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  1. Wong

    The Green Dragons

    @YungBrandonRP Sad to see you go honestly, thanks for the dope fights but this was expected. See you in the field brother
  2. Wong

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    Read. It. Again. You can rob for gear it's an Apocalypse as long as the attacker PROVIDE ROLEPLAY which we were doing but because you didn't want to loose gear you combat logged. Knowing Green Dragon, that's all they do and they are the worst at roleplay. I've had a few encounters and plenty of my friends have also had encounters and they've all been quick robberies that have little communication and end up leaving. That's a bit far saying we are the worst at roleplay, lol. The reason people dislike us so much is because we take peoples M4's and people can't rrrrrrrp without them. The robberies we do for gear for the sake of our survival and the ban we enforce last at least 20MINS...hmm..sounds like little communication to me. Some of them even end up with my friends dead to some unknown reason Maybe if people didn't sit there and shit talk us and not work with us people would survive, oh and stop asking for gear back. I will also like to see some proof of this because I feel this is you just spreading more lies but they never report it because it'll either not do anything and give no consequences to the rule breakers or the admins would just favor one side because they're some sort of donator or a friend of the admin and not even care on the other people's stories. Wow You see when it comes to reports staff members who are friends or in the same group as someone who is reporting or being reported has no say in verdicts and outcome, this stops bias behaviour that you really do think happens. I've been permabanned once 2 years ago and I was the top ranked on donation titles it still didn't stop staff from doing their job. If you feel a rule has been broken and it was us I ENCOURAGE YOU TO REPORT US. PLEASE. Now your last 2 posts and my reply have been off topic lets keep it on track but remembering that you combat logged to save gear then lied about not having internet and not being able to log in when it clearly showed you were ingame. Have a good one bud.
  3. Wong

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    Hold the phone, you're typing from phone using "Data" Why are you ingame then surely by that logic being ingame woulda destroy data plan! "that's pretty much where my internet goes out and I'm still not able to get on." some would say... he was ingame 17 seconds ago Also no. GearRP comes under BadRp which would mean we rob people without supplying RP which we never got the chance
  4. Wong

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    Server and location: The Only server we have and Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:30 ish GMT 20/03/19 Your in game name: Jay Wong Names of allies involved: @VincentHaris Name of suspect/s: @JHontz1917 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Vincent has video Detailed description of the events: Me and my fellow dragon needed juicy gear and roleplay as we had both got shwacked by some Mexicans in Kab. My boy finds a Mosin and a PP19 with a mag and 10 rounds. We hear shots in Vybor head towards it. Find the accused wait for a decent time to initiate as I had 10 rounds and Vincent was playing inside man, I initiate OP complies drops his weapon I pat him down for a radio then move to a shed before telling him to drop his secondary weapon, vest and bag then poof he disappears! The end.
  5. Wong

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Welcome back.
  6. Wong

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    RIP X 10/10
  7. Wong


    Idk Marry then kill?
  8. Wong

    Amnesty Who?

    If this was the case I don't think I'd be back tbh. I personally think Amnesty should be the same for everyone not who can pay the most but what can we do eh.
  9. Wong

    Make a bridge onto Prison island?

    Yo wtf +1 tho
  10. Wong

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Dope roleplay @Eagle @Thrash @Real Vegas @DK_Major @YungBrandonRP @Jared Dragon gang Potius Cras, thanks for making me wait 2 hours just for me to have to chase you down! @Batok That trip to the church really be some savage shit. @Bounty Thank you for RP
  11. Wong

    To Generation Zero (42.0)

    *Wong laughs down the radio very loudly* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yep, you're retarded. Have a good one, I'll see you one day. *Radio cuts off*
  12. Wong

    To Generation Zero (42.0)

    *Wong Chuckles* Aye, We were both force married that night, not by me but another Dragon it was a joke one in which we have both talked about she is a free woman only difference is...She likes real men, Alex, not little boys like yourself. Your protection...What protection? See when Luca was called a bitch it wasn't anyone else it was me that stepped up and took that fella. Smacky, Lucas and I were your shooters and we all left when things wasn't going how we expected and amongst other reasons difference is, I walked up to them in Kab and told them who I was with we shook hands and I've been looking out for that family ever since. What protection did you give, exactly? I was shot at and nobody cared it was Dragons that backed me in that siege not you or anyone else in Genz. I get my hands dirty every day my friend you know this to be true please don't pretend otherwise. You call us Lizards but I bet just like everyone else you wouldn't call us that in person. Last thing how could I be jealous when I'm the only one here that's happily with somoene while you're crying and sat there all alone. *Wong Chuckles Again before taking a breather* Hector, we are friends don't make the same mistake as Alex. *Releases PTT*
  13. Wong

    To Generation Zero (42.0)

    *Wong pushes down the PTT* Love is weakness but you was the one trying to flirt with and ask a certain somebody to what was it... "Spoon by the campfire?" You were rejected and nobody gave you love so that is why YOU left not because they're weak but because you're jealous of their love and the other peoples love around that family. Matter of a fact YOU COULDN'T EVEN SAY THIS TO THEIR FACES YOU LITTLE BITCH. You run away, pack your things and leave THEN SHIT TALK THEM OVER THE FUCKING RADIO Grow up, You're weak, don't respond to me you ain't worth it especially if you wont do anything to back up your words. *Releases the PTT*
  14. Wong

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Good luck guys
  15. Wong

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Aisling Thanks for the RP and the development with our characters! @Eagle Fun banter at the summer camp @Lego my brother! @GreenySmiley Thank you for the RP and laughs.
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