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  1. Appreciate the welcome! Hope to see everyone in game, and create some awesome stories.
  2. Cole Green grew up on the northern west coast of the U.S., born in Seattle Washington. As a kid he always had a passion for horticulture and general gardening, which continued his whole life. After graduating high school, Cole landed in Eugene, Oregon and pushed hard for college degrees in both plant science and soil science. After graduating college he later starting his own instructional farm, Greene Farms. Several years later as the legalization of cannabis, he transitioned a portion of Green Farms to a legal medical and recreational cannabis farm, and started teaching that as well. He is a amateur survivalist and farmer, a type of modern outdoorsman, a fairly well-founded jack-of-all-trades.
  3. Hey everyone, re-whitelisted after being gone since 2015. Going to give RP another go!
  4. //Hey, good call... never thought of that actually. Will do!
  5. // LOL, I know it is, that was kind of on purpose actually for a little authenticity. I wrote it and have a hard time reading it sometimes. But thanks for the input.
  6. Name: Jesse Greene Age: 29 Height: 6'1" Weight: 187 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Pre-Outbreak Profession: Corporal - 4th Engineer Battalion U.S. Army Demeanor in Three Words: Assertive, Intelligent, Reserved
  7. Personal Diary - Corporal Jesse Greene - 4th Engineer Battalion - U.S. Army
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