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  1. Hello Everyone! I have not been on the server for very long, a few days now, and I have started to notice a few things that have become rather of an annoyance. This is best expained by running through the average life of someone new to this server which goes something like this...Spawn, most of the time on the coast. This is known to most as the "coastline to 3km inland area of no loot. That being said a ne spawn must take two things into consideration. 1. food and water are a most atm and 2. i dea something to kill zombies. This is well known to all DayZ survivors and are the essential tools to survval, however being spawned at the coast now a player must run inland, roughly 3000 meters to find survival gear and yes some of you will point out "Well just collect apples and berries" in which I will say "okay what about weapons to kill zombies, bandages to heal yourself after the 9ft long reach of the zombie magically hits you and the fact that you are constantly freezing to death because this enviroment can cause you to freeze to death and grow fruits and vegetables, of all variety, at the same time. Once you have magivcally survived the journey inland you find scattered throughout the land villages, settlements and the random building here and there. Great! or actually not because now that everyone has moved inland nothing remains...Animals, when the DayZ Gods have been nice enough to show such a rare thing in the server, you have nothing to cut, shoot, cook, or catch siad animal which at that point makes it about as useful as books in the game. The the survivor, seeing there is no supplies moves even further inland. again chances of supplies being found are nill to none. Now lets put our focus on the ones with gear already....how did they get it? Only two real ways with no gear laying around...Stealing or Killing. I am not saying those are bad options however finding anything good puts you into a disadvantage when you have no way to defend yourself against such threats. Now lets go over the situation as a whole: If a survivor is lucky he has made it without dying by zombies, Bandits, the Weather, starvation, dehydration and the unlucky random fall 2 meter of the ground deaths, has made it 3000 meters nland to find..nothing which then he moves further inalnd finding more of nothing and running into more of all the bad things stated before... Look I undertsand this is a Zombie Survivor Apocolapse and all but without gear, a means to survive, then it becomes the next Death simulator 2015. I have played alot of DayZ I know some will just tell me to play somewhere else but we all play on this server for the same reason: expierance of others. We like to know that we can run around and not die by random gunfire 1000m away and that we can communicate and socialize with people. That is why I got on want to play here and it has been really fun when people were helping one another. All I believe it comes down to is this: more loot spawning maybe once a day or once every 3 days but something. If this is already happening increase the amount some players ahve a chance. I apologies to everyone who reads this and is sitting there thinking "Oh God someone complaining again" I have been playing on the server for a few hours now and felt this was the nly way to express the frustration that was building in me. Please give me some feed back for people for or against what I have written Thanks Guys!
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