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  1. MatthewFC

    Remove the 3 character limit

    There's a sizable gap between the moment a user is abusing their rights and the moment there's enough evidence going around that said user is abusing their rights, if said evidence is ever accumulated and gathered. Sadly, all suggestions that include "lets us do as we please and just punish the abusers!" hinge on having people that go around gathering evidence like they were... well, snakes, and no one likes to be the snake. There's a stigma about it, and no one on their right mind will risk getting the hate of sizable portions of the community by investing the time and effort it takes to show someone is infringing on unwritten rules that might not be enforced by Staff. People just don't do that. Thus, keeping a hard limit is desirable. It doesn't HAVE to be 3 characters like it is now, but I'd rather have that than none at all.
  2. MatthewFC

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @GeneralTortillas & @Ruan Thanks for the tour and the clear effort you put on the whole endeavour. I don't know or care much if everything you said was correct lore-wise, but it certainly gave me the impression of being an actual tour and was very immersive. It's hard sometimes to get someone to be interested in an activity such as yours but you managed perfectly, and the fact that you kept it up for as long as you did with such professionalism makes me giving you a shout-out here, the least I can do to repay the effort. Keep it up!
  3. MatthewFC

    A doctor for Lopatino

    Leaning his back against the derelict, half destroyed remains of a barn, Matthew gets fed up of just listening and interjects, pressing down on his handset's PTT: *Settlements started by the violent will be run on violence and will end likewise. For them it's like starting a fire in order to attract moths: all you'll do by aiding them in their endeavors is fueling the flames with your own blood and flesh. And, in the end, they will leave like they always do, they will move on, they'll blame everyone else on their failure, and all your sacrifices will be for naught. Will you be able to pick up your own charred corpse from the ashes after they dump it all away? Stop daydreaming, they'll see your losses and they won't care.* Matthew takes a breath and continues slowly... *Because it wasn't a failure for them if they got to see the pretty lights.* Matthew releases the PTT and stows his radio away, separating himself from the building and jogging away.
  4. MatthewFC

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Is that the King of Hobos we found taking shelter under a bridge one day? The one that, that same day, died of exposure to the elements?
  5. MatthewFC

    Events "Protection"

    Mac, I didn't vote. I don't vote. I read the forums a lot. I have many ingame hours every week. I consider myself a member of the "active" community, as much of a lurker as I am. But, as stated before, polls are meaningless. It's a known fact that the forums aren't a democracy. So, most of the times I see a poll, I just skip to the results without voting. Pushing forth that the result of any poll reflects the views of the community is, IMHO, quite invalid. Yes, as invalid as saying that whoever PMs Rolle represents any kind of majority as well. You're better off giving valid arguments for or against any point you want to argue in order to convince @Rolle, rather than trying to pull numbers against arguments. Try it, he's a reasonable guy. PS: I feel like Dr Evil, using quotations like that...
  6. MatthewFC

    Our Home of Severograd [Open Freq.]

    Matthew takes the radio and stares directly at it for a few seconds. His face full of loathing for the darned apparatus, he finally presses down on the PTT, saying in a clear, soft voice: "I'm going Quinn, hold it together alright?" Releasing the PTT, he lets the hand holding the radio drop to his side and holds his brow with a few fingers from the other hand. After a small pause, he brings the radio back to his mouth presses down on the PTT, now with a harsher voice. "Congratulations Niall, yet again you have made the girl take the punches meant for you. You twisted manipulative fuck." "And to whoever has done this, what did you expect to achieve by putting down a powerless girl enamored with an empty title, huh? It's useless, even if I explained you wouldn't understand..." Matthew releases the PTT and throws the radio aside, knowing it will just be dead weight and useless noise on his way to her...
  7. MatthewFC

    Group limits.

