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  1. Where tf is that lore wipe?

    1. Oliv


      Word at the community meeting that happened on Saturday is not yet. Did you attend at all? We chatted about a few things, was a good turn out.

    2. Kevin

      I jumped in for two minutes then left.

      "Not yet" Isn't much of an answer lol

    3. Oliv


      You're right, that was the short answer. Long answer is, within 24 hours we lost 2 very experienced staff members. Our first priority is to get our house back in order, get the team sorted. At the same time we are continuing to try and put an end to the open flaming that has been happening on the forums as of late. We want things to be fun and more loose here, but the flames need to go away before they burn this place to the ground.

      Once that stuff is settled to enough of a degree, we are going to hash out if we are going to do anything with "LMs" and work on lore after that.

      Don't ask why I didn't just put the long answer down the first time, I got no excuses...

    4. Hebee


      Probably not till beta tldr

    5. Kevin

      Thanks for taking the time to explain.

    6. Oliv


      Yeah I forgot about that too, thanks Hebee. At a worst case scenario, it's going to be beta as was always planned. Thank God some one knows what's going on around here

    7. Hebee


      *Drops a 1G in the chat and exits left stage*