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  1. zoyo

    Just turned 19 today. I've legally been an adult in my country for a year already, and I still feel like a child. xD

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      Happy birthday. ^_^

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      thanks :D

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      Happy birthday,dude! <3


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      Empress Julia

      You are a child zoyo. You always will be. 

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      Happy Birthday Zoyooooo

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      19, yet still a sinful sonova bitch...

      Happy B-Day tho.

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  2. Shout out to the roughly 25 people who banded together in Cherno, hopped on a bus, and stormed into Zelenogorsk. I'll have some video of what took place this evening. It's not every day you fill a bus and many laughs were had. A night to remember!
  3. Welcome to DayZ. Expect the unexpected, friend! This has happened to me on multiple occasions.
  4. I mean that's really just a matter of your characters own personal experience with the UN. I think it would be silly for the whole community to come together and decide when the appropriate time to start hating the UN is. If people are going to start hating the UN it should happen naturally through RP.
  5. We are playing a game about a zombie apocalypse here, I don't think we should expect everything to be totally realistic. This is an RP community and people will play whatever characters they want, because its fun. By limiting the amount of foreign characters there are allowed to be at one time you would be stifling a lot of creativity, and the only thing you would accomplish is upset all the people who play non Chernarussian characters. Which is pretty much everybody at one point or another. And even if you are playing a Chernarussian character now, how would you feel if you were told you can't play the character you want if you wanna RP as a foreigner in the future?
  6. Any Civilian Roleplayers? O.o

    *raises hand* over here! My character was a flight attendant who got trapped when the airports where shut down. I have a bit written about it on my character page, and plan on expanding upon it in the near future.
  7. DayZ Inception

    Haha I mean yes you can technically argue there's nothing wrong with talking about DayZ in character. But honestly I can't really think of a more immersion breaking thing you could do in a RP community centered around DayZ. My guess is most people would probably think you're just trolling and walk away.
  8. What Makes A Good Character Page?

    Well thought out, quality content, that makes sense and fits in with the current lore.
  9. Is ok if my character start this rumor?

    I don't think there is a rule saying you always need to tell the truth when you're in RP. I'd say go for it.
  10. Too early for bandit groups?

    I think as long as there are things that some people have that others people don't, there will be those willing to go to extreme lengths to take in for themselves. For example with some groups disarming the population of automatic weapons could spark some form of resistance, especially with all the Americans running around. I could see a group of people attacking these groups under the guise that they are simply redistributing these weapons and supplies to civilians and non-military personnel. Arguing that the Military has needlessly hindered innocent people's chance's of survival. Of course whether or not a group like this would Actually hand out free weapons and supplies to random people they come across is unlikely. They'd probably just horde is for themselves lets be real here.
  11. Real life picture Thread

  12. Scarlett's's Photo Album

    We already have the invisible car, I think we won DayZ!
  13. Always nice to see new players having a good time. I'm finally feeling that rush again when I get in game that I got when I was new. Hopefully the Lore Wipe will continue to help in creating exciting role play experiences. ^-^
  14. A Huge Thanks!

    Hope you continue to have fun on DayZRP for the foreseeable future.