    The Good guy/Bad guy... let's call them "categories" you propose, are ultimately labels. Much like the old bandit/hero labels, or PVP/campfire RPers that came after, they lack representation of the fluidity that actual RPers have with their characters and are used more to discriminate between subsets of people that disparage their perceived adversaries with them. I wouldn't use any of those labels them as part of official policy, ever. Now, enforcing actual adherence to group goals... that's an idea I can get 100% behind. If you wanna balance something, balance group goals by making sure that: Approved groups stick to group goals Approved groups keep group goals updated The combo of all approved group goals doesn't create problems on a global scale So you already stealth-implemented this suggestion of mine: Now you wanna implement this suggestion: Is it like my birthday or something? Have I become the shadowy overlord of DayZRP without actually realizing it? ... Do you want me as Staff?
  8. MatthewFC

    S1 - Not valuing hostage life / Kabanino - 12/20/2017

    All the videos you wanted as requested over PM. Enjoy my cringe-tier RP?
  9. MatthewFC

    How to play DayZ in Borderless Windowed Mode

    Thanks for the answers. I always consider windowed mode for games quite annoying, but in a pinch this might have some uses.
  10. MatthewFC

    How to play DayZ in Borderless Windowed Mode

    Just as a question, what are the advantages of doing this over playing DayZ fullscreen?
  11. MatthewFC

    S1 - Not valuing hostage life / Kabanino - 12/20/2017

    I understand you mean no harm by asking for this, but is it absolutely necessary? I compressed and uploaded over 1GB of video already, but the remaining clips are over 6GB in size. I will have to compress multiple clips for a while, which prevents me from using my PC for most other stuff. Afterwards, I will have to leave my PC uploading those clips for a long time. This last part prevents me from doing most other stuff that involves using my internet connection, including most gaming. Even if I upload on my off time, which is when I'm sleeping, I have to leave my power hungry and not entirely silent PC on my bedroom uploading all the while on a very hot summer day while I sleep with no AC. Maybe on your country upload speeds are great and it's just a matter of half an hour, but for me it can be a tiring process that takes half a night. Thus, I am effectively being punished for having recorded evidence and being honest about doing so, and as I said before, the remaining footage is evidence on nothing. No user involved on this report has claimed any rulebreaks have been committed after the kills. I am giving you my word, I can detect no real rulebreaks on the videos themselves for you to find, by me, Quinn or anyone else, except for a couple of seconds of bad RP from David for which I can give him the benefit of the doubt (looked like he's smelling the corpse, but then maybe he was badly roleplaying himself crying over it). I'm being honest and, if the videos had any bearing to them, I'd take the time and effort and upload them as I have done in the past. If you convince me how this is necessary... or at least get someone outranking you to ask me to do it anyways in the spirit of forum harmony or whatever, I may do it. But to do it just because, when I know there's nothing to be found there, in order to do little more than satisfy your curiosity... I have to defend my time, I have to say no.
  12. MatthewFC

