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  1. But the RP is focused around the game play... We're roleplaying in a zombie apocalypse. Also your hours are cute. I have like 3 thousand on dayzrp
  2. I have more hours played here than you lol. Anyways, this isn't a BR game it's a survival game. If it's not hard surviving then what's the point.
  3. It's a zombie game... They should be hard... Also you play on a RP server...Half of the fights in the server should be PVE based.
  4. Kevin


    V3 or 4? Good luck Nik!
  5. Hell yeah. 40 mins to an hour as previously mentioned sounds good. Give that flare you spawn with a purpose.
  6. Kevin

    Create Your Staff Team

    yeah that sounds right
  7. Kevin

    Is it combat log if they attempt RDM?

    fuck em dude just log out
  8. I really enjoy running into genuinely good mill RP, if you guys can pull it off this would be lit Good luck fellas
  9. You don't have to give into strong-arming, you could always resist. If you're continuously running into situations like this maybe you just need to man up and take a few fights, join a group and have people who are ready for a fight if you're not wanting to give in and lose a couple pixels in your inventory. Being a lonewolf is a good way to get bullied around, survive in groups buddy.
  10. Kevin

    Bullet damage

    After seeing this I agree that damage output does seem rather low, but if there's a fix coming with the new patch there's no real need for us to do something about it right now
  11. new kh is dope

  12. Kevin

    Asah Dudes!!

    All the more reason for me to stick around
  13. Dude it’s great to have you back

    1. Kevin


      Only half way in the door, but thanks man ?

  14. Stephan is a troubled individual. Through his life as a young adult, getting into fights, stealing, and gang related charges were often placed against him. Stephan comes from a small French community inside the center of the Canadian prairies. Only child, self-entitled feeling, just a shit pump. Stephan has always held a high sense of pride being French, and always wanted to leave his country behind and move to France, because of his attitude, lack of money, and his history with the law France would not take him on as an immigrant. Stephan left Canada and moved around the EU for sometime, trying to make it to France one way or another. Just when he thought it was time to quit, he found out about the French Foreign Legion. He applied for enrollment and was shipped off.
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