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  1. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Everyone welcome @Shazzzam to our ranks!
  2. Teamspeak and Discord

    ...God I hope this is sarcasm lol
  3. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Welcome @SgtSmithy to the Roster! (As soontm as he leaves his previous crew)
  4. The Embers [Recruiting]

    We had archived on good terms last month, I had a work thing interfere. All our stuff had already been approved last month.
  5. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Everyone is still on board man, we will be adding a few people soontm but other than that we are good on my end! Let's do this!
  6. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Hey thanks for the positivity @DustyRP! See you in game man!
  7. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Thanks man!
  8. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Thanks man! Good to be bakc!
  9. Staff Feedback: Raptor

    Link to the situation: N/A Supporting Evidence: N/A Feedback: Today was my first interaction with @Raptor and he was not only extremely helpful but also friendly and knowledgable. He helped me sort out a misccommunication about my group's status and saved me a bunch of time! Thanks man, keep up the good work! Suggestions for improvement: None, keep doing what you are doing man!
  10. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Thanks dude! Appreciate the help earlier!
  11. A way out?! (Open Freq.)

    *Scott is field stripping his rifle when he hears the call." "Mr. Miller do you need an extraction?"
  12. The Embers [Recruiting]

    We're baaaaack! Now recruiting!
  13. A way out?! (Open Freq.)

    *Scott rests at the top of the next hill. Far in the distance he can just make out the radio tower at Green Mountain. He keys the radio again.* "Mr. Miller? You still alive?"
  14. A way out?! (Open Freq.)

    *Scott was halfway down the hill when he heard his radio key again. He pulled out his map and compass and double checked his bearings before keying his radio.* "Mr. Miller do you see a rail station in town? If not find the rail station and follow the tracks to the west out of town. Advise when able."