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  1. @[email protected]@Honeybee tnx, all of you for the great experience. Really hope to come across you guys sooner or later.
  2. It was October 5 2014, i was just 18 years old when i decided to visit my grandmother in Stary Sobor. My origin is from the Netherlands, so it was a long travel for an 18 year old. When i arrived it was like nothing i ever expected, yet i coped with it and played along. I finally got to see my grandmother and we had good times. After a week my grandmother mentioned that there are a lot of problems and the country is in state of emergency. I kept asking her about the stuff that is going on but she refused to tell me. I-i got to be honest, it made me afraid i wouldn't be able to travel back. After a week or so the whole country was going upside down, she told me not to go inside because it is not save. My grandmother started learning me how to play cards and made sure i was comfortable. A couple days passed again and she told me that she has news. I listened closely and she told me that it is probably not possible for me to return to my own country, i asked her why and she told me that the outside world is not what it seems anymore... This was the moment.. the moment she told me all about it and that people got sick and everyone is trying to help but succes is not the way it is going. I was full of fear and anger, hoping i would be able to return to my family and friends. My grandmother had like a hidden basement, and she brought me there to keep me save. In there she most of the time came and played cards with me, we played out of stress other then anything. She asked me about if i am able to survive, i told her i'm used to an easy life in the Netherlands with no survival skill at all. She smiled and started to explain and teach me the ways of survival. But first she closed all the curtains and locked the doors and made it look that no one lived here, to hide us. I didn't know untill later on. She decided it's best to learn me how to cook first. She showed me how to make meals out of standard foods like canned foods. If i'm completely honest i don't like the taste of canned stuff at all... But now we have too. Anyway, she showed it to me and began teaching me the way of living like she always lived. I learned so much! Ughh, now i think about it school didn't learn me as much in 10 years as my grandma did in a week. After she taught me how to make water drinkable and free of bacteria. Although we were full of stress, i kind of had fun learning new things and ways of living. By the time i learned this she taught me more and more, she was the best teacher i saw in my life! Then there was this moment. There was a knock on the door and she stopped talking. She whispered to me to not talk at all and go to the basement slowly. I did and she followed up, we locked ourselves and she began to tell me that i should realize that i should be able to protect myself if i ever want to survive this catastrophic situation. Even though at that moment i really didn't realize what she was talking about, i agreed and asked her if she could teach me a thing or two. When i was younger i had a little martial arts training but that was only for a year so it didn't stay in my memory all that good. We waited for a couple hours to make sure it was save and brought me outside for a brief moment. I asked her: What are we going to do outside grandma? it is not save you told me! She told me it's quick and only for a couple stones. In my mind i thought she was losing her own mind and what do we have to do with stones? we grapped a couple stones and went inside quick hoping no one saw what we were doing. She brought me back to the basement again and said: Listen Tim, today you are going to learn how to make a weapon. I know it won't last long but if you know how to make it you can use it for all kinds of situations. I listened and she showed me how to make a knife! I couldn't understand, i mean i know you can make stuff like that but why does a 70 year old nanna know how to make it. After i asked her how did she knew she just replied by saying i should pay attention more and ask questions less. After a day i finally knew, i was able to make my own improvised knife! Nanna taught me to use it for everything, like opening canned food. The days went fast. One day i woke up and saw the door was open... I screamed grandma!? And began to worry. I walked outside and saw my grandma walking fast to me holding wood. She told me i should close the door quick and come to the basement. She started teaching me more and more. She showed me how to make firewood and and a wood drill. She even showed me how to make bow and arrow! In that time i was with her she made me from a boy to a man, and i will always be thankfull for that experience. Unt-untill it happened... I mean, i should have seen it coming, she was coughing for a some time and not feeling well most of the days. I still don't know if it was a natural death or something else. I-i really don't know. i heard weird sounds coming from the door of the basement and when i opened it. It was Nanna... But with blood all over her face and eyes like she has no soul or life in her anymore. I said g-g-grandma!? and all i heard was an awfull scream like sound. A sound you would hear in a horror movie or nightmare. She-she attacked me! she came to me and scratched my arm, out of reflex i pushed her away. I got so scared, i didn't know what to do! She told me before that if i see ill people coming to me i should not be afraid to kill them. So-so i did... I used my knife to kill her after she kept coming to me. The days after were full of agony and defeat. I lost my grandma, the woman that taught me everything i know to survive this living hell. Weeks passed and i ate all the foods and drank all the drinks, i found some alcohol and began to drink it all. That's when the memory kicked in. The memory of all my friends and family in the Netherlands and how i probably never will see them again.. Although i am still young, i have to survive and will do everything i takes to do so. The food here is gone and i will have to leave soon to scavenge the outside world full of this infected beings. Maybe i encounter another human but for now i will avoid any contact with anything. If you read this and see a young boy with a bow, please understand that i am trying to survive just like you. Regards, Tim Venom
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    my bad, i fixed it already. it's been solved.
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    hey, i've been away for like 2 weeks now. and when i try to join server 1 it says it's locked. i've been searching for the reason or whatsoever but i couldn't find it. any one with time to help? thnx
  5. i think it would be more realistic to see lots of people with wacky clothes and/or just normal casual wear. but i understand that the most people only pick the military clothes
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    [GAME] Linked Words!

    Pigeon shit
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    [GAME] Linked Words!

    Down Person
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    S1 & S2 Night Alternation

    if it is able to get like every now and then a night time for like an hour, it would be amazing. think of the oppertunities..
  9. Karma T.

    Another Standalone server?

    Altough it's maybe impossible, it would be amazing to see a second server!
  10. Thnx guys for welcoming me, my application got accepted! going on the SA now, maybe we meet someday. Good luck survivors
  11. I'm Karma T. and i live in the Netherlands, i'm a student in the security. I hope i'll get whitelisted so we can make some memory's that will last forever. Cheers!