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  1. Skeetsi

    Black and Crossed out names

    Pretty sure we're close to 100 by now
  2. Skeetsi

    Black and Crossed out names

    To be fair, you probably have no idea and most likely will never have. June 2016 with little forums presence so no wonder you're a bit out of the loop.
  3. Skeetsi

    Inside Manning

    How hard would it be to reinitiate just to be sure? With that simple little thing that whole report could've been avoided. Not like the guy would've even been able to do anything since he had no weapon out. I managed to witness the kill happening from about 800 meters away with a scope. Both looting a body the lad being completely unaware there were any hostiles left. Out of the blue one turns to face the other and blasts him in the face. "Hey I'm actually with the ones who started all this and you seem to be the only one left. Why don't you put your hands up again for me." Ta-dah, report avoided. Instead of insinuating that maybe perhaps who knows I guess he should put his hands up just to be safe. Should've come clean if he wished to still get him to comply or just both go separate ways. True about the verdict, I don't see it as RMD, more like ruleplay.
  4. Skeetsi

    Beyond .62 patch. Beta?

    Eugen has posted a very in depth status update on DayZ forums clarifying some things. An update that really made me smile. They're now only running the .63 version in their internal tests which they do call the Beta patch. No legacy systems and no legacy engine modules, just the Enforce engine doing the work. Also mentions: " Before you get excited, this does in no way mean that we are very close to a public BETA build release: there is still a lot of work ahead of us, but this milestone is a major relief for the team. " Link below for those of you who want to read the full announcement Internal Milestone - Road to Beta
  5. Skeetsi

    How do I leave a group?

    You joined a random group? Are they so strictly IC that they don't use TS at all for example where you could go talk to them? I mean at the end of the day you decide how your character behaves after departing from your former friends. Do you wish to make it formal and talk to them in character or will you just stop hanging around them. Same goes out of character aswell I suppose. There are no mandatory obligations you have to complete to stop playing with some people.
  6. Skeetsi

    For Honor thread

    Oh yes. Gotta get that running potential for my Orochi! I usually fight with honor and let people finish 1v1 battling but today I felt like I wanted to be a prick and trigger people. Results were.. scummy. How about you guys? Fuck Ubisoft for not allowing my name to be Skeetsi. Apparently it's a bad word. Fml
  7. Skeetsi

    Beyond .62 patch. Beta?

    Yes, this is a "thing". It's been ever since they announced that the engine will be reworked on with a different language since the legacy won't allow certain features to be implemented or just makes it way too complicated. Not so sure about FPS. That's gotta be dealt with separately by optimization. But stability surely. It should cause less stress for the server to complete the tasks given with the simpler scripts. HAHA yeah. Oh no wait it already has and it will. What, you thought .60 was the patch they fully implemented it? Dropped in like a final piece into a puzzle and that's it? No the engine itself is the puzzle and it's being implemented in pieces one by one. Enforce scripting being a large piece in the whole engine that's named Enfusion. I'm being incredibly optimistic when I believe we're going to get .63 this year, since .62 would most likely hit late April - early May. End of the year and it could come.. at this point I don't know if one should be happy about that or not since it's only February..
  8. Skeetsi

    Beyond .62 patch. Beta?

    So, those of you who don't really read the news or what's going on in the game development, a major breakthrough has just happened. Apparently the devs have finally somewhat put the old SQF scripting language to the rest and are going to soon implement the Enforce script. This has always been a huge internal milestone for the devteam, after which they're capable of pushing the game further in the development and into beta phase and beyond. The SQF as a language is horrible for DayZ's needs and causes many issues in its current usage such as difficult ways to implement new features for them being too complex or major server stress what we usually know better as "desync". Even though there are some features, items and vehicles that are already done but for the reasons mentioned before they just haven't made it all the way to the current stable/public builds. With a simple example of the SQF script, let's say player gets shot. The script has to then go through all the status effects that happen to your character, apply bleed, shock, minus health and blood -> unconcious -> dead. This takes several seconds to process during which the player shot will be able to retaliate and shoot back when he is practically already dead thus usually leading in trade kills if it's a CQC encounter. With Enforce however, the tasks are completed at a much faster rate and the effects will be almost immediate. What aspects of the game does this change concern? Well rather many, for example Player controls (smoother movement, not dying from 2m drop) Zombie actions (breaking windows, doors, new attacks) Environment (infected/radiated areas) Animations (drinking while walking, falling down anims, climbing up/down stairs) Base building Vehicles (bikes, aerial) Now please note that these still aren't going to be in the first beta patch when it arrives. Some might since some of them have already been developed. The .62 patch has already been announced as a more visual update for the environment, roads, forests etc. so not that much content wise. The patch .63 interests me the most. Will it be the beta patch? There has sometimes been many months in between patches and I'm not too confident .62 is going to hit before late April. But these latest news feel like the signs of dim light in the dark tunnel of development we've endured for years now. Yet, I'd still advice to keep the hype train sitting at the station for now.
  9. Skeetsi

    For Honor thread

    Mainly playing orochi and lawbringer, though lawbringer is a huge disappointment. Felt a lot better in alpha. The game is great fun but many aspects in it irritate me a lot that make me shout WHAT THE FUCK constantly. - Counter guardbreak is just broken. It doesn't function the way it used to and generally makes the combat very unsatisfying - Game is currently in "who hits first loses" meta. As long as you're on point with your parries you'll come on top - Many heroes just fall behind too much compared to others. Hoping some balancing will be made Got nice open beta footage though
  10. Skeetsi

    Ambient music to enhance RP

    Not so much on RP, but whenever I played public I put the original mod sounds to play in the background. Made me sad since the launch when they weren't in the standalone, even though there was an option for music volume as well. If anyone enjoys those original ambient sounds I can drop a link here. There are already some "blank" soundtracks among the files so that the sounds won't play continuously. Just put them in VLC or whatever and switch on shuffle. You can also add more blank soundtracks by just copy pasting as many of them as you like. http://puu.sh/u3qRx/e74e5aa862.rar
  11. Skeetsi

    S1 - Killing of compliant Hostage Novaya Petrovka 2-10-2017 2300 ST

    I doubt I can add anything new that hasn't been said yet but as requested I shall post how I was involved in this. Like everyone else, I rolled up to the church to show our numbers and the initiation happened. Realized we had plenty of people inside doing the talking so I went to do overwatch. Hid in a bush and @Montanez came beside me, getting shot right after one of the hostages was killed. I booked it away from his body and started to search the town and surrounding areas for the hostiles as I had heard that we were "surrounded". Found one lad lying on the ground about 200-300 meters away from the church to north-east, knowing he wasn't any of us so I tried to ask who he was. Was met with a burst of bullets so I quickly turned around and took care of him with an excessive amount of bullets, thinking he was firing back but it was just my silencer getting ruined. @Chuckdeuce probably had KoS rights as he stated in his PoV seeing me run from the church, no quarrel there even if he had hit me. Uh.. what? Quite the opposite. This is all I have.
  12. Skeetsi

    Goodbye Staff

    Ah you did good. Going to see a stacking amount of appeals with you gone
  13. Skeetsi

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    After a quick nap/afk session I got to enjoy the dance moves @Blitz had practiced. Video hasn't been sped up at all
  14. Skeetsi

    How many times have you been a hostage?

    Probably 3 times. 2 of them caused reports and 1 time I talked my way out when they didn't want problems with my friends.
  15. Skeetsi

    PSA: Lag related to shooting

    The reason for this is the new dynamic lighting system. Every muzzle flash causes a dynamic light source, hence multiple dynamic shadows. If more than one person shoots then it causes such stress for the local area that everyone's FPS goes to shit. Nice looking addition to the game but I'd rather have less issues than a pretty looking game. Feels like the further we go in the development the less they test things before pushing them to the stable, just because they're under so much pressure from the community. And don't really care if it's fully functional or not.
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