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  1. Sorry to bump the thread, I only check the forums every few months now. 2013 member here and it's great to see that BHM got mentioned. We closed it in 2016 after over 2 years of playing, and it's so strange to me to think that was 4 years ago. Cool to see a few familiar names in this thread, certainly had some good times.
  2. You serious? NOW is when you guys bring back Desolation and Mod? 90% of the people who wanted to play that have left. Jesus, good luck.
  3. Al-Takizh was one hell of a group. I also remember the time we flew a HUEY in to Altar castle. Surprised we got away with that kinda shit tbh
  4. Game sucks Friends gone New community not that great RP stale Rules too strict Basically what everyone has already said. Just throwing in my voice to add to the pile. I've not wanted to play this game since this community dumped mod/arma3 because SA just isn't fun to me. I'd grit my teeth and play the shitty game if the content on the server was worth it, but from what I've played it was just boring. Stuck with stale RP and my friends all left because the playstyle we played with for like 3 years was suddenly not allowed anymore. It's not fun when you have to think about 6000 different rules you might break if you do any action.
  5. Have you done any research in to this or are you speaking from your gut? Where are you getting the idea it's a rust clone? It's been explicitly stated that it's not like rust as all. "It’s not like Rust, other than it’s an online world with people in it." - Pete Hines. The initial idea that it would be like rust spewed from the e3 reveal and what people thought about it, but it was quickly proven wrong and you're just hanging on to this misconception. They're not focusing on Doom and Wolfenstein, they just publish them. Doom is made by id Software and Wolfenstein is made by MachineGames. Bethesda are simply the publisher, clearly these games do not take their attention away from their main franchises. Bethesda Game Studios are still focused on their main franchises for now and the foreseeable future. This is by no means the way they want Fallout to go. This is a test game and not in line with the main Fallout franchise. It's NOT Fallout 5. Of course we won't be getting Fallout 5 for a good few years but that's always been the case because they alternate between Fallout and Elder Scrolls. We'll be getting a main Fallout 5 singleplayer RPG AFTER Elder Scrolls 6. It's a shame that Fallout 4 will be the most recent main game for nearly a decade, but that's not to say it's the last of it's kind. Also, why on earth would they sell it to Obsidian? It's true that New Vegas is very good in terms of story and you can thank the likes of John R. Gonzalez for that. Oh, did I mention that he doesn't work at Obsidian anymore? Most of the guys who wrote New Vegas moved to different companies. Unless you want the near bankrupt guys who wrote the Stick of Truth to handle Fallout? Todd himself has stated that Starfield is a single player RPG in the same style as Fallout and Elder Scrolls. He elaborates a bit here at about 12:55 onwards. There was a better interview about it but after some searching I can't find it so this is the best you're gonna get. Reading all your posts has been difficult for me. You're talking like the generic reddit user that saw the initial trailer and cast the entire game aside without looking in to it. Read through my points and look at some of the other interviews Todd and the others have done and maybe then you can make some legitimate criticisms.
  6. ...Starfield? They've been pretty clear that 76 is just a way for them to try out an idea they had and see if it works. Todd has directly said how single player RPGs are still their focus.
  7. It's cool seeing all these highlights, but remember that the game was 90% sitting around. For me and my friends, this is what that was like:
  8. Nah, don't do it. Trust me it just isn't worth it anymore. This isn't the same community that we played with. You can give it a go, but a shit game with a shit community can only be fun for as long as your sanity holds. It's tempting to give in to the nostalgia but it just won't be as good as it was back then. Feel free to give it a go, I don't even play anymore so what do I know? Just a fair warning though, it won't be as good as nostalgia makes you think it will be. Where you 2013 guys been hiding anyways? I stalk the forums pretty often and usually it's a bunch of 2015+ people.
  9. Rolle if you think it's the right move then do it. It's your community. People will adjust to the changes I'm sure. Both are good and bad in their own ways, so just do whatever.
  10. But side projects always fail!! Seems as if every side project that gets put up is only done with half effort. My biggest lament with this community is how perfect Desolation was as a midway between mod and SA but only Rolle seemed to give a shit. Reports were too slow and the rules were so dumb for so long despite community feedback that people gave up. It's no wonder no one plays these side projects when they're treated less as 'side' projects and more like 'temporary test' projects. If for once, for once, a 'side' project was instead introduced as a secondary game for the community and staff gave it full attention then MAYBE people would care enough to play it. Instead, we get shitty side projects that fail which makes people get the stigma that all side projects are doomed so they don't even try the next one out. This whole bullshit "we tried it as a side project and it didn't work so why try again!" argument irritates me to no end because it just shows how little this community really cares for it's survival. Try new things, please. There is no downside to opening a second game other than the effort staff would have to take to maintain it. If it was treated like a real main game then people wouldn't be so quick to throw it in the trash. Just remember that SA was originally a side project back when mod was still the main thing. People adapt to new things if you actually give a shit. Community needs to get out of this little SA bubble and accept that other people want other things. Cling on to your shitty dying SA all you want, but don't be so quick to shoot down any attempt to bring in new people with new things. Makes you look stubborn.
  11. Remember there was a short time where the RP version of mod was so broken and awful that the epoch server got more popular? It was only for a little while, but when the main server was just impossible to enjoy people managed to cope with epoch pretty well. It was a really fun few weeks too. People can adapt to new things if the main thing they came for just isn't good enough.
  12. What about all those people saying it's not worth switching to a different game because it wouldn't work? EDIT: Also, "the DayZ dev team is doing a damn good job" says a lot more about you than I ever can.
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