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  1. Growing up in Philadelphia was hard for Matt. A lot of his friends would smoke weed or do stuff that made him uncomfortable. His only hobbies as a kid was video games and his only true friend was his sister Brittany. Brittany was 2 years older then Matt but she cared about him they played video games all day after school and it was like that till senior year of high school for Matt. His sister had a photography job at a NBE news station she was given a task to go and see the living conditions of the people of Chernarus and report back to them with photos for a documentary. Matt was very upset she was leaving so since it was spring break and she was going to a safe resort she invited him to the resort she was going to. Matt was so happy and he knew this trip would change everything between them.
  2. When I started to play dayzrp back in 2014 it was fun but my god my PC was so bad and on 2015 I cant even play it anymore but I was thinking on buying this PC to rejoin the action Its not that high end but still Give me your opinion will it run the game fine? - https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-ultra-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-1400-8gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-580-1tb-hard-drive-black/5833100.p?skuId=5833100
  3. Hi guys my name is Max I used to play this a lot back in 2014 and 2015 but my PC got killed off by a storm and I had to get a cheap tower and save up again but just got my just got my new tower I missed a lot of people I still hope that the western watch is still alive haha cant wait to jump in game after all of these years gone and give a great Roleplay experience. Has anything changed like huge changes I don't know where to find that on the forums so if someone could help me that would be great
  4. Well you just answered your own question On a side note, blame the player limit on the devs. It's not like they're actually trying to make the playerbase happy, right? lol facts
  5. I thought there was a 75 player limit before? I remember that also, but I don't think you can host servers at 75 players anymore. oh really ::(ut when it does will dayzrp support it?
  6. I thought there was a 75 player limit before?
  7. I know this is not a big deal but Server 2 for the last 3 days is really hard to get into bc of the player lock. Its a 60 player lock and its aways full now I was just wondering are you able to increase the limit to 70 or 65 for example or is it stuck at 60 and yes I know putting up the limit will make server lag I was just wondering was that the issue?
  8. Md6199

    New community additions

    The map is a great tool Good stuff
  9. Md6199


    True! DayZ needs to stay on PC... Some games just won't work on consoles... I agree it should port over when the game is done at the least They did this with ark they brought it to consoles and tbh it a good move more people play ark on consols more then 3 times of pc players its just weird to see how dayz will tackle this
  10. Md6199

    The Crop Duster

    I hope its like arma 3 controls but again it would be nice to seeing flying very hard so only some people can do it and RP transporting and there background story as a pilot can fit
  11. Md6199

    The Crop Duster

    So the devs decided to add in the next upcoming updates a crop duster I just wondering how this will work I can see so many suicide bombing haha does anyone know where these will spawn yet? http://www.dayztv.com/pic/dayz-crop-duster-airplane-bumblebee-w-i-p-preview-dayz/
  12. Md6199


    I can see why Im just bring up the point if the servers were fine and everything fell of what you guys wanted in the near future can It have a light of being talked about I mean trust me I agree bring a pre alpha game on other systems is going to be a living nightmare haha but maybe give it some time I just want to see people being open to it
  13. I made a post about this a year ago http://www.dayzrp.com/t-xbox-or-ps4-rp but the it seemed no one is on board And I just wanted to check in if there was any other discussion about this since then that dayzrp will move to other things In my stand point I have a ps4 and a xbox 1 and most people on console never seen Rp and I see people all the time try to make a cop unit on gta but moral of the story when dayzrp comes to console it could most likely be a success and make dayzrp more profit and a better community