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  1. Hey

  2. bye staff.

    You had some pretty good verdicts, and an overall good sense on how to run things from what I could tell. I hope the staff team realizes how huge of an asset you were to them, as I'm sure the rest of the community members have. Take care, Jamie.
  3. Do I have to use an accent tho?

  4. Hey

  5. red dot

    ak make your head rock

  6. stop stealing my avatars

    1. evanm23


      no kevin, this does not have shading

  7. Popular Opinions Thread

    I'd say that's pretty popular tbh, But common sense would fit better.
  8. Snapchat!

    I like threads like these
  9. 9bab8a4de7.png

    pull up, new whip, skrt skrt, gaaaaaaangggggggg

  10. Don't spoil the truth for the rest of the boys tho... It will have to be our little secret.
  11. @Dew Thanks for the great inner RP tonight, Was great fun lad
  12. Offworld Rising

    Why wasn't I properly thanked for my work in creating this group? Uh hello?
  13. It's stable enough, but the real question is: is it entertaining enough.