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  1. WongRP

    for the world to hear

    *Artyom Pushes down the PTT* Why does everyone force you guys to go onto the radio and chat shit? *Releases PTT*
  2. WongRP

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Good luck with the group!
  3. WongRP

    Add more clothing

    This seems like the go to argument for staff and Rolle but the thing is...nobody else seems to be having problems with mods updating. We're missing out on a lot of good shit
  4. WongRP

    Testing a new map on S2

    Shouldn't hate on people attempting to do accent just means they're making some effort into actually roleplaying. Either way just means shitty American accents instead
  5. WongRP

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Good shit today enjoyed rolling with you guys. Keep up the good roleplay and all the other stuff
  6. WongRP

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    Legion Corp. Mercenaries under disliked, how comes generally curious?
  7. WongRP

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    OGs @G19RP Has to deal with monkey gang @YungBrandonRP Gave me a new home @Eagle @Real VegasRP Bro from kway @OiramRP I brought you up, you've come along way son. @Nik gang ways I don't get along with English people to much but these are bro @JackZRP @General Rickets Chief @perqeRP @RavenousRP @FalkRP @Kai Son. @SassyRP Scottish but you know Eu gang: @RebelRP @NozzyRP @RedRP @WombatLover69 Bros: @Infamous come back @MrPanda you too @Hex @SeversonRP @DallasRP @NorwayRP Stop shouting. @ZorullRP Monkey Squad: @LumenRP @JamesRP @BandsRP @JimRP @ThrashRP Others. @Phoenyxx Guess you're okay @Willow Moody @bur BurRP? @RiZStream guess you're okay too @msB TurkRP? @hAwkzyy “beat up pussies”
  8. WongRP

    To the Wolfpack

    *Artyom sighs and presses down the PTT* No, you don't I was there. He was beaten to death under a contract that was put out. Wolfpack never put that contract out. *Releases the PTT*
  9. WongRP

    To the Wolfpack

    *Wongov presses down the PTT* These Chernarussians are the same ones that want to get rid of everyone is who not from this country. They are not future government Kozlov is sitting comfortably and safe he is the real government. The ones you speak off Mr guy could be compared to those from the Nazi reign in Germany with how they go about things. Chip wasn't killed by Wolfpack but a man who has no affiliation. Before you talk ill of people make sure you have your facts right. Chip Lonegan along with the Black Roses and a couple other groups launched attacks on the people of Polana and slaughtered civilians he was not innocent. Mr man who first radioed, My name is Artyom Wongov with Legion Corporation if you're willing and find yourself down in Cherno come find me and maybe we can talk without ears listening in. If anyone else has problems with these Chernarussian trying to kill you and your friends come down to Cherno and speak to us for a price we will help. *Wongov releases the PTT*
  10. WongRP


    Nice RP around town keep up the good work and hope yall get approved soon.
  11. WongRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Willow and @SquirtleKitty you guys together are a pain in my ass. @Phoenyxx mhm @General Rickets we got that promotion boy
  12. WongRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Hell yeah that promotion looking good
  13. WongRP

    Lack of cars are killing the server

    This so much
  14. WongRP

    Neglect of Hostage

    Alright might of been when I was behind either way food not water
  15. WongRP

    Neglect of Hostage

    Would like to add as I feel this is important. The OP DID NOT mention hunger or thirst before he handed him over meaning he only mentioned it ONCE. So I don't understand why he waited till he was on red thirst to even mention it in the first place...Maybe it's due to him not roleplaying for 15 mins with myself and Norway. Either way he coulda roleplayed being really thirsty instead he just sat quiet repeating his "mos" or whatever and not giving anything back to either Norway and I or Wolfpack which can be scene. It left a really sour taste in my mouth after trying so hard. I would even go as far to say he neglected his own life by not roleplaying out his thirst and just letting his HP go down after time.
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