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  1. Is it fair to say that nik khaos is part of the same dynamic group as @Dodge and @LumenRP and could explain the confusion that"James" had in IC, since to him the voices sounded the same and james had IC knowledge of their affiliation to each other.
  2. Can i request logs to confirm that it was or wasn't @Dodge who tried to break in the first time.
  3. @Para yes i am 95% sure it was on april 1st. I found video evidence of the incident on april 1st. Unfortunately due to my bad streaming habits i did not get any visual evidence of the incident . In the video you can clearly hear someone hacking my lock and me asking why he is doing so. Knowing that i have KOS rights on this person i choose to RP with him instead. This was his first attempt at breaking in the tent. I believe this voice evidence and logs should prove his first break in attempt.
  4. Here is my video evidence. POV Statement: I was walking back to camp to see that my car tent was being broken into. We caught the perps in the act of trying to steal our car for the tent that was locked. They were told to leave and not touch the car. At that point we had given them a chance to run since i did have kill rights on them. They came back with guns in hand and i shot the perp who broke into the tent. This being said "james gilmore" had previously caught this same person a few days ago trying to break into the tent, and actually let him go with the car. This would be his second attempt at breaking in the tent IC.
  5. James The Mechanic At Your Service......You got any beer?
  6. welcome, hope you enjoy your time with us !
  7. Biography : James "jimmy" Gilmore, born and raised in Montreal Quebec belonged too one of the most notorious Polish bike gangs in Canada, the Road Runners. Born in a World of Violence , Drugs and criminal activity james gilmore was able to find his calling as a motorbike mechanic fixing the bikes of the local MC Members. James was a valued asset to the group, and with the mechanic gig, he was able to keep his nose clean from the chaos that was surrounding him. On August 4th 2017, james was celebrating his birthday with family and a large gathering of MC members from the Road Runners MC. During the Event Local Law Enforcement conducted a raid, one of the biggest bike gang raids in history. During the raid, Over 300 arrests were made, those in which included james whole family. His father, mother, and two brothers were facing life sentences. Since no arrest warrants were issued for james, He was later released that very same day. With no family left in Montreal, James Reached out to his only living relative "Jackson Gilmore ", james's grandfather who happen to live in place Called Livonia. James's Grandfather was a World War 2 Vet who happend to marry a polish women after the war. Unaware of the horrors to come within the next 2 years ,James Travelled to livonia seeking the only blood realative he has left. How will james survive in this new post apocalyptic World so far away from home?....
  8. Rp with the toy makers is one of a kind. It like stepping into your very own zombie survival t.v series. Honestly a real blessing to have you guys around .
  9. interesting group. would love to meet IC
  10. *Flicks Radio on* "Hello If anyone is listening.. If your are in need of weapons, ammo, attachments i will be in pustoshka near the fountain across from the church" .....Stay Safe Ladies and Gents...Infected Are numerous" *flicks Radio Off*
  11. UnReALjay

    OH NO..

    i was there. you grow some good stuff dr
  12. Ive had some very good times on this community, left came back and gone agian. Now im back . Anything i should know or do before i join server? Is My white-list still valid ?
  13. Born and raise in Montreal Canada Jay Green Grew up in a small family that consisted of a big brother and a little sister making him the middle child. Like most boys growing up jay was playing with toy guns, acting out cops and and robbers with his brother and he also loved to create scenarios with his toy soldiers. As Jay Grew older his interest in guns matured and he became more and more interested in how they worked and what they can do. In his Early teens jay started reading any books he can find that had information on fire arms learning various weapon types and ammunition grades. The more he read the more his interest grew. When Jay was old enough , at the age of eighteen he proceeded in joining the Canadian military signing up As a Weapons Technician. From that moment forward Jay continued a successful and ongoing career. Having served almost 11 years as a weapon technician , the knowledge and training he received on various weapons and ammunition types was invaluable. On May 3rd 2017 a conflict has arisen in a country Called Chernarus off the coast of the Green sea and it had got the attention of the Canadian military And other U.N and Nato Forces. On This day in the province south Zagoria A state of Martial law was Declared. Jay Green was Part of Infantry regiment Known As "royal Canadian Regiment" (RCR) , and his platoon was assigned to be sent over to Chernarus on a peacekeeping and humanitarian Aid mission. Little did jay Know his particular knowledge about weapons would become more useful then he had anticipated in the days to come....As a matter of Fact his very own survival and those of others will depend on this very knowledge..
  14. @Elmo well judging by @ExoticRainbow POV it was he that shot me , but i don't blame him at all, because after watching @Yoshi video it shows that i clearly had some sort of gun glitch giving exotic rainbow full rights to shoot me. i know i would of done the same in his situation. Just wanted to make that clear so he doesn't receive undeserved punishment.
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