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  1. I have all required Mods installed and loaded. But when I try to join, it kicks me saying "Modified data:addons\surfaces.pbo" but I do not have anything else installed for this game.
  2. Osmosis Jones was a simple fisherman from the United States. All his life he had worked out in the docks and out at sea to bring home money for his family. His wife Kasey Jones, was a nurse at the local emergency room. She was working at the ER the night of the initial outbreak. When she noticed what was going on she notified Osmosis and they vowed to escape and save their two children, Eddie Jones who is 16, and Mary Jones, who is 11. Osmosis Jones and his family went out to sea when the outbreak occured. They figured the zombies wouldn't be able to reach them out in the middle of the ocean. They were right but what they did not account for was mother nature. A giant storm brewed and Osmosis did everything he could to keep the ship afloat but to no avail. He awoke on a land he had never been to before and did not recognize. His first thought was that all his family was dead, but stumbled upon a pink backpack with his daughter's name on it. Upon further investigation he noticed six diffent sets of footprints. Maybe someone had taken his son, daughter, and wife. Maybe they are still alive. Even though Osmosis is not sure if his loved ones are still alive, he is venturing this unknown land of the damned. Not only to find out where he is and how to escape. But to survive long enough to get his family to safety.
  3. never mind i figured it out
  4. The converter keeps saying my names is incorrect and im confused can someone help?
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