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  1. MatthewFC

    Return both servers to 80 pop.

    First of all, it would be great if, rather than assuming this is correct (as was the case with the newly added ping cap that was supposed to solve stability issues but didn't), we first try reducing the server pop limit and check if that actually improves the situation? Second, my own suggestions for improvement if persistent items are the ultimate cause: Drastically reduce the amount of storage items available Eliminate or severely limit craftable storage options (maybe you need a blueprint, maybe you need several times the current amount of materials, maybe they can't contain as much anymore) Eliminate the persistence of Protection cases and Ammo boxes, which are persistent for no real reason. Completely eliminate buriable stashes, or have them become non-persistent. Have base structures persistence limited to 7 days unless interacted with, much like barrels. Interaction can be as simple as adding building materials and then removing them.
  2. MatthewFC

    Server Cap and Car Drive-ability

    But it's not only cars. Characters tend to stutter and warp more and more when the server is above 80 players. And not occasionally, but all the time. As a RPer that doesn't PVP that much, it looks bad and affects the presentation of the game, the interactions within, and the quality of any material that may be derived from it. I can only imagine what the stance of a more hostile player is on players warping around and not seeing enemies getting out of cover for that vital half a second where they kill you. I just don't see how 10 to 15 less players would make the servers "a barren wasteland".
  3. MatthewFC

    Server Cap and Car Drive-ability

    It's also a matter of how DayZRP wishes to present itself to the world. Would you rather have a server where people warps around, stuttering all over the place, and cars are deathtraps? All of this while there are available servers where nothing of this happens because they respect or at least keep nearer to the recommended limits set by the developers? To tell you the truth, any action that happens within the server looks bad, stuttery and glitchy. Just check any stream while the server is at full capacity. A lower cap, and I mean around 80-70 players max, would do wonders. Much more than the ping limit ever did, I can assure you that. With those numbers I can imagine even pedestrians take off upon collision with any world objects...
  4. MatthewFC

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    I guess I feel honored? I do have to ask what caused such enmity from your side to be willing to destroy the compound as a group objective? You'd understand that it gets unreal when ICly you get attacked with deadly force by multiple parties that you don't remember wronging or even meeting, even less to the point that we're part of your unofficial group's objective list.
  5. MatthewFC

    Severograd Compound Is Now Open [Open Freq]

    *Matthew takes his radio, presses the PTT, and after a prolonged silence, interrupted only by a deep sigh, he talks* I'm amazed. You see a good thing and you have to ruin it. How long do you think the place is gonna last with gates open and everyone taking everything that isn't nailed down? How many charitable souls will keep it alive, will keep the fields sown and the water plentiful? Who will rebuild the walls when they fall in disrepair? What purpose will those very same walls serve if there are no gates to complete them?? Also, I don't know who do you think you're threatening as the only voice from the Safehouse in this radio channel has been me. *Changes his tone to a more conciliatory one* ...Maybe I'm being too harsh, maybe you just don't understand... We have to deal with problems and violence like anyone else. The gates have to be closed because of that, but we still offer a hand to most who asked, as long as they kept polite. As long as we keep strong we can continue helping, and let humanity flourish again in Severograd. *Takes a deep breath and continues on a more monotone, but still full of conviction, voice* Please don't hurt good people, and don't prevent us from helping out the very same people that you claim to be aiding yourself. That's all I ask. This is Matthew, the founder of the Safehouse. And I hope I can someday extend my hand to you as well. *The transmission concludes*
  6. MatthewFC

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    No. I spend between 3 to 10 hours almost everyday at my dynamic's base and it's a hub of literally non-stop RP with multiple groups and individuals interested in interaction, alliances, trades, basic food and shelter, tours, threats, and the like. By creating our base we have built a setting that promotes RP up to a unbelievable point, and, to be honest, the only time RP actually stops is when people initiate on the compound and we have to defend the walls. There is certainly a stockpile of resources behind the walls, but to say that a base's only purpose is gear whoring... you're missing the point completely. I'm fine with base mechanics as they are, just allowing any freshspawn to grab a tool and leave holes in the exterior walls is asinine. As soon as gatelocks work I'd be glad to implement them in all of my gates and avoid wire manipulation as AOGM. But, meanwhile, it makes perfect sense to lock the gates for RP purposes and we do so in the only way that currently works. There are still multiple ways to raid us, we just don't want one of them to be *opens unlocked gate -> proceeds to raid*.
  7. MatthewFC

    Ping limit and those left behind

    Been sitting here watching the entire thing. 99% of the times the ping reports are under 200, but it would occasionally dip to 800+ for a single report and go back under 200 for the next, just like this: Reply from bytes=32 time=187ms TTL=113 Reply from bytes=32 time=807ms TTL=113 Reply from bytes=32 time=188ms TTL=113 I made a more real world scenario test afterwards, with me watching Youtube on my cellphone and browsing the web randomly while it ran: Pretty much had the same results, only that the average was raised and the max usual ping (if we exclude the 1 report dips) were <250 rather than <200.
  8. MatthewFC

    Ping limit and those left behind

    I had not seen that thread, so thanks for the link. I hope everyone that is getting trouble with the current server settings voice their issues and, at the very least, we can settle on more inclusive settings. I hate being treated as if I am part of the trouble. @Roland I think lots of changes like 80 players servers instead of 100 and a server wipe have benefited server stability, so keep that in mind before you pin all the credit into keeping part of your community out.
  9. MatthewFC

    Ping limit and those left behind

    I'm trying to get into the server to play with the friends I made IC and failing at it, getting kicked while in queue for impossible high pings, and I've just read this response, that I felt was as tone deaf as it gets, and I'm baffled and somewhat angry. Lets gets this straight: Many good RPers and longstanding members of the community have been prevented from playing or been subject to random RP-interrupting server kicks since the last patch because of some change in how the server treats high ping. Certainly something changed because, well, we were allowed here before... I'll link a few complaints (I cant figure out how to link to single status updates): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/11461-para/content/?type=core_statuses_status&change_section=1 https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/26180-watchman/content/?type=core_statuses_status&change_section=1 https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/11704-phoenix/content/?type=core_statuses_status&change_section=1 I can only go into detail with my particular case: I live in Argentina. My ping with the server, which keep in mind I cannot check live because DayZ doesn't allow that, should be a more or less stable 250, even less usually. Nowadays I'm getting kicked from what I assume are lag spikes of 750-1000ms ping. And I can't for the life of me blame my connection. Check for yourselves, this is a test of my connection with a server in the NY area: https://www.meter.net/ping-test/201921-145838-a6ba.html I don't have the tools to figure out the cause of my kicks. Maybe long server queues cause lag to people like me, maybe I am subject to lag spikes that I didn't know of, maybe I am not. I have watched streams of people interacting with me IG, there has not been a problem. Voice communication is better than ever (invested on a new mic today just for that), movement is fluid, even the most minimal gestures like nodding are perfectly delivered to the people I interact with. I certainly cannot believe I, and other people like me, were the root of all server instability, but I guess we're a handy scapegoat. I've invested a lot of time on this community, even money, and I wanted to see my story develop, but apparently I'm not welcome here anymore. So... Please fix this? Either increase the server's tolerance for lag spikes, the server tolerance for ping in general, or just go back to how it was... So me and many others can go back to RPing like usual.
  10. MatthewFC

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    I understand but keep in mind that, just as I mentioned above, there have been unreported cases. People know that without a rule to justify a report they may as well be wasting time reporting or, even worse, be hit themselves with a false report, having to tolerate arguments like "why did't you ask OOC for the RP to stop?" or "you could always just leave the area". In other words, there will be no rulebreak to report if it's not a rulebreak.
  11. MatthewFC

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Without a rule, the current Staff would most likely enforce a "don't commit rape onto an unwilling player" rule, but they wouldn't enforce a "don't commit rape with unwilling bystanders" rule. If some people would come to my camp, get themselves in a room and play out this kind of RP, it would most certainly disrupt everyone else's RP, and most people's stomachs. I am more comfortable if we have the rule, and I think most of the community agreed.
  12. MatthewFC

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Sorry for the Necro, but I thought this rule was already implemented. It's not like with time it has proved not to be needed: I was just informed of a member of my dynamic that got unwillingly involved in a RP rape situation and had no recourse because the rule is not up. @Roland was there any reason that this wasn't implemented after a majority pretty much agreed to, or was this just forgotten?
  13. MatthewFC

    Next server wipe

    Hello there. There has been a lot of talk and expectation about next server wipe, engendering quite a lot of speculation as well, so I have a few questions you might be able to clarify the situation with: A server wipe is still planed, right? If so, when? If there's not a set date, then what's the holdup? Will characters be wiped alongside the map? Will we get a warning as we used to get 24 hs before the wipe? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  14. MatthewFC

    DayZ Update Thread

    Well, I understand the possible benefits, but given the hours of work that it takes to build something sizeable, I rather don't want to see buildings wiped.
  15. MatthewFC

    DayZ Update Thread

    Just one question: how are our odds of keeping existing bases after the update? I'm mostly concerned about walls & towers, not much about storage, because the former are way harder to build back.
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