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  1. Shepard

    The Playhouse [Limited Recruitment]

  2. Shepard

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It was so much fun! Glad I finally got to run into you guys on my new character!
  3. Shepard

    Minecraft server update [Modpack change]

    Down for the change to Infinity Evolved.
  4. Ronan Moore was born to Evelyn Moore in London. Evelyn was the working girl, scrounging every cent she could. Nothing was off limits for her, even street corners. Eventually enough that left her with an even bigger problem on her hands, a child. Evelyn, holding on to the last threads of her good-little-girl Catholic upbringing, kept the boy; as if little Ronan was meant to be some sign of God to bring her out of her dark, dreary life. Being born to a live a poverty, Ronan grew knowing how to fend for himself, how to steal and keep quiet about it. He attended schools, like a good little Catholic boy should. He never got along with the other children, not to say he was bullied or picked on. It was actually quite the opposite for the whoreson. He was left alone, treated like he never even existed. Stellar grades, always quite, never made a fuss. Perfect. Little. Catholic. Boy. That little Catholic boy never cared he was in the shadows. He preferred that in all bloody honesty. The buzz of the other adolescents always seemed trivial, even before the boy knew what that word meant. He had no interest in others, beyond eventually trying to determine how the brain worked. Ronan developed an intense interest in the mental aspect of life, the mind being the only part of a person he could ever find interesting. He went through his early adulthood, never sharing much of his own mind, his own feelings as they were, but he delighted in tearing apart those of others. He wanted to know what made people tick. What made them them. Eventually... and unfortunately for those who he deemed "never-to-be-missed", Ronan attempted to make that mental and physical connection. Find where the mind was housed, or as his Nun teacher's would call it: the soul. Being unsuccessful in his search, Ronan needed time to himself. To reflect. To find his own soul. He traveled across Europe, and eventually found himself in Chernarus, where he'd never leave. He didn't mind that one little bit.
  5. Kattica

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    One of us. One of us. One of us. 

    @MR Pussywhipped convince him. 

    1. Mugin


      Welcome back? ❤️

    2. Brad


      just do it GIF

    3. Shepard


      i dont want to go doctor who GIF

    4. Kattica


      Shshshhs just relax and accept it. 

  6. Shepard

    Damned 92.1

    *A familiar voice responds.* "Yeah. Got somethin' I need to ask."
  7. Shepard

    Ban Rape RP

    -User has been Cautioned for this post-
  8. Shepard

    A Feral Tenacity

    Glad you both enjoyed! Can't wait to write more as the RP progresses! Don't worry, Ol' Shep can never lose all that edge of his.
  9. Shepard

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Eventually... eventually.
  10. Shepard

    A Feral Tenacity

    You never really realize how far you’ve come ‘til ya look back on it all. Some people, they do it after they achieve somethin’. Other times, though, life forces ya to look back by takin’ it all from ya. Makes you think back on when things were good. It leaves ya in the God damn fuckin’ dirt with nothin’ but the shirt on your fuckin’ back and the pants on your fuckin’ ass. Right now. That’s where I’m fuckin’ at. I remember, over this nearly two fuckin’ years I’ve been here, never givin’ up hope. Then, when I had people at my side, I found Darrius. Dead. My own fuckin’ brother, tortured and left for fuckin’ dead. The fucker that did it toyed with me, sayin’ he had Laura, and if I wanted to see her alive, I had to come alone. All the typical bull-fuckin’-shit that most asshats fuckin’ do. I spent months searchin’. I never found my Laura. She’s gone. I’d finally lost everythin’. The only thing I had left was that burnin’, primal, horrific fuckin’ rage. It burned through everythin’ I touched. I remember screamin’ at the top of my lungs, cursin’ the fuckin’ world itself. I let out my rage to the storms above, and the dead below. Guns, knives, axes, bricks, feet, fists. I used it all. The feelin’ of a skull breakin’ became familiar to me. I had lost all identity, I merely fuckin’ wandered. I was just another fuckin’ lost soul waitin’ to be separated from the physical body. Damn near fuckin’ happened to. I was in Zeleno, my soul was long ready to give up already, not even an ember left in that damn flame. My body on the other hand, it was still thrivin’ on that furious fire. Though that never exactly translated in fuckin’ sustinence, which, as you know, is important for a growin’ zombie killer. I was practically crawlin’ through the streets, dying of dehydration, and I could hear the bastards growlin’ and roarin’. Footsteps were echoin’ off the pavement, rushin’ towards me. This was it, this was the end I was waitin’ for. I could hear her, hear my sweet Laura. She was callin’ me home. I felt myself fall forward, everythin’ blurry and dim. I could see the figure of the infected chargin’ towards me. I think I gave my best fuckin’ smile, one last “Fuck you,” to the world as this fucker charged towards me. Just as things were goin’ out, I saw another figure rush the dead one, and I was out as if I was on the losin’ end of a bar fight. When I came to, someone had dragged me into a house nearby. There was an empty bottle of water next to me, and I was propped up against the wall. Across the house from me, lookin’ out the window was a young fuckin’ girl. It had to have taken all she had to drag my huge fuckin’ ass inside, girl was a damn twig. She looked over to me with brightness to her eyes, smilin’ away. “You’re awake!” she cheered quietly, the southern drawl easy as hell to pick off. I must’a still been delirious at the time. Could’a sworn I heard my Laura, one last time. Of all the horrible shit I’d done, all the people I’ve killed. For some reason, Laura, or somethin’ else, wanted me to do somethin’. This girl, Poppy Reynolds she said her name was, I needed to keep safe. I needed to stay alive. I needed to keep goin’. I needed to do better. Poppy Reynolds - @Pussy
  11. Shepard

