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  1. Diamond

    Fashion and clothing thread

    Courtney love for Enfants Riches Deprimes
  2. Diamond


  3. Will update when I get home.
  4. Diamond

    Breaking News [Open Freq]: Benedict Falk: The Twisted Robin Hood

    *Tyler replies and giggles* he has such a way with words. *Him and his buddies giggle at the spongebob reference* Thats awesome John. Hopefully we don’t all vanish off like dust in the wind. That would for real suck. Butttttt, really we could just settle it all if were not as mighty as we make ourselves seem? Just a thought? Let me know bro. *Releases his PTT*
  5. Diamond

    Breaking News [Open Freq]: Benedict Falk: The Twisted Robin Hood

    *Tyler picks up his radio and nods to harry he says I got This bro* why don’t you just meet up with us instead of running into the forest and hiding. It’s pretty easy to find us, hit the line and we can meet up anytime and settle business like men. Tie up some loose ends. You’re picking on a girl right now, I unsterdand you may have a hidden love for Katie but Harry is always gonna beat you, John. Every single time. You know where to find us and you should talk with my psych sally about this odd obsession you have with Katie. She’s pretty thorough bro. It’s just creepy. *He releases the PTT*
  6. Diamond


    Kaaaaaaaaaaahl god dammnit kyle
  7. Diamond

    Fashion and clothing thread

    2 pick ups I got today thanks to the goat @ Alexander McQueen RIP MY TOP 10 designers of all time not really in order. If you disagree send me the address so we can debate physically. Alexander McQueen (RIP) Rick owens Demna Henry Levy Virgil Heidi Slimane Raf Simons Matthew Williams Natalia Maczek Yohji Yamamoto
  8. Diamond

    Real life picture Thread

  9. Diamond


    Welcome bro
  10. Diamond

    Real life picture Thread

    We out here
  11. Diamond

    Real life picture Thread

    The other day
  12. Diamond

    Initiations in BETA

    Assume the close, I agree it’s a good idea
  13. Diamond

    Hostile Air Waves

    I just wouldn’t use it honestly I reply the same ways you do and always would get warned so I just gave up on it
  14. Diamond

    I fink the server need more cars

    1 year into the apocalypse there should be tons of fucking cars tbh. After a while of no repairs then they would start to break if we ever did an advancement in life or spring characters forward 10 years it’s make sense for barely any cars.
  15. Diamond

    Rest in peace you glorious bastard <3

    Can I get a RIP for Stan Lee.