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"*Rides in 8 ft above you via camel*"

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  1. Diamond

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

  2. Diamond

    RavenousRP's Pimp Your Profile

    Yo make me one
  3. Diamond

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    Like gator said what is a troll and how do you define one. Everyone has their own opinion on what a trolly character is.. just report and see if they get a bad rp
  4. Diamond

    Real life picture Thread

  5. Diamond

    Interview With A Community Member: Saunders

    HMU Nice interview fellow lil peep Stan
  6. Diamond

    Allahu Akbar

    *Caliph sits down behind a wall along the South Zagorian border with his brothers and presses his PTT* We did what we came to do. Takistan is mobilizing and the sultan is planning an invasion of these cursed lands of Chernarus. The will of Allah has struck down the infidels of these lands time and time again. The jihad was a success. We continue onward to the west and continue the path Allah has laid for us and rejoice with the thousands of other warriors of Allah. ALLAHU AKBAR.. JALRI JAYSH ALLAH. *Gun fire is heard* *he throws the radio down next to his cassette player and plays a song* *The radio stays on afterwards but no one is there to hear the replies, it continues playing until the cassette player dies and so does the radio*
  7. Diamond

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    Honestly man just stop. You came to the thread with the intent to throw shade, leave the fucking thread and go do something else more productive with your time this is just annoying at this point
  8. Diamond

    Real life picture Thread

  9. Diamond

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    User has been warned for this post.
  10. Diamond

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    what a backhanded feedback post lol
  11. Diamond

    Real life picture Thread

    Full geeza mode
  12. Diamond

    The De Valera Pub

    *Jonny turns on his radio and begins to get rowdy* oi bruv I been to the pub yeah, bossman was feedin me liq like no tomorrow he was. Was crawlin out the pub
  13. Diamond

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    You can roleplay how you like that’s why it’s called a roleplay server. Your roleplay shouldn’t be dictated by people who report everyone for everything on the server
  14. Diamond

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    Do what you want when you wanna and this game will be much more enjoyable. Don’t worry about elitism rp
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