    To The Damned

    *A gruff voice growls over the radio.* "Huh. This fuckin' thing works after all. Not dead. Merry fuckin' Christmas, ya filthy animal. Make a few babies and live in a nice lil' shack, why don't ya?" *The voice cuts out after.*
  12. Shepard

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    1. Kattica


      You better leave my man alone, Shep. He's mine. Quit flirting. 

    2. Shepard



  13. Shepard


    Thought this needed to be said here as well. In response to a Reddit post about a lore wipe for .63.


    Well, rather than start over with a new lore, jump a year or two ahead in time. Allow people to explore a time frame we've never really touched on, since last lore only went on for about two years-ish. We aren't even a year in right now, but we've still got rather "insane" groups so far. And that's not bad, don't get me wrong. I enjoy the random hostility that such groups can give. That being said, it does not 100% fit with the timeframe of current lore. 

    I'd like to see the lore jump ahead, either give society time to completely fall apart or even start to rebuild (base building). Cars and what not would begin to fall apart, engines and batteries being harder to get a hold of in working conditions (absence of cars in .63, could be used to explain need for actual mechanics to work on vehicles). I know LM team does not like to take game mechanic changes into lore explanation, such as with cities changing. Though, things like vehicles can easily be explained through lore, unlike cities being revamped. People would likely learn how to survive better (knowledge of crafting various items, not sure how much is added by .63).

    Now, all that being said? Do I think the server NEEDS a lore wipe or time jump? No. I think it would be INTERESTING, it would make certain things easier to explain lore-wise, but I do not think it is absolutely needed. The idea of RP becoming stale, stagnant, etc., is honestly just a mentality of the population. No lore wipe, time jump, game update, will change it for good. Yes, they could and probably will help, but it's more like putting a band-aid on something that needs stitches. We saw this with the recent lore-wipe. Two years into the previous lore, people were complaining of stagnant and stale RP. The lore was wiped and redone to attempt to fix this. Less than a year later, we're at the same mentality if not worse.  The only thing I can honestly think of to reverse this issue in the most effective way is to just get in and RP. Don't let the mentality of "RP is stale and sucks" get in your head, or if it does get the mentality of "If RP is stale and sucks, I need to fix it." Get in game, mute TS or just use IC TS comms, go find some people, and just RP.  Force it to happen. Be the one that surprises someone, gets them to react. Lore wipes will not fix our problems, good RP will.

    1. Roland


      Yes, I think time jump is a good idea. But we seem to be split about how long the jump should be. Based on the state of the vehicles, roads and buildings I suggested 10 years, but people have disagreed with that as being too long.

    2. Shepard


      Honestly, I'm fine with any time jump as long as it is not something insane. A decade jump would honestly be VERY interesting to do.

    3. Sleepyhead


      A time jump seems like a much better suggestion to a new lore wipe, still continuing the lore from Major and Chief's work and it not going to waste. Perhaps make a poll, I think 5-10 years is a good jump. @Rolle

      -jamie and sleepy

    4. Shepard


      I think it is absolutely something that would be fun and interesting to do, and am all for it, but I just don't think it's going to accomplish what people are wanting. Like I said, it would be a temporary fix to generating RP and keeping it from going stagnant. Keeping it that way is up to US as roleplayers. 

    5. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      A decade jump..... Shepard and Ivan in their 50's XD

      I agree that a lore-jump would be a lot better than a lore wipe. I don't have the motivation to restart again, not with all the story development thus far. Further into the apocalypse would open a lot of doors. I'd be down for a time skip, though I think it should be 2-3 years rather than 10.

    6. Lyca


      I would hate to just throw everything away... what we build the last couple of months tbh. 

    7. Shepard


      The biggest reason I decided to post the giant block of text was the last paragraph. I think people are too focused on the idea of stale RP than they are trying to fix it. The only way we are going to be able to fix the stagnant feel of RP is by just forcing ourselves through it. Make RP happen rather than complain about their not being any. Do what you can to make original scenarios, or give old scenarios with your own take to them. I think the idea of a time jump will breathe new life into RP, but as I said we need to do what we can to keep it going after. The LM team can only do so much to get the ball rolling, but if the server just doesn't feel like RPing, then there is not much they can do.

    8. Mugin


      +1 Lamb-Boy

  14. Shepard

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    @Whitename thanks for starting it all, man.
  15. Shepard

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    I know I said it before, but I've pretty much got zero free time right now. I plan to get back in regularly to work on things, but right now College is more important to me than anything else.
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