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"Whose mans is this? But the real question is...Whose mans am I?"

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  1. Gratz
  • Hellish

    Funeral Parlor

    We in dis. Eskettit!
  • Hellish

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

    Good luck. Idk how you'll pull it off without all the lads but I'm sure you'll figure it out.
  • Hellish

    Ban Rape RP

    Only reason I voted to ban it is because there's kids on the server. I don't think a kid should ever be asked to be erp'd with or raped whether "it's just a game" or not. If we were 18+ than sure go for it with permission. The amount of people in here that wanna see it gone is enough for me to justify my beliefs that it shouldn't be allowed. It's cringey asf anyways.
  • Hellish

    S.o.S. Open Frequency (173.8)

    *Aux activates his radio's PTT* "This is Aux of the Sanctuary of Survivors. If you have anything to say to us or need help with anything please contact us on this frequency. We will also announce the opening of any settlement we create here." *Aux releases his radio's PTT*
  • Hellish

    S.o.S. [Recruitment: Open]

    Thanks man! Eskettit boys!
  • Hellish

    S.o.S. [Recruitment: Open]

    Settlements and relations updated.
  • Hellish

    S.o.S. [Recruitment: Open]

    Set recruitment to open. Nows the time to send them apps boiz!
  • Hellish

    S.o.S. [Recruitment: Open]

    We're good boys. Trust.
  • Hellish

    Combat Logging Rule

    Honestly +1. Why is there a timer for a hostage when no1 has KOS rights on them?
  • Hellish

    What do you listen to ?

    Check out this dope cover of Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know by some hilarious dudes I met recently. O and of course check out my buddy Jeremy's band and his amazing mustache.
  • Hellish

    Real life picture Thread

    Shitty pic but here b me at the Mushroomhead show last week... Singer and Bassist of Worldwide Panic (Left), My Fiance (Center), Me (Right)
  • Hellish

    The Blackwood Militia

    Calling in @Nightngale for his full detailed pov
  • Hellish

    S.o.S. [Recruitment: Open]

    You catch on fast! Thanks every1!
  • Hellish

    S.o.S. Media Thread

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