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  1. Thanks for the reply, I also got the link to your explanation now. Understood.
  2. I can't find it using the search function. Can you give a link? @Roland Just now I saw S1 slots are 148/100 (48 queuing players) and S2 slots are 2/100. I suppose it could even out a bit given some time. I am sure that a balanced playercount on both can be achieved by combining a S1 EU and a S2 US - in a Hive. But right now, 48 players (33%) need some motivation to hop on S2.. Maybe some info would be enough, make it a reliable server. So.. What's the plan for S2?
  3. Nice stuff!!

  4. Test

    1. Woodzie


      Bill Hader Reaction GIF by Saturday Night Live

    2. Hofer


      new phone who dis

    3. Voodoo



  5. Heyyyyyyyy

    1. Misty
    2. Misty


      Where are you

    3. Comrade Deg

      Comrade Deg

      right here

  6. Misty

    Warming up

    you look like corpses
  7. CLF and SDS when none of my clanmembers were around.
  8. How many days after placing the (last) barrel did they/it dissapear and did you also test a barrel where you put items in the barrel and/or out of the barrel (interaction at certain intervals)? Please add the results in your next expirement thread / post (e.g. timestamps, items tested?) to support your conclusions. I did not find them? That was really interesting. Thanks for the info so far.
  9. It says that unbanned members (Amnesty) will get a 3 month period of maxed out warning levels and forced forum activity.. If staff has faith in giving out amnesties to the right people, they would not take such countermeasures... Its a hard job for our staff but I will not question their decisions, I trust them to take the right choices and learn, from mistakes adapt, repeat.
  10. I have a few additional things that I highly advise you to consider. Especially my last part. .. 1. Update the opening post and provide the community a list of reasons for which a user was permabanned and is eligible for the Amnesty process (i.e. Underaged). The current information shows which users cannot receive amnesty and this is a common sense list (Cheating etc.). The community is better informed if they can read which permaban reasons are up for amnesty. 2. In the event that a permabanned player is given amnesty using this way, the following should apply: Account credits will be transferred to the DayZRP member(s) who were victim of the user's rulebreaks that led to the user's permaban User will be given a clean sheet in regards to warning points: Forcing the user to walk on their toes for 3 months will have a negative outcome. User will not be forced to post on the forums regularly. They can be themselves, be active how much they feel like they should and should not feel any pressure to perform. 3. Staff should update the community about the return of permabanned users who received amnesty: Staff informs the community in a specific forum thread " Amnesties given" with a substantial reason why a user has been given Amnesty. Staff will include that user's warning history and final reason for permaban. Staff will act these points out and will keep the identity of the user hidden, anonymous. 4. In order to combat unfairness towards players that have received Amnesty and promote their return to the community: User will be treated the same way as all other members in regards to verdicts and reports. Staff will not give away member identities to the community of users who received amnesty. Staffmembers who are part of a clan will offer a member trial to users of amnesty and will guide them a few evenings if user chooses to partake. I cannot stress enough that forcing amnestied players to have a maxed out warning level and a forum activity tracker is only required if the staff is not capable of and/or does not trust to take the right decisions to give amnesty or not. Now the solution to this is simple. Staff has to put some faith in their review methods and put some faith into the members they give amnesty. The benefits of taking that chance of faith greatly outweigh the bad consequences. You must show the formerly permabanned members that you are giving them an actual new chance and they will in return try to live up to that and also give their best.
  11. That would be ruleplay..? ..No You want to always have the choice to step over that line or not. If there was no such pussy etiquette as this, there wouldn't be sane people punching each other. They'd know the risk of a deadly fight, or otherwise, they might find that out. Thats the whole issue with your way of thinking. Every situation different. There will be situations where killing a guy straight up after he punches you will be totally legit, and there will be an opposite of that, where its really unfair to kill the puncher. You can't actually stick a ' ruleplay' label on killing them straight up. What you do then, is defining which rules are to be followed and which are not. Therefore, following the rules on what is and what is not ruleplay, is supposed to be SIMPLE; Ruleplay = Doing things according to the rules that are not roleplaywise-likely to happen if there were no rules. Exactly the rules you tell us to follow" Do not kill, initiate." If 30 people start throwing apples at me, but its at an interval of 1 person every 500 meters on the road, at one point I'm going to take my gun and just shoot them. Your rules prevent punishment of retards in game. You give fools a second chance and disrespect bandits who have to let themselves get played with by people/hostages that are using ruleplay.
  12. @Wungus Bill @Keira Both of you are either sided with the dynamic groups or don't grasp the situation. I will explain as simply as possible. The current situation: Official groups (Being punished) Dynamic groups (Being rewarded) ^And that's since dynamic groups became a thing ages ago. Since @Hebee The only fair deal would be to reward the offical groups a little and punish the dynamics a little. Bring them back in balance. Unfortunately, those in favour of dynamic groups will not allow balance to happen. You know it, being biased as fuck on the dynamic groups side. No way you'd move a bit and make room for offical groups, giving up some of your space. You wave the whole thing off like its nothing, not worthy of debate. And then, you go back to reaping your rewards in dynamic groups. Rewards, advantages, they get boring after a while. In time you will understand the dynamic groups are just silly-much in advantage over official groups. Deleting dynamic groups is the best for adventure and excitement in roleplay. If you do not agree, you are biased, just as one might say fire is cold you know they're lying.
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