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  1. Ima remember robbing his ass that’s for sure I got spotted in a mil, ended up grabbing around 5 zombies has to use my gun because I was stuck those 5 zombies turned into 150 and I ended up using all 4 mags for my 74u and 20 shotgun shells. Once they were all dead more spawned literally in front of my eyes got stuck in another building. Let’s say after the airfield and big military compound I ended up losing more than I gained due to the shit loot
  2. Don't get me wrong, zombies are great but 1 in the big city frames are shit and 2 you don't have the ammo or the weapons to defend yourself.
  3. Too many zombies not enough loot. If you intend to keep the same amount of infected because "lore reasons" then the loot should be upped too.
  4. Maps good Loots shit Too many zombies Fix the bottom two and the server will pop.
  5. Love bro, come back soon. Welcome @PhoenyxxRP, @TurkRP and @hAwkzyy
  6. So I have to commit NVFL to initiate on a group of 5 or more. Got it
  7. Met you In a field, surrounded me. One of you got the guys under control had a a nice chat. Look forward to more. Congrats on approval
  8. Graphics look fine boys. keep up the good work.
  9. On GD they ain't ready 12v50 when? Good luck lads
  10. That we do and people can walk in and out of that base any time they want, they could also get into those tents easily. We do not care about the gear you should be able to tell since most of Legion agree with removing base building. It's more like 3 gates locked then 2 gates but yeah. Largest base with the least built up wallks in a BIGGER area. We have 2 car tents 5 sea chests 5 barrels all of which stored into TWO tents. Yet, again, we are the ones asking for change. The other tents are for the people that come in and want stuff free to leave and take lmao. good try tho. #RemoveBaseBuildingSoPeopleCan'tHideFromTheirShitTalk
  11. So... gear is why you don’t want bases removed. Fair enough, thanks for your reasoning behind your answer.
  12. How will it hurt the server? We had more RP and more encounters before base building was implemented. Base building technically is still new and we did fine without it
  13. There was more roleplay when base building wasn't a thing. remove it.
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