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  2. o7 It was a hell of a journey, and I had so much fun with you all. I'll never forget all the crazyness we went through together. And I feel very lucky to have made such good friends here. CLF FOR LIFE!!
  3. I'd like for the civilian tent to be easier to carry around, so it could be moved more easily to make camp without as much effort. I hate needing a massive back pack to carry the civilian tent around. I would be fine with decreasing the amount of slots in a tent to balance this change, but I think eliminating all storage is a bit extreme. +1
  4. Congrats y'all!! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more interactions with you guys real soon.
  5. my cozy forest cabin
  6. Estelle White is an ambitious business woman, who came to Chernarus soon before the third wave hit. She was working as a sales representative for a company that made its fortune from selling various luxury goods to the upper classes of nations around the world. Unfortunately for Estelle, her meeting with a wealthy Chernarussian Oligarch took longer than her associates anticipated, and as a result she and her associates were trapped in Lopotevgrad when the lockdowns began. As the local authorities lost control, Estelle and her business partners were able to make it back to their client's e
  7. Its finally here!! Good luck guys!
  8. I feel like 9mm would make the most sense, but to be honest we have plenty of guns that use 9mm already. It would be nice to have more weapons that use 45acp. Both options sound fine to me.
  9. I don't see the point in having a second server honestly, a new map is added, people play for like 2-3 weeks, and it dies. I think with current activity 1 server is fine. If anything a second server could be useful as a test server to try figuring out crashes and whether mods work before implementing them on the main server. Many would say it wouldn't work because the population would be low and the data gathered wouldn't be useful for the main server, but a simple fix would be to just do a pvp event or something whenever something needs testing. Anyways, that's just my 2 cents. Gonna say
  10. looks good, would like to see this in a variety of colors and patterns +1
  11. This looks great! I love stuff like this, variety helps quite a bit with immersion imo. +1
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    pls fix

    Dobre Den Fuck Face
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    pls fix

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    pls fix

    Yaaaa! Thanks for looking into it
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