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  1. What is happening?

    Haha I like your tl dr
  2. Too early for bandit groups?

    Too early, probably not. I mean, even without zombie apocalypse people are robbing others. Only now there is more reason to i guess.
  3. Safezone implementation?

    As long as you look at your mistakes, get feedback from it, apply feedback to new tries, well.. Eventually it'll be much better than the first safe zone, thats for sure.
  4. Safe zone discussion

    RP community at heart? You might as well change the rules so that they show what IS allowed, much shorter! There are so fucking many rules (And a safe zone coming up) that roleplaying as a survivor is not possible (Hasn't been for a long time). Instead, we all roleplay as empty shells who tell others about their survival and ZzZzzz sorry i fell asleep. A Safe Zone is PERFECT! Now there will finally be traffic towards and from the tradepost (I mean, safezone) so things can be a bit more action packed.
  5. The solution to this issue is simple. When you have a complient hostage and he asks why you're robbing him, just bash him in the face and tell him to shut the fuck up. You're roleplaying a bandit after all. A hostage asking a bandit why they are robbing him is bad roleplay of the hostage. Why would you ask a bandit why he is robbing you? Unless you do not know what a bandit is, you don't ask such questions. OR, if for some reason, the bandit spends a long time with the hostage and turns out to be lonely and wants to talk with the hostage. Other then that, a bandit's only concern is supplies, weapons, ammo. So, if a hostage starts ruleplaying and nagging you because you can't kill him straight up and he's protected by the rules, fuck him up a bit until he understands this robbery is serious, you are a serious bandit and you don't hesitate to put him down if he delays you. If he does, put him down. Next, you check his supplies and take what you need, which is the goal of the robbery. After that, you just continue the roleplay and leave them with the leftovers of their gear. Afterwards, the hostage will be pleased to have finally experienced something close to a real robbery and knows you have roleplayed as a real bandit. If they report you, be proud to defend yourself against them because if they open a report its evident that they're pissed off losing gear. There was no lack of roleplay from your side, you acted like a bandit would act and you roleplayed the situation how a robbery should be: Scary, intimidating, an exciting experience for a hostage compared to a sing and dance robbery of 2 hours just because they think they need a reason. I'll try it myself aswell, its so obvious I feel silly not to have thought about it. Just don't forget you have to roleplay as a bandit and both sides will have a great experience, aside from gearwhores who make reports for getting robbed.
  6. @lemonade319 can you snip my quote? I just thought about something and want to rephrase it

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      Sure thing fam.


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      read my new post when I updated new one it's a way better idea, and thx bby

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  7. There's a lot more things that are immersion breaking. But what exactly is 'Using TS in character'? For it to be in character, you'd have to use direct chat aswell. So its really simple, if you're using TS without direct chat open, you're not in character at all.
  8. Just thinking loud

    Don't worry, its always nice to hear new thoughts or ideas imo. I bet even more people would reply if you had posted a plan that explains it more easily. Maybe for next time, keep brainstorming I guess. See ya
  9. NATO?

    You can create anything you want, ignore the rest of the people here. The thing is just that you need to make the NATO thing fit into the lore. I encourage anything different from current groups, most of them are very similar and based on earlier groups. Just have passion and in the meantime i'd apply for one of the other groups around, just to get to know the whole dayzrp group thing before you dive into the deep. Good luck.
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  10. Is what a guilty hostage would say. Everything can be summed down to a grey area and is supposed to be looked at case by case, because these in-game situations have infinite variables. Its an exploit that hostages can use should they go out of character, for whatever reason it might be, during a hostage situation. Their defense is they're a tough survivor who doesn't flinch when he's on the wrong side of the barrel. I don't see anything about that written in any roleplay guide besides "How not to rolepay". It looks like this: 1. A bandit robs you. Fuck, you lose your gear. 2. You badmouth the bandit 3. The bandit warns you. (If the bandit kills you, go to step 9) 4. You badmouth the bandit 5. The bandit warns you. (If the bandit kills you, go to step 9) 6. You badmouth the bandit 7. The bandit kills you. 9. You make a report for bad RP or gear RP. That is how a REALLY obvious situation would be. Of course, very simplified, but the problem is not grey at all. The problem is that these people are very bad at roleplaying as a hostage and containing their real-life emotions. A mix of this is deadly and reports end up in the hostage's favour if they manage to hide their bad roleplay with excuses that are not really verifiable, like saying their character is a tough guy who doesn't beg for his life. To the sum of this all, you just need to add one spark: The bias that bandits are bad at roleplaying and only care about gear, which is still a huge thing if you read the forums.
  11. Can someone explain to me why it's not the hostages' own fault for getting killed when they badmouth their robbers? There are mentor programmes and a lot of roleplay guides available, so there shouldn't be much doubt that (much like in real life) you shut your mouth and obey when a gun is pointed at your head. Whatever the reason might be, I think we can say for certain that once they start bad mouthing, they realise their life is in the robbers' hands and that in a real situation they would be fucked. And since there are so many guides and mentor coaching etc. I believe we want somewhat realistic RP. We shouldn't have such a taboo on losing your 'cool', meaning, accidentally dropping your roleplay act and being seriously pissed off for being robbed. Hostages go through this sometimes and try to get under the skin of the bandit and annoy them. "Na na na, cant touch this, I am protected by the rules!" Or even worse: "He killed me WTF I only said he was a ugly cunt. Report incoming". Anyway, to the point. Stop reporting bandits if you're a hostage and you've been acting like you can respawn. You know staff might just favour you, but damn, you'd be an asshole both ingame and IRL. (Just to cover myself, this is not pointed at anyone in particular).
  12. NLR Clarification needed

    You perfectly said what I actually meant. A % of distance is a good idea and i agree overall. Well said! In that case I have misinterpreted your post I replied on. Thanks for your reply, now I understand better how you think about it and you seem a righteous guy to me. I feel confident to leave this matter to you.
  13. NLR Clarification needed

    Yeah, if you log off at 29:30 or be near your body at 980m it clearly shows these players don't give a fuck by deciding "hm yea close enough". Rules like this are not meant to keep time by stopwatch and log off exactly at 30:01 min or use a map to see where you can go 1001 meters away from your body. These type of players don't respect the rules and they prove it by their actions. The players are supposed to log off only when they are sure the combat log timer has passed. And so it goes for other rules aswell. The worst thing of all is that you are happy to reward this behaviour. You think too much about what your image would be if you just go by the rules and punish them for breaking rule fair and square. Instead, you give them only a verbal warning (aka no punishment).. Prove me wrong when I say you just look the other way for the sake of your reputation. Fuck reputation man, you're an admin, the rules are your bible and don't let anyone fuck with that even when it costs your reputation.