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  1. Hakanai Yume

    Hakanai Yume

    74 notifications, yikes hello everywun.

    1. Ron


      Lol you still here?

    2. Hakanai Yume

      Hakanai Yume

      Shut up nerd, I only came back to shit on your text rp

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      Get ig and try ❤️


  2. Hakanai Yume


    I'm pretty sure Alex is creeping next to Mary there. @Ron Can you feel the love ? ? ?
  3. Hakanai Yume

    Real life picture Thread

    I apologise for not getting the message out sooner, Ive only just found myself
  4. Hakanai Yume

    Real life picture Thread

    smoking kills, kiddos
  5. Alex was born to a strict family with two parents and an older brother. They lived in a small wood cabin in the thick of Cornwall, surrounded by nothing but trees for miles. Alex had always dreamed of meeting new people as a small boy, hoping that he might one day leave the cabin and explore whatever awaited him. Him and his brother would play in the woods all day, their parents both strongly disagreeing with the prospect of school, believing they could show the boys anything they needed for life. Coming up to his teenage years, Alexs father taught him how to hunt small game, squirrels, birds, the type of small animals that lives in British forest. Alex was the least appreciated by his parents, believed to be the smaller, more insignificant sibling. This trait meant that the parents would give Alex less portions of food, thinner sheets for his bed and shittier tools for hunting. One of these tools being an old heavy crossbow that the father dumped on Alex, while him and the brother used small caliber rifles. After one particularly bad argument with his parents, Alex left the cabin and walked through the woods, not caring where he went as long as it was away from his family. He began travelling the country, feeding on squirrels and rabbits. He eventually joined a small batch of homeless people at Berwick harbor, smuggling themselves on board a shipping freight set for Novigrad. Upon arrival He continued his lonely treks, heading through the foreign country with no real goals, just looking for a place that would accept him.
  6. Hakanai Yume

    Real life picture Thread

    yung hobo
  7. Hakanai Yume

    Real life picture Thread

    -User was cautioned for this post-
  8. Hakanai Yume

    Real life picture Thread

    haters will say its photoshopped
  9. Hakanai Yume

    S1 - Rule play |13.05.2017 | 11:35 p.m. Server Time

    "This one got back up, kill this faggot." Sounds unconscious to me tbf
  10. Hakanai Yume

    S1 - Rule play |13.05.2017 | 11:35 p.m. Server Time

    Will post a PoV when home from work. I meet with @Conor @Ron and @lukaszxe at Vybor bridge and we head into the town and RP. After a while, we hear a car and decided to head to VMC. This is where we met @Kyle_Jones and possibly some of the others. Wouldn't be able to check because they were running around the outside walls and keeping general distance from us. I'm assuming that because Exotic said they followed us from VMC, that they would be the people outside. The place is sketch, so we bail and move up to the road that leads to Kab. We see Kyle sprinting up the road with someone and I decide to hang back a bit to see if he wanted to carry on RPing. As Kyle reaches the road, a truck parks up next to us and the driver TextRPs with us, asking questions such as; if we were working or walking. We RP a wee bit more and someone walks away from the truck. The driver (Dequan - @Puncture ) starts asking where they're going in a hostile manner. I reply that his truck looks wank and bounce. We move forward into some trees and hear the truck coming our way, so we run forward and try and avoid them. I hang back again to see them sprinting up on Conor and approach them to try and RP. As I ask whats wrong, Exotic backs off behind a tree, before yelling an initiation and Shift +SDing from behind it. I take a shot at him and get domed. I had no idea the others involved were there, because they were hiding in bushes, waiting for the initiation to drop.
  11. Hakanai Yume

    Avoiding RP

    Wasn't me, I'm by Solnichniy.
  12. Hakanai Yume

    Remove the group advertisement banners [Petition]

    Sign me up. Looks fucking narsty.
  13. Hakanai Yume

    Tent gone really fast

    Thief. It was me. I took your sewing kit and stitched the word "tent" into my characters thigh.
  14. Hakanai Yume

    Between Monsters

    You need a shower nowadays, stinky human. Nice read homie
  15. Hakanai Yume

    Not Cool!