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  1. That would be ruleplay..? ..No You want to always have the choice to step over that line or not. If there was no such pussy etiquette as this, there wouldn't be sane people punching each other. They'd know the risk of a deadly fight, or otherwise, they might find that out. Thats the whole issue with your way of thinking. Every situation different. There will be situations where killing a guy straight up after he punches you will be totally legit, and there will be an opposite of that, where its really unfair to kill the puncher. You can't actually stick a ' ruleplay' label on killing them straight up. What you do then, is defining which rules are to be followed and which are not. Therefore, following the rules on what is and what is not ruleplay, is supposed to be SIMPLE; Ruleplay = Doing things according to the rules that are not roleplaywise-likely to happen if there were no rules. Exactly the rules you tell us to follow" Do not kill, initiate." If 30 people start throwing apples at me, but its at an interval of 1 person every 500 meters on the road, at one point I'm going to take my gun and just shoot them. Your rules prevent punishment of retards in game. You give fools a second chance and disrespect bandits who have to let themselves get played with by people/hostages that are using ruleplay.
  2. Doesn't remember anything besides his name and his early life before joining S-GRU at 22 years of age. Wakes up in Chernarus amongst smoking gore and bodies, never got the smell of blood out of his nose since then. Trying to survive using skills he doesn't know how he got them (Between us, from the training and experience as an S-GRU operative of course). He's trying to survive and find back his memory. The first is easier than the second because he has no leads besides being in a helicoper filled with covert S-GRU operatives, meaning they didn't carry papers nor wore military outfits. All he has is a picture of his wife in a medallion around his neck, which he now actually carries in his pocket (spoiler) because he strangled a survivor who held him up.
  3. Misty

    Group limits.

    @Wungus Bill @Keira Both of you are either sided with the dynamic groups or don't grasp the situation. I will explain as simply as possible. The current situation: Official groups (Being punished) Dynamic groups (Being rewarded) ^And that's since dynamic groups became a thing ages ago. Since @Hebee The only fair deal would be to reward the offical groups a little and punish the dynamics a little. Bring them back in balance. Unfortunately, those in favour of dynamic groups will not allow balance to happen. You know it, being biased as fuck on the dynamic groups side. No way you'd move a bit and make room for offical groups, giving up some of your space. You wave the whole thing off like its nothing, not worthy of debate. And then, you go back to reaping your rewards in dynamic groups. Rewards, advantages, they get boring after a while. In time you will understand the dynamic groups are just silly-much in advantage over official groups. Deleting dynamic groups is the best for adventure and excitement in roleplay. If you do not agree, you are biased, just as one might say fire is cold you know they're lying.
  4. Misty

    Group limits.

  5. @Rolle The rulepage, 13 chapters that contain 78 paragraphs of rule explanations are far from an invitation to come up with something original.... Nostalgia is a bitch, indeed. So are the dozens of add-ons and customisable features you can use to "personalize" your profile. This overkill of custom design options make all the member profiles look the same, just different kind of noise. The rulepage claims in the first sentence DayZRP is supposed to be targeting a mature audience. Don't shoot the messenger please, but the rules are mocking anything with a brain and some common sense. Sure there are fun things, like the creativity of story writers, text- roleplayers on the forums getting lost in their stories. That's awesome. Try to see the above as constructive feedback. Well, the whole point I wanted to make @Daniel is this: "I don't care if I get banned for NLR I want my M24!". Also you couldnt even share an SVD mag when you had like 5 and I had none. Greedy mofo this guy.
  6. Misty

    Hall of Shame

    Ah ok.. Damn, those people racked up a shitload of points then haha. Mine at least was a timespan of 4 years or so
  7. Misty

    Hall of Shame

    I mean, why am I not on the Wall of Shame? Pretty sure I collected at least 90+ points. Where am I?
  8. Misty

    League of Legends - Season 8 [Official Thread]

    good luck have fun!
  9. Misty

    Hall of Shame

    @Rolle Something wrong with the link to the Wall of Fame. I see a wall of top 100 anonymous donators instead. Haha, it kind of is a wall of shame with all of them using the anonymous function. Ah well, I miss the real famous people, groups. Its a nice gimmick, both!
  10. Misty

    What is happening?

    Haha I like your tl dr
  11. Too early, probably not. I mean, even without zombie apocalypse people are robbing others. Only now there is more reason to i guess.
  12. Misty

    Safezone implementation?

    As long as you look at your mistakes, get feedback from it, apply feedback to new tries, well.. Eventually it'll be much better than the first safe zone, thats for sure.
  13. Misty

    Safe zone discussion

    RP community at heart? You might as well change the rules so that they show what IS allowed, much shorter! There are so fucking many rules (And a safe zone coming up) that roleplaying as a survivor is not possible (Hasn't been for a long time). Instead, we all roleplay as empty shells who tell others about their survival and ZzZzzz sorry i fell asleep. A Safe Zone is PERFECT! Now there will finally be traffic towards and from the tradepost (I mean, safezone) so things can be a bit more action packed.
  14. The solution to this issue is simple. When you have a complient hostage and he asks why you're robbing him, just bash him in the face and tell him to shut the fuck up. You're roleplaying a bandit after all. A hostage asking a bandit why they are robbing him is bad roleplay of the hostage. Why would you ask a bandit why he is robbing you? Unless you do not know what a bandit is, you don't ask such questions. OR, if for some reason, the bandit spends a long time with the hostage and turns out to be lonely and wants to talk with the hostage. Other then that, a bandit's only concern is supplies, weapons, ammo. So, if a hostage starts ruleplaying and nagging you because you can't kill him straight up and he's protected by the rules, fuck him up a bit until he understands this robbery is serious, you are a serious bandit and you don't hesitate to put him down if he delays you. If he does, put him down. Next, you check his supplies and take what you need, which is the goal of the robbery. After that, you just continue the roleplay and leave them with the leftovers of their gear. Afterwards, the hostage will be pleased to have finally experienced something close to a real robbery and knows you have roleplayed as a real bandit. If they report you, be proud to defend yourself against them because if they open a report its evident that they're pissed off losing gear. There was no lack of roleplay from your side, you acted like a bandit would act and you roleplayed the situation how a robbery should be: Scary, intimidating, an exciting experience for a hostage compared to a sing and dance robbery of 2 hours just because they think they need a reason. I'll try it myself aswell, its so obvious I feel silly not to have thought about it. Just don't forget you have to roleplay as a bandit and both sides will have a great experience, aside from gearwhores who make reports for getting robbed.