    S1 - Not valuing hostage life / Kabanino - 12/20/2017

    My POV, and a summary of the situation as clear as possible so Staff can make sense of everything without wading through everyone else's POV. Me (Matthew) and @Lady In Blue (Quinn) were on a dynamic together, passing through Kabanino as we were traveling from Vybor to Stary. Before entering Kabanino proper we find on the road a couple of guys, seemingly it was @Gizch (Enzo) and @David Crump (David). Quinn acts all shy around them, having been recently tortured and distrustful of strangers, and my character keeps on the defensive but they seem not to mind and let us pass without incident. On the East side of Kab, we find another bunch of people, those being @Dakota Neimeyer(Dakota), @PurifiedNoobs12 (Mike), @mrecksie(Jon) to which I start some small talk with. Quinn also reacts by being shy and cautious but quickly warms up to them, and we continue our conversation until Mike crashes, relogs, and then I crash. When I relog, as fully recorded, we were just continuing with our chat with these people we met by chance when some other people come by the same road we came in. It was the very people we saw before entering Kabanino, David and Enzo, plus their ally @DeluxeCores (Max). We didn't know this at the time but they had seemingly misunderstood and took me (or everyone, I don't know) as Quinn's kidnappers and formulated a plan to initiate on us. Dakota separates from the group and runs towards a house on the East. David's dynamic initiates on everyone, and as me, Quinn, Mike and Jon are fully complying, the initiators get shot by Dakota, who manages to kill Max and then disconnects. As Max dies, David seemingly panics and quickly dispatches Jon, Quinn and Mike, in that order. I believe I might have been spared only by chance and/or the ammo of his Glock. Afterwards, I keep IC lamenting the senseless slaughter and trying to find a balance between being a very pissed but still compliant character, as I don't trust the initiating party to be sound of mind enough not to decide to just dispose of me at the drop of a hat. I carefully make sure that every move I made is abundantly clear to my captors, that's why when I'm asked to drop my weapons I ask OOC permission to drop my hands first. I roleplay bandaging Quinn and dragging her to shelter all the while trying not to offend the initiators, explaining to the captors that Quinn had indeed been tortured but I wasn't the cause. I get permission to take my own stuff from the crime scene in order to protect Quinn (As I knew she won't perma for this) and take her bag with me. I have this recorded as well, but will post it only if absolutely necessary as it takes tons of time to compress and upload, and I rather avoid the hassle as there are no rulebreaks recorded there, except maybe unreport-worthy bad RP from David for a second or two... Video evidence: As you can see in the video, "the guy in white", Jon, never stands up and at most he's guilty of rotating while still having his hands up. Thus, all three are killed while being complaint. I believe the correct punishment for David would be Invalid kill x 3, and Dakota combat logs (IMHO the validity of his kill is likely but not certain), but it's your call from now on. No rulebreak was committed against me except maybe completely ruining the RP I expected to have, but that's it. Just in case, a clarification: I did not "purposefully" cut the video there, it was just the first time I pressed the Shadowplay keybind to record, thus it cuts there. There's nothing I'm trying to hide by the sudden cut, it's just how the video was recorded, that's it. As said before, the following parts are available in my PC but they contain next to nothing of substance.
  13. MatthewFC

    Make our own roleplay survival game?

    I know I risk getting a lot of flame for this reply, but is this even a legitimate suggestion? Building our own game? Unrealistic at best. DayZSA "churned and burned"? Hotly debatable, especially on a community that is still going forwards based on said game. So, yeah, answering the OP question... it probably is quite stupid to suggest it... But I'm not calling you stupid! just the act of suggesting this.
  14. MatthewFC

    My thoughts on Groups.. in general.

    From an historically encompassing point of view I get where this comes from. There have been several comments brewing for months, especially in the Status update section, which criticize a section of the community from avoiding hubs and/or hotspots or otherwise being hard to find. It also makes sense considering that it's only practical from a LM's PoV to have more people that actively participate in their events or that somehow perform actions that affect a good portion of the playerbase. But when you think why would a believable character want to stay away from that kind of interaction, that self-preservation instinct makes a lot of sense. Shit like this doesn't happen because the people behind the characters want to be assholes to other people that are looking for easy interaction, or because they want to make the LMs lives complicated. It makes sense that people would want to keep away from hubs because they are famously dangerous and past experiences dictate "I'm putting life and limb at risk just by being here". That's what a believable character that isn't actively looking for trouble would do. The people that avoid the hubs have been RPing the consequences of their IC interactions on said hubs for months on end, including the injuries in some cases, and now they're gonna get soft-punished for being some of the most hardcore immersion seekers on the server? Rather than trying to plan the Lore by forcing people to perform globally-meaningful actions in some specific manner, just as you said you don't want to, it would be better to make lore-meaningful events be like the weather that people have to take into account and plan around if they want to get anything done. That last bit is just IMHO, though. And, I know you are not one of [email protected], but to those people that see this as an opportunity to dictate to other groups how they should play while they get so pissed when others dare doing the same to them: How about we don't?
  15. MatthewFC

    Allow ability to make invalid demands without acting on them

    I'm not saying that I'm never going back, I'm saying that it forced me out at a time where it would have been significantly more entertaining and attained me far more interaction not to be under such a threat, thus it was an invalid demand that was detrimental to RP. Also, the "it's what my character would do" shit, as you call it... is something you should maybe think a bit more deeply about if you are serious about... well, RP.