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  1. Hellish

    Guess I'll make one of these...

    I forgot to say I'm back...
  2. Hellish

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    R.I.P. a yung Ling Long...
  3. Hellish

    Hellish's Stream Clips

    Link to Stream I'm so embarrassed about that first shot... (don't rob me boiz)
  4. Hellish

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Figures you fuck with the "pacifist".
  5. Hellish

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was fun doggy. (Pauly BTW)
  6. Being a mutt in Boston is a hard thing to be. Pauly is an Irish-Italian American, so he never really fit into any crowd. He never thought he would have a life of crime but after his friend started bringing the drug trade into his restaurant he got a taste of what real money was like. It was an underground business, very professional, so they never got caught. The only reason Pauly is in Chernarus is because he thought he was in love so he chased a girl there. Turns out she was a bitch after being attacked by some homeless guy with some serious anger issues…Now she has a bullet hole in her head delivered by yours truly!
  7. Hellish

    To Pauly Froyer (private)

    *Pauly picks up his radio* "The fuck you want?" *Pauly drops his radio to the ground*
  8. Hellish

    New website Premium perks

    I guess you could be right. But then as others have suggested why not add an option to turn off avatars for mobile users?
  9. Hellish

    New website Premium perks

    1.It could obviously be done better than what Metal did. 2.What sorta craptop are you on that the forums lag for you?
  10. Hellish

    BeanZ WAR

  11. Hellish

    BeanZ WAR

  12. Hellish

    What sense does it make? [Open Frequency]

    *Pauly picks up his radio* "What don't you fuckers get about us not wanting peace at this point?! You fucking mutts have nothing to offer us. We made demands after YOU came to us for peace. You were in no position to make any demands whatsoever Miller, however we let you make an attempt at it and you fucked up. You are literally the worst leader of a group I have ever seen, and hold no negotiation skills. You and your fuckbuddy Moody here are nothing more than cockroaches and you will be stepped on!" *Pauly releases his PTT*
  13. Hellish

    New Moon Media Thread

    Seriously? What the fuck are you on about?
  14. Hellish

    Real life picture Thread

    Don't start this. You won't win.
  15. Hellish

    Real life picture Thread