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  1. There was no sarcasm there. It is a reminder as to why I am stepping away.
  2. Thank you all for the kind words, you have reminded me what I love about this place. Thank you for all the hate, insults and thinly veiled sarcasm. You have reminded me why I am going. Goodbye.
  3. Why do I find myself identifying with Petey in this scene...

    Oh well. Take care everyone.

  4. Very accurate representation of the events except for this part. I told Louie that I met a man in Novy that SAID you were all rapists. (not knowing who you were IC) Additionally I would like to add that I gave you the man's name and apologized profusely. At no point in Stary did I insult anyone, I was just cautious. I pulled a gun when I heard Kriss yelling not to go anywhere. I never even yelled at you guys. I tried to leave and you guys yelled and ran off insulting me.
  5. As I have chosen to step away from the community and take a break I would ask that staff ask any pertinent questions quickly as I will be leaving tonight. Thank you.
  6. No I just mean it is getting heated in here. Thank you for taking the time to write what you did. It means a lot.
  7. I agree it was certainly shocking to see. Thank you. @Reaper, you have had my back since day one. You are a good friend. Not the place for a debate.
  8. Thanks for having my back dude, you are one of the most loyal guys I know. Don't change.
  9. I agree man. It honestly blows my mind. That's why I need to leave. I am too invested. Sorry bud, I made my choice. Thanks for the kind words man. I agree 100%, but this isn't the place to start a debate about this. I'll miss ya buddy. Thank you for this. Standing up for someone you barely know is a class act. Last thing I want to do is debate a report. Please drop it or leave the thread. This isn't the thread for this. Thank you for all the hate. I have never even spoken to you. You can leave now.
  10. Thank you for the kind words. I won't. Ask @Reaper for my steam info and you know my TS. They have the video, that's all they need. I would've just escaped your gulag anyways man. Thank you for this measured and thoughtful response. I appretiate your candor. Tried that the other night and it didn't go well. I appretiate your advice though. Thank you. Thanks, I had fun playing with you and @OnionRingOfDoom @Para, this might be one of the coolest things ever. We disagreed a lot. Like a LOT. but I always respected the fact that you were fair and stuck to your guns. Yup.
  11. I literally did nothing to you or your group. I met Louie, Corrin and Kriss in Stary and RP'd out being wary of them until they ran off insulting me. At the wedding I saw them and actually went up and apologized for the tense nature of our first meeting, I even made friends with Kriss IC. Logs will show I struggled to get back on due to the long queue and multiple crashes. This means I couldn't have been taking part in whatever happened at the ceremony. I was abundantly polite even as armed members of your group started forcing people onto the bridge. At no point to I insult anyone or try and start stuff. Again there were no previous hostilities or aggression, just a tense meeting, not to mention that you were not even a part of the RP that happened earlier in Stary. This is factually untrue. At no point were you polite. At no point did I "big dick" you. I didn't know who you were, as again, we had never met. I resisted your demands in a calm and reasonable manner. After 30 seconds I comply and act angry / scared IC. The only reason I pulled out my rifle was because there was 3 - 5 armed men surrounding me and yelling demands.
  12. Active duty. 7 years now. Not this.
  13. I no longer understand this place. I have seen the rock bottom here. I got points for being pissed off about a situation where my RP was ruined, and then when I appeal those points in the correct way they get doubled. I get called toxic by staff, my service is questioned, and the Co-owner taunts me in a status update regarding an open report. My passion for this place is just gone after this morning. It was definitely a wake up call. I know this place has the potential to be amazing, I remember those days well. Some of my best nights in gaming have come from this community. Keep that goal present in your minds, make this place better everyday. Advance your stories, take risks, meet people. This place is truly special, but it is the people that ultimately make or break it. Thank you to everyone who PM'd me their support over the last few days. People I have never even met reached out and offered encouragement. You guys put a smile on my face when I was pretty bummed out about stuff. For that I am truly grateful. To the friends I have made here, thank you for your loyalty, your patience, and the laughs. You guys rock. Keep one eye on the horizon. I may be back when these points wear off for beta, but in the meantime I don't want to risk getting perm'd. Stay positive. Love you all.
  14. Well first things first trivial* I guess in my haste to keep up with the RP I hit enter a character too early. As for the rest of that sentence it was describing the wound inflicted on my leg. (Medical RP) The first sentence was when you asked me for permission to perma my character. I thought that choice was outlandish and expressed that OOC in an attempt to make you realize that it was an invalid execution in the first place. As for you not seeing how you were excessively going OOC let me show you. 00:24:57 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // how. 00:25:54 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // I am..? 00:26:33 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // I want to RP with you properly, but you00:26:39 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=)): // make it hard..00:30:46 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // How tho.00:31:02 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=)): // You shouldn't even be unconscious in the first place.00:31:44 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You said the exit wound was the size of a fist, that makes no sense.00:32:04 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // permakill character00:32:34 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You're not RPing with us.02:01:54 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // talking with mods rn None of that needed to be said in OOC. You could have poked me that information or PM'd it.
  15. I thought you handled your medical RP quite well in that report, at least from what the logs showed. Good job :) 

    1. th3inory


      Thanks man I appreciate that.

    2. Mass


      Mm, seconded, though discrepancy: Unconscious people don't cough, most subconscious bodily functions are disabled while unconscious. 

      Anyway, yeah, you seriously adhered as much to realism as possible without actually dying.
      I looked through in detail and by the time of posting this I've mostly forgotten, but being shot in the leg and bleeding out for, what, over 10 minutes? No way a bit of pick-me-up was going to pick you up. They might've expected you to stick to the limitations and mechanics of the game, I know the medically-oriented one or two there disagreed with that ICly, but it was just as well that you played out your injury as accurately as possible. 

      The expectation for you to have woken up after a severe injury with minimal medical application is utterly ridiculous, but some people don't commit to that kind of detail and think its ridiculous to do so. People trivialise the power of a bullet because in-game, it can be trivial, requiring only a rag and some saline, possibly a morphine injector, to fix the immediate effects of any gunshot wound. 

      Either way, yeah, keep doing that, if I ever get back in-game within the next century I hope I meet patients who portray their wounds as accurately as you have.

    3. th3inory


      Thank you both for your kind words.

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