewFC

    Adjust persistence timers for some objects

    As the title says, I think that there are several items/objects that would benefit RP and base building if they were allowed to linger longer. Fireplaces, particularly upgraded ones (with stone and/or campfire tripods) Gas lamps Gas stoves Field transceivers I'm quite sure I'm forgetting some, but those items would seriously benefit from an increase on the despawn timer, maybe even to barrel levels of persistence. Along those lines, I always thought that corpses, both infected and not, can tell a story if allowed to remain longer. I have more doubts about the current technical feasibility of this, but maybe it could be looked into? So what do you think? Especially about the first part.
  2. MatthewFC

    S1: BadRP (TrollRP), No care for Hostage, RDM 2019/04/20 04:30

    I will give you guys one reply, then I'm going to sleep and I'm leaving this for Staff to decide. Having read your POVs, though, I am set on wanting to see a veredict for this report and thus, it will not be dropped. Your POV is full of convenient holes, as can be seen on the video. I pulled a gun? You had yours out the whole encounter. I only punched Frank after he had repeatedly ignored my request to respect my personal space and not feed me vodka or whatever he had on his hands. I avoided being tied a couple of times but I let you tie me up as a precaution because, your initiation being vague at best, and given your RP, I had ZERO faith you would hold your fire even if you had no kill rights. Can I ask you how forcing me to drink gasoline (and other vomit inducing substances) is "feeding" me? I don't know the current effects of gasoline on player health, but I'm pretty sure you would have killed me or nearly killed me with the amount you "fed" me ingame. Of course I couldn't run. You can see the state you left me on the video. I was your hostage, my life was in your hands, you didn't care. My actions throughout were completely in line and a normal response to an encounter with people whose few first actions consist on immediately making a stranger vomit through force feed. I was interested in RPing and approached you with that purpose. When one of the first things you do is force feeding me your Vodka without warning, and make my character vomit, of course you're gonna cause me to have second thoughts about pursuing RP with you people. Not to say that you constantly approached my character at point blank range, action that can only be interpreted as you trying to use other items on my character. It's only by the point that I punch you that I have abandoned all hope of having a normal RP session with you guys and I'm just trying to find a way to end the encounter without getting my character seriously maimed or killed. I never said I am Mayor of Severograd, and would not say it. I don't call myself anything but a citizen of the place, just another neighbor. And I was hospitable enough to a couple of strangers, given what you had done by the time you asked me to take you to "my house". You deliberately took off the suppressor and fired into the air. That was not a drunken decision, that was premeditated. Zombies respawn quickly, more so when new people enter a town. I had certainly killed all zombies within rifle-hearing distance only 10 minutes ago, but they obviously respawned. Again, given the status I was left in, I had no chance of making it anywhere, least of all your car. I depended on your protection, you completely disregarded that fact.
  3. MatthewFC

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Well, the report is still up and, who knows? It may even be ruled against me, but I'll at least say this: After dying yesterday to wolves (I hadn't experienced them since 1.0, didn't expect them to be so OP) I spent a lot of time obtaining my usual gear and getting back to Severograd. Because the standards for being on this server are so low that these characters are somehow valid, I ended up losing everything I was working up to, and the opportunity to RP with several people I have been meeting around the town. Those are hours I'm not getting back, and RP I'm gonna be missing on. If this scenario is a likely one to encounter nowadays, then it certainly isn't worth the effort to regear and come back again and again just to be flipping a coin on every encounter hoping that it will land on the side that grants me an opposite party that gives a damn about making the encounter enjoyable for both sides. BadRP won't disappear because we make the Whitelist process a bit more strict... but it can certainly be reduced, and we need that badly.
  4. MatthewFC

    S1: BadRP (TrollRP), No care for Hostage, RDM 2019/04/20 04:30

    Video added
  5. MatthewFC

    S1: BadRP (TrollRP), No care for Hostage, RDM 2019/04/20 04:30

    I can confirm I did, as I said on the report on the Suspect subsection. I rewatched the video as I'm uploading it and I'm gonna see that my POV is as exact as possible, so I'll add that in.
  6. MatthewFC

