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  1. Be a Member Berry

    member when people used this thread?
  2. What do you get on your burger?

    Chili sauce is pree good
  3. How do you eat your fries?

    Salt and vinegar all the way All these fancy things people be puttin on their fries get outta here. Stop tryna be special.
  4. Too early for bandit groups?

    Or maybe you got 10 salty whitenames who don't understand what a 10 second robbery really is People like us who've been here a while know what really qualifies for a 10 sec-drop wep, but newcommers may not.
  5. So how come there's no green check next to "NO EDGY BULLSHIT."
    • Hebee



    1. Hebee



    2. Joffrey
    3. Hebee



  6. Ty b at work and researching reports is aidssssssss
  7. Hold my beer @Duster you know the report I'm talking about @Iso also
  8. Wait aren't you that guy who non copies with an axe on NWAF the last time this group was around? Lol I remember you
  9. Blast to the Past | Share your Screenshots!

    I miss you and I miss these times more pal..
  10. I almost laughed at this, twice, good meme.
  11. Looks like I picked a good time to come back 😁