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  1. Nibbors - Twitch

    After another busy period, I'll be back to streaming soon. I expect to be able to do some streaming tonight and/or Friday. Hope to see you guys around!
  2. Nibbors - Twitch

    It seems like life got in the way again. Jujst as we were gearing up again, I was sent to South-Africa for work. Which was pretty awesome to be honest, but we're back now. When I get back in the swing of things, the stream will continue. Thanks to everyone who comes to hang out
  3. Nibbors - Twitch

    Sorry to all the people who come to hang out on Twitch with us, we've been away for a while. I've been pretty sick around NYE period and still haven't fully recovered. I've been playing a few games left and right, but have been unable to stream anything. We will be back next weekend with some DayZRP!
  4. Nibbors - Twitch

    Undertale Giveaway right now! We have been streaming DayZRP today, moving to Walking Dead Season 2 now
  5. Nibbors - Twitch

    For anyone who has not been able to see a stream of mine, check out this encounter with @firelordjared and @Karolis The video quality should have improved since this moment (higher bitrate) but you should have an idea on the RP-aspects. Check it out!
  6. Nibbors - Twitch

    I want to thank everyone who dropped by and watched the stream today. It was a day with highs and lows and it's good to see some good RP on the server. If you guys have any tips for my stream or my roleplaying, please feel free to send me a PM or let me know in here!
  7. Nibbors - Twitch

    We are now a member of the DayZRP.com Stream team! We are live and on DayZRP! Come join us! https://www.twitch.tv/team/wolfsteam We are now a member of the DayZRP.com Stream team! We are live and on DayZRP! Come join us! https://www.twitch.tv/team/wolfsteam
  8. Nibbors - Twitch

    Streamed for about 12 hours today (maybe more?!) Also did some Rocket League with viewers. Thank you all for joining. Tomorrow marks the start of the steam sale. I will start by playing the Walking Dead Season 1 and go to DayZRP. We will be doing giveaways and having some fun! Feel free to join us tomorrow
  9. Nibbors - Twitch

    We are back on! Come join us for some DayZRP!
  10. Nibbors - Twitch

    Appreciated man! Hope to see you around more often. Offline for a bit for dinner, will be back playing tonight!
  11. Nibbors - Twitch

    We are currently LIVE! We have been streaming for 2,5 hours now and will continue for about 4 hours or more!
  12. Nibbors - Twitch

    Thanks for dropping by! I have reached out to JimRP as well, thanks for the tip! I hope the winner was one of your friends Any tips to improve the stream are welcome as well! Feel free to drop by when I'm back online!
  13. Nibbors - Twitch

    Hi all, Some of you may know me from the Mod days. I have played a lot of DayZRP in the past but lost interest when standalone came out. I have been playing a bit and have been streaming my content since rejoining. In the past I've been with groups like 2ISB, S-GRU, SVR, now I'm actually roleplaying more friendly characters that look for RP instead of banditry (though they are not mutually exclusive, of course). This may change in the future, but I will be streaming today for a while. It's a small channel, I don't really have that many followers. Part of the reason I stream is because it provides content and a connection community so come hang out in the chat! twitch.tv/nibbors
  14. Any reason the servers are down?

    GamingDeluxe GSP ‏@GamingDeluxe 6m6 minutes ago Theres plenty of you to tweet, but think we've got the answer - will confirm shortly GamingDeluxe GSP ‏@GamingDeluxe 21s22 seconds ago very shortly, the issue has been uncovered
  15. .61 Current Issues and Information

    I've been able to get on a PW server, Whitelist servers appear to be the problem.