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  1. Wish I had internet back at home. Miss getting IG.

    1. MeenMuginLovin


      I miss your sweet sweet throat cancer voice. 

  2. Shepard and Not Giving a Fuck

    Thanks! I'm trying to learn how to be more descriptive with my writing, so I'm glad people enjoy it.
  3. Beautifully written, Kattica! Keep it up!
  4. Shepard and Not Giving a Fuck

    Thanks, man! I can always count on you to give me a read Without saying too much, I'm definitely changing things up with Shepard's story this go around.
  5. The Damned

    I don't see my 34 given fucks. In all seriousness, glad to finally bust some heads again with this lot.
  6. @Jack the Ripper @MeenMuginLovin @Aiko @Kattica and @the others who's usernames I don't know. Fantastic time ig last night. It's good to finally get back full force into RP.
  7. Nick Shepard

    Nick Shepard was a simple man. He loved a handful of things. Booze. Money. His bike. His wife. His family. And getting into as much fuckin’ trouble as he could muster. Those things were essentially what defined Shepard for years of his life. Shepard was raised on the outskirts of Boston by his drunk of a father. His mother had passed away from cancer at a young age, and it broke Shepard’s father. The man nearly drunk himself to death most nights, and when he wasn’t passed out in a ditch he was beating his son into one. Nick’s father took the anger he had, and turned it on the young boy. This continued for some time, until Nick was almost thirteen. One night, the boy had enough. His father came home from the bar, where he was most likely kicked out for being too drunk, and was storming to his son’s room shouting up a bloody storm. Nick was sitting on his bed, staring at the wall when he snapped. It seemed that the boy had finally inherited his father’s anger. Just as his father slammed open the door, Nick had taken his baseball bat and slammed it into his father’s jaw. Once, then twice. His father fell back, groaning in pain. Shepard had always been an athletic child, and that was never more clear to the drunken man then now as he held his dislocated jaw. Shepard stared down at his worthless father, raised the bat over his head, and continued his assault. He father raised his arm in defense, resulting in a few broken bones. The boy dropped his weapon, towering over his father, then simply walked away. He picked up the phone and called the police. A few weeks later, Shepard found himself in foster care. A few years later, his father would take his own solitary, disgruntled life. Shepard learned what family meant when he was put into foster care. Turns out, he got lucky with the first family. The Carmichael’s. The Carmichael family was somewhat small, and due to complication with their only child, the mother became infertile. Though, despite this, they always knew they wanted a second child. They decided to adopt one instead, a child that was the same age as their boy Darrius. Regardless of Nick’s upbringing, they thought him to be a good fit, and was he ever. Darrius and Nick were fast friends with a bond so close that they would forget that they were not related by blood. They both looked out for each other, through thick and thin. This progressed into their adult years, when they both began to stray off the ‘straight and narrow’ path that had been set for them. Their criminal careers started off simple enough, hold up a guy here, break into there, steal this, break that. They were adrenaline junkies, and so that their outlet was crime. Their parents disapproved, of course, but that never stopped the dynamic duo that was Darrius and Nick. In their mid-twenties, they found a new outlet: motorcycles. With this new drive, their old habits surfaced. Rather quickly, the two had gathered a few like-minded individuals and started up their own motorcycle gang. They caused havoc and trouble wherever they went. They tapped into even more illegal activities, drug and gun trade, smuggling, coercing local businesses into paying protection fees, and more. At the head of this gang, Nick and Darrius worked hard to build their fledgling crime empire. Then, the third head of the group came into play: Nick’s future wife, Laura. You see, there are two people in the world who can stop Shepard from beating someone to death, or talk him into. Those two people were Darrius and Laura. Laura didn’t mind Shepard’s antics, in fact she rather enjoyed them. She always fell for the bad-boys, after all, and both Shepard and her fell hard for each other. Laura was half American, half Chernarussian, and definitely had a wild side to her. Very soon, she was also calling some shots in their gang, with both Darrius and Nick’s approval. Anyone who had objections weren’t around much longer. The three of them moved on to wreak all sorts of chaos on their small little town, and time did nothing to stop their progress but only increased it. When they had reached their forties, Laura had decided she wanted to visit her family’s homeland of Chernarus. Shepard never refused her wishes, and booked the trip, with Darrius along as well. He always wanted to check out the region after he listened to Laura talk about it. The three set out one day, entrusting their gang’s survival to a trusted rider. Once they arrived, they enjoyed the countryside of South Zagoria. However, the world had different plans entirely. Not long after their little vacation started, the outbreak swept across the world. Infected tore people aparts in the streets. Military gunned people down. It was pure, unadulterated chaos. Nick, Laura, and Darrius immediately pulled away from most populated areas, instead pitching tents in rural areas while the infection spread. They pushed through the first few months doing whatever they had to do to survive. Now, it was no longer looking for thrills, but they stole, killed, and fought for survival. After all, they protected their own. Now, several months into the apocalypse, they were setting up a new little empire for themselves. However, this time it would not be as easy as they found it before. Deep into the night, a large horde charged through their camp, separating Shepard from Darrius and Laura. Nick was forced far from them by the horde and only encountered several more obstacles that pushed him farther and farther away from his family. Needless to say, he’s pissed. Stranded in South Zagoria, Shepard has two goals in mind: Find his family and survive, at all costs.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/gunsmithie Going live with some good ol' RP!


  9. Computer giveaway

    Don't need it myself, but like a few others I'm throwing in @Bunny
  10. @Blake Quinn No idea who you are, but hi and thanks for the follow @Undead @Brother Henning @Lucass Hi people I don't know, hope you have a great day! @Hellspawnceri oi u cheeki bruv, how ya doing mate
  11. @Jack the Ripper @MeenMuginLovin @Aiko and @Dustup. Great to last night, even though it was short. It might not be a stable friendship, but it's helped Mason understand the world again.
  12. Brother, it's me. [OPEN]

    *James runs his hand over his face, shaking now. With a snap, he screams aloud, repeatedly slamming his fist into the wall he is leaned against, re-opening wounds from his captors. After a sizable dent is left in the wall, he speaks into the radio once again with a shaking, broken voice.* "I'll... I'll contact you soon then..." *It wasn't much, but he couldn't think of anything else to say anymore. He lowered the radio, clipping it to his pants. He did need some time to himself. Time to think, and process."
  13. Brother, it's me. [OPEN]

    *James Lexton falls against the wall of the some building in some town he didn't recognize. He had been travelling for a long time, his voice somewhat hoarse and out of breath. With his shaking, bandaged hand, he takes the radio up and depresses the PTT.* "Jack. Jack, it's me, brother. It's James... Fucking hell, man... I'm so sorry... I'm so fucking sorry. I, uh... I got taken, man. A bunch of people that weren't too keen on US soldiers walking around in Chernarus grabbed me, took me away... but I got free, I finally got free, man. So c'mon, Jack. Please for the love of God, please respond. You've gotta be alive, brother. Please, tell me you're alive... If anyone, anyone, knows a Jack Lexton, where he's at, if he's okay.... please respond." *James releases the PTT.*
  14. The Damned

    Here we go boys. This gon' be good.