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  1. RileyChan


    @Gallo @Werewolf @Ming Three Wolf themed group ideas in one day, hmm.... 🤔😂



    jk jk good luck to the three of you and your new groups, they all look good!

    1. Gallo


      😂 You right! Mine is totally just the Mandalorian symbol with a wolf skull rather than a bantha >.> This is a funny coincidence tho 😂

    2. Genji



    3. Ming

      Yeah, we are changing the group, haha


  2. RileyChan

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8/10 good music, kinda a lot going on with the signature
  3. RileyChan

    [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    10/10 highest quality
  4. RileyChan

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    This looks pretty cool, maybe add some more IC goals?
  5. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Yes! Those creaking house sounds keep making me thing there is someone right behind me! I don't think I'll ever get used to it... Also yeah the way it changes your character model every time you die is pretty annoying, but I don't think it's a big deal as long as it's fixed before stable.
  6. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    lol well it still is public servers after all. I haven't really played solo in experimental yet, I'd say I should give it a shot but I'm too much of a scaredy-cat. Those new zombie sounds and stuff give me the creeps!
  7. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Wow great screenshots! @Dvlinhb and I actually used that crashed plane to hide in after surviving a huge group of zombies attacking us at the military tents. I think its kinda neat that loot actually seems to spawn in there. That or maybe people were just there earlier and dropped some stuff. I also had a similar experience a couple of times. Finding people who are near death and helping them get food, water, splints. This actually happened shortly after I got on experimental for the first time a few days ago, we were gonna travel together and everything but naturally I crashed a few minutes after we started jogging down the road together. I still enjoyed the experience though, we're used to relatively friendly interactions since we play on an RP server. But finding friendly people on public is much more uncommon. I like to think that guy will remember that one time he was saved from near death by me. I'll remember how thankful he was for me not killing him on sight. lol
  8. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Yeah shooting in cities or large towns is really scary right now lol. You can easily get killed by a large group of infected, even trying to kill more than 2 infected at a time with a melee weapon is dangerous. It's happened to me a couple times so far, but sometimes you don't really have a choice but to shoot. The way I see it there are 3 options. Option one, accept your fate and spending your final moments thinking about what it's like to die... I don't like option one! Option two, hide in a nearby building and hope you have enough ammo to kill all the infected. Option three, as soon as you shoot, try running away as fast as possible. The infected wont go straight to you, they will go to where they heard the gun shots, then slowly start searching the area. If you can get even a short distance away and find a good hiding place, they will all go away eventually. I think the easiest way to make it through a city if going around isn't an option, is stealth. Also crouch running drains your stamina bar much slower, so doing that might help you survive! Yesterday @Zilly and I shot a guy in Elektro, naturally the zombie horde came down upon us. We were able to avoid them after killing the guy, but we were forced to shoot again when a few more infected noticed us looting the body. We decided to run into the nearby police station to hide, which worked at first... But unfortunately we decided to hide in the one building the that had another armed player hiding in it. And of course he just so happened to be the friend of the guy we shot earlier. Lesson being, sometimes you just can't catch a break!
  9. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Yeah I didn't need any at the time so I didn't bother to look. There is no sickness in experimental now though, so you can drink river/pond water for now without needing to worry.
  10. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    RIP I didn't get a chance to check while I was there the other day, is there still a pump at the southern end of the airfield?
  11. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Sorry you had a negative experience so far, that's rough. I guess that's why we have experimental, so we can figure out what works and what doesn't before the game goes onto stable. I agree with you that hunger and thirst is a bit tricky now, but I'm sure that'll change. Personally my experience was completely different. @Dvlinhb and I were able to find lots of food and get by just fine, especially once we got more inland. Not only did we find plenty of food, but we ran into a bunch of players all the way from Berezino to NWAF, and from Skalisty Island to Kamenka. I think I saw more players at NWAF than I actually saw on the coast tbh, had alot of fun PVP action up there. DayZ has always been frustrating, I haven't played it much the past couple years because of it. But it's been a long time since we've seen changes this big to the game. I'm giving 0.63 a fair chance. Don't give up hope yet!
  12. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Any interesting stories to tell? Why has your experience so far been amazing? That's the topic of this thread.
  13. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    So 0.63 Experimental is out now, I've been having alot of fun playing. The game feels great, even in it's bare bones state. I've already been already having some of those memorable moments. I'm sure plenty of you have been having just as much fun in Experimental as me. I'd love to hear about some of the crazy, fun, exciting things you've experienced so far. It could be interactions with other players you've run into, making memories with friends, anything! Of course DayZ is still DayZ, so i'd prefer to keep the negative stuff to a minimum. We all get killed by bugs once in awhile, that's nothing special. But I think the different stories each person has to tell is. Looking forward to reading about all of your stories!
  14. RileyChan


    @Dvlinhb Making me take screenshots for you while everyone is exploring the new NWAF... and trying to kill each other... thanks for the near heart attack babe. Hope it was worth it! 😂


    1. Zilly


      Looking like an absolute bad ass. 

    2. RileyChan


      @Zilly Yeah... he looks like sumthin.. 🤣

      He's just lucky we didn't get shot while he was doing this lol

    3. Zilly


      Id love to play on the test branch with y'all. Ive just been playing on my own lately. 

    4. RileyChan


      Sounds good, we got into a firefight at the end of our journey. Took 3 with us, but we got trapped in a building. We didn't stand a chance trying to escape... 😢

      Buuuut I'm sure we'll be back at it tomorrow if you like! 😋

    5. Zilly


      Of course! That'd be awesome.

      Have y'all been on the actual Stress Test branch or on the new Experimental release?

    6. RileyChan


      Experimental, the past couple days I've been trying the new .63 stuff for the first time. It's been super fun!

      If you like, you can PM me your discord, i'm about to go to sleeps. 😴

    7. Zilly


      Sure thing! Im hyped.

  15. RileyChan



    After a long day of drinking blood and banditing, sometimes it's nice to enjoy the little things. 😊💕



    1. Jman14102


      This is true love right here.

    2. RileyChan


      @Jman14102 Truly terrifying, bandit love. 😅

    3. Dvlinhb


      @Jman14102 Nothing screams romantic like sharing a freshly sliced cut of "Josh" with your dayz-waifu.


    4. RileyChan


      @Dvlinhb Honey! We're going on a picnic! I've packed you're favorite, Josh and cheese sandwiches, with blood wine. 🥪🍷

    5. Dvlinhb


      @RileyChan What about a "Josh-strami" sandwich? 

    6. RileyChan


      YES! 😂