    S1: BadRP (TrollRP), No care for Hostage, RDM 2019/04/20 04:30

    Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-20 04:30 Your in game name: Matt Farenheit Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: 2 people with blue armbands. I punched one of the suspects. Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): They were driving on a Sedan Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: My characters is currently trying to keep a presence in Severograd. I had finished cleaning the infected from town when I see a sedan passing on the road, that also spots me and their occupants say hello. The sedan stops and Suspect A and Suspect B get down the vehicle and wave. After exchanging few words Suspect A takes a bottle of Vodka and keeps trying to force feed me the stuff, saying "drink with me" all the time. I realize a bit late and get feed that once, making me vomit, but afterwards I kept avoiding it. They mock me for vomiting and keep asking me where I live and trying to get me to take them to my house. As it becomes clearer and clearer that these people are just trolling, I try to bring the RP to more serious ground or end the encounter, but the suspects just keep trolling, Suspect A trying to feed me various stuff while Suspect B witnesses while holding his weapon. I get fed up by the constants violations of my personal space by Suspect A and punch him once, a punch that is later returned by the same suspect. When they realize I'm not just going to stay still they start dropping borderline initiations (orders without clear consequence for disobedience). I grow more and more pissed by this pathetic situation, and as the situation grows more hostile, I pull my gun and they ask me to put it down, while not stating any consequences except casually raising their weapons and making a countdown. I decide to treat it as an initiation although it was so vague that it may be ruled invalid, and comply. As their hostage, I allow Suspect B to tie me up but show considerable resistance to their continued trolly attempts at feeding me emetics, now by Suspect B while Suspect A assists blocking my movement. Meanwhile they rummage through my stuff, continuing to try to get more reactions out of me, until Suspect A of them takes my pistol, removes the suppressor, and shots several times in the air. As he does this, I am fed fuel from a gas can repeatedly by Suspect B, making me get locked in a repeated vomit animation, as zombies swarm and they deliberately scram, Suspect A saying "We gotta get outta here Matthew, we gotta get out of here", leaving me defenseless, tied up and vomiting, to die by the merciless horde. I am very worried that these people may be in the server to troll and cause damage and, having a vehicle, are actively going around the map looking for opportunities to do so.
  7. MatthewFC

    On the hunt

    Deer are elusive, timid animals, so you have to sharpen your ears and quietly approach the target... If any of you is on final warning, you might get a heart attack as well
  8. MatthewFC

    False Report?

    First of all: not a friend of Dusty's... or anybody's friend for that matter. I have to start with this because chances are the first thing people are going to check on this thread is who is whose's friend when making a post, and not the validity of the arguments. That said, the False report verdict looks completely uncalled for, and easily lends itself to the usual "staff bias" claims... and sadly there's ground for that, because very rarely an exonerating report carries enough evidence of bad faith from the OP to get them a False report ruling. I'll elaborate: The kill was contentious, there was plenty of room for doubt and there was a credible basis for the user to believe, being the victim of said kill, that it wasn't completely within the rules. Immediately assuming the accusation was made in bad faith because Staff ruled that, within a tiny margin, the kill may have been legit, is outrageous. Labeling such reports as false would necessarily deter many other users from making reports, more so against presumably "well connected" people, and increase distrust against Staff. You might as well rule all reports that don't end up with the accused punished as "false reports" and deal the OP of each one of them a banstrike. Do reconsider. PS: To friends and supporters of Dusty... don't cheapen the thread with useless funerary posts. Make arguments, don't paranoically point fingers at the looming shadows.
  9. MatthewFC

    Second server and automatic locking

    I think its a good idea if you give a little thought to its implementation. I'm no programmer, but a general idea of what I think would be a good implementation is as follows: Server 2 opens if Server 1 is 90% or more full. Server 2 closes (but people within aren't kicked) if server 1 is 80% or less full. Server 2 is closed and people within kicked if server 1 + server 2 population is less than server 1 max population. Server 2 automated closure and kicking must have 5 min warnings that get aborted and reset should the conditions above cease to be fulfilled. That would be, IMHO, a fair schedule that would not be too obstructive and allow for population shifts above the capacity of a single server without rigidly prioritizing server 1, should server 2 get more pop ocassionally.
  10. MatthewFC

    Expand Inventory Containers

    With the current expanded inventory space since 1.0, I'm having very little trouble carrying all I need, and then some. I would only support this if the expanded storage containers were limited to containing some type of items, as they were before. This would mean only medical supplies for the First Aid Kit and ammo for the Ammo box. But I don't know about Protector cases and Cooking pots: Cooking pots already have uses outside of storage that compensate for the space they take (as a matter of fact, they have or had too many uses), and Protector cases should... protect the items inside them? I always thought items contained within Protector cases should be safer from getting damaged and matches not get wet inside them, but I'm never sure their implementation does any of these well... And I would loathe storage containers of any type being used to ICly "hide" armament.
  11. MatthewFC

    Combat Logging Rule

    I personally find it pretty discouraging that, if I were to be initiated close to logging off for the session (as I have been so many times), I would be forced not only to provide RP to the aggressors past my intended logging off time, but also be forced to stay for a further 30 minutes logged in, all because of factors beyond my control, just to be a puppet for the fun of someone that more often than not doesn't care about my own fun beyond the point the rules require them to care for. At that point, it's stops being fun anymore... If you're not playing a vindictive character, and if the aggressor party does the usual (which is staying waaay clear of you for 30 minutes until they can log off safely themselves), the situation reaches a point where your continuos required presence is just bureaucracy, an unnecessary tick on a metaphysical box that benefits nobody, only on the off chance more RP may come from this. More often than not, the only RP that comes from this is from the initiative of the person that is forced to stay, and following the same philosophy you might as well force people to stay for any reason because of any RP that may come from staying longer, or punish them if they don't. That would be a shitty way to conduct server business. The same way requiring the victims to stay is, currently.
  12. MatthewFC

    Zombie Re-vamp and events suggestion ?

    I am very wary about how "custom zombie" types may affect the game, as I believe many implementations may run too close to having "special infected" Left 4 dead style. That would be far too cartoony for immersion, IMO. The possibility to add custom zombie variations tastefully exists, but I believe that with limited tools and time, and the potential for controversy any "special infected" may create, I'd rather have those resources spent elsewhere.
  13. MatthewFC

    Walking Dead Zombies

    I can plainly see that everyone has their own take on how the infected should behave, or if there should be infected at all. Now for my own I'd say: Make the infected slow. Make the infected much harder to kill without headshots. My own take for this would be that fatal damage to the rest of the infected may still drop them to a crawling and slower stance and, with even more damage, eventually kill them, but it would be far more efficient to just headshot them. Have many more spawns for infected. 3 to 5 times the current amount should be good. Have infected corpses be persistent for a long time or until restart. This is one of the things I miss the most about my DayZ mod days: persistent corpses tell a story! Have the infected's respawn rate greatly reduced or nullified until restart. I think that the most annoying part about the current implementation of infected, and thus the least fun, is that when you're spotted you don't stand much of a chance escaping them without some convoluted plan involving closing doors, jumping fences and plenty of stamina: If you get spotted you will most likely have to dispose of them. Having them slow and sturdy, difficult to deal with in hordes but leaving open the possibility of fleeing them or standing your ground and clearing them out of an area would be great, IMO. Lastly, I wanted to say that I'd have serious qualms about the total removal of infected, because PvE takes a significant part of my character's development. To have the world pretty much empty, both literally and figuratively (of purpose) until you encounter a player, would be a game breaker for me and many more I believe.
  14. MatthewFC

    Since when? (NVFL Discussion)

    So, the plan was: climbing the tower jumping onto one of the rails of said tower running on top of said rail towards the factory jumping again and land on top of said factory (Correct me if you're certain that I'm wrong) And, because step no. 2 failed some people are claiming "it was a glitch"? No it wasn't. Being able to balance yourself on top of the rail is the glitch. The Chernarus map was made originally keeping in mind inhabitants that could only vault, never jump. Now that we just recently gained more classic FPS jumping abilities, a lot of slim surfaces that would realistically offer little to no support can be walked on after being jump onto, like chain-link fence or said rail. It's maybe a minor exploit, a glitch, ultimately unintended by the game devs but who knows, maybe they'll never spend the resources to fix them. I'd consider that not being able to pull this stunt off is the rule, not the exception. It's sad that in this particular time it means someone is permabanned, but I see a lot of substance in the NVFL ruling.
  15. MatthewFC

    New rules draft

    Some people back then in 2015/16 ended up naturalizing this kind of behavior. It went from... to... every. single. time. Do be careful if you plan to go down this road: your workaround nowadays may amount to a violation of rule 3.3. Additionally, it was always the same people that came up with petty excuses to "remember" and, thus, perpetuate hostilities. All I'm saying is that we might find that the threshold for tolerance Staff had for this kind of petty behavior back then was much higher than the one Staff has right now. No one will know for certain until people try...
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