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    Fuck dude. Good luck with your kid :( 

  1. Will We Bounce Back?

    Last night we took an L today we didn't bounce back
  2. What We Can Do

    It's not even worth a thread. The ship has sunk and it's over
  3. Message to New Moon [Private Freq.]

    -User was warned for this post-
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    1. Boston


      @Boston Turned to the Dark Side.




  4. Excuse me sir I take offense to this thread, MODS!! On it!
  5. Goodbye Staff

    the last bastion of hope. god bless you and i will be selling you clothes when im a big designer
  6. New Moon Media Thread

    I haven't even been online in weeks, just saw a bunch of internet tears and shade, flame us or just don't bother being passive aggressive were all grown ups here ?
  7. New Moon Media Thread

    Why does everyone cry on our media thread
  8. Is offending someone a rulebreak?

    If I can't put a rap song as my profile song just take away the fucking option
  9. In one ear and out the other?

    I love that Morgan freeman quote. Man has wisdom.
  10. Is offending someone a rulebreak?

    Stop taking offense to everything this is the internet you children, MATURE ROLE PLAYING COMMUNITY! GROW A SET!
  11. Pins and Needles

    Fucking stupid. Another one of my friends fallen victim to the system we got here
  12. Real life picture Thread

    I love you
  13. Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    When I first started playing I asked people in ts if jug had on a Satan voice changer than asked how it was humanly possible for his voice to be that deep. Fun fact. Agreed tho. Yes.