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  1. *A gruff voice growls over the radio.* "Huh. This fuckin' thing works after all. Not dead. Merry fuckin' Christmas, ya filthy animal. Make a few babies and live in a nice lil' shack, why don't ya?" *The voice cuts out after.*

    1. Pussy


      You better leave my man alone, Shep. He's mine. Quit flirting. 

    2. Shepard
  3. Thought this needed to be said here as well. In response to a Reddit post about a lore wipe for .63.


    Well, rather than start over with a new lore, jump a year or two ahead in time. Allow people to explore a time frame we've never really touched on, since last lore only went on for about two years-ish. We aren't even a year in right now, but we've still got rather "insane" groups so far. And that's not bad, don't get me wrong. I enjoy the random hostility that such groups can give. That being said, it does not 100% fit with the timeframe of current lore. 

    I'd like to see the lore jump ahead, either give society time to completely fall apart or even start to rebuild (base building). Cars and what not would begin to fall apart, engines and batteries being harder to get a hold of in working conditions (absence of cars in .63, could be used to explain need for actual mechanics to work on vehicles). I know LM team does not like to take game mechanic changes into lore explanation, such as with cities changing. Though, things like vehicles can easily be explained through lore, unlike cities being revamped. People would likely learn how to survive better (knowledge of crafting various items, not sure how much is added by .63).

    Now, all that being said? Do I think the server NEEDS a lore wipe or time jump? No. I think it would be INTERESTING, it would make certain things easier to explain lore-wise, but I do not think it is absolutely needed. The idea of RP becoming stale, stagnant, etc., is honestly just a mentality of the population. No lore wipe, time jump, game update, will change it for good. Yes, they could and probably will help, but it's more like putting a band-aid on something that needs stitches. We saw this with the recent lore-wipe. Two years into the previous lore, people were complaining of stagnant and stale RP. The lore was wiped and redone to attempt to fix this. Less than a year later, we're at the same mentality if not worse.  The only thing I can honestly think of to reverse this issue in the most effective way is to just get in and RP. Don't let the mentality of "RP is stale and sucks" get in your head, or if it does get the mentality of "If RP is stale and sucks, I need to fix it." Get in game, mute TS or just use IC TS comms, go find some people, and just RP.  Force it to happen. Be the one that surprises someone, gets them to react. Lore wipes will not fix our problems, good RP will.

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    2. Lyca


      I would hate to just throw everything away... what we build the last couple of months tbh. 

    3. Shepard


      The biggest reason I decided to post the giant block of text was the last paragraph. I think people are too focused on the idea of stale RP than they are trying to fix it. The only way we are going to be able to fix the stagnant feel of RP is by just forcing ourselves through it. Make RP happen rather than complain about their not being any. Do what you can to make original scenarios, or give old scenarios with your own take to them. I think the idea of a time jump will breathe new life into RP, but as I said we need to do what we can to keep it going after. The LM team can only do so much to get the ball rolling, but if the server just doesn't feel like RPing, then there is not much they can do.

    4. Mugin


      +1 Lamb-Boy

  4. @Whitename thanks for starting it all, man.
  5. I know I said it before, but I've pretty much got zero free time right now. I plan to get back in regularly to work on things, but right now College is more important to me than anything else.
  6. Beautiful work, Swag! I'm definitely going to check it out once my schedule is less death and more somewhat life.
  7. *The man with the boston accent once more picks up his radio, his coarse voice without his usual aggressive tone. He speaks into it, in response to the girl that had spoken.* "Now, I ain't got any idea what the hell happened with these CDF guys. But from what I heard, the Corporation showed up and a firefight happened. I wasn't there. I ain't gunna assume anythin', but sometimes shit goes south. People get shot. I told you all before, we don't wunna hurt you, and I know that's somethin' other people in our group also share. I'm sorry you got shot, kid, really am. I'll figure out what the hell happened, and I will make sure shit like this doesn't happen again." *The man releases the PTT with a heavy sigh.*
  8. *A thick, rough voice cuts through the silent of the radio channel. The voice is thick with a Bostonian accent, and the held back anger is palpable with the man's tone. He exhales sharply before speaking, as if holding himself back.* "Now. From what I fuckin' heard, all this shit that's fuckin' happened — its all been your own fuckin' fault. I hate to fuckin' break it to ya, but the fuckin' rumor mill has been-a fuckin' grinding 'bout these Corporation fucks for a long-fuckin'-time, an' it ain't been good fuckin' rumors. If you didn't fuckin' hear that shit before you got your people involved, then that is on YOU. Now, we are fuckin' involved, because they fucked with ONE OF OUR OWN. We have fuckin' warned you time an' time again to get the fuck outta our way and let nature take its course. The Corporation aren't gunna fuckin' last. Their boat is fuckin' sinkin'. Like my comrade said: get off the ship while ya fuckin' can, 'cause the next time we catch you and your people workin' alongside the Skin Collectors again it won't end well." *The man sighs, another long stress induced exhale before he resumes.* "I really don't wanna fuckin' kill you. You might think we're the fuckin' bad guys here, that you're doin' what's right. You're not. We are avenging our own. We are avenging everyone else that these sick fucks have tortured and beaten. I don't know what it fuckin' is they got on you that is keepin' you in their god damn servitude, but you need to ask yourself this: is it worth the lives of your friends? Your family? Make the right fuckin' choice. Please. I don't enjoy killin', I really don't. But don't think that means I won't do what needs to be fuckin' done to deliver a point, and eliminate a threat." *He sighs one final time, this time softer than before. His finger pulls away from the PTT, and the radio resumes its static filled silence.*
  9. I've been having very little free time lately. I try to hop in when I have some
  10. @Jack the Ripper @MeenMuginLovin @Pussy @Dustup @Honeybee and a wild @Otto and @JkpFrog, last night was a fun night of shenanigans mixed with great RP as always.
  11. And this is how it becomes an RP server! We all unite against the tyranny of @JoffreyRP
  12. Working on another world, I believe. The new one had the same problem as old except instead of mooshroom it was jungles.
  13. So, we will have time to grab any things we might need from current world right?
  14. Should we start gathering our important things just in case?
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