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"biggggggg pussy"

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  1. Daddy McBigTit

    Daddy McBigTit

    Pleased to admit to you all that the rumours are true, me and @Ron are dating! We've been friends for so long and just felt it was the right time to move forward with our relationship. Thanks to DayZRP for bringing us together! I'd be nothing without my boogie woogie bratwurst :3

    1. Daddy McBigTit

      Daddy McBigTit

      autocorrect: i meant she kicked me out of my group and told me to die

    2. Beni


      Well... Fuck.... 

    3. Oliv


      Sucks balls

    4. Ron
    5. Daddy McBigTit

      Daddy McBigTit

      Because we're soulmates, that's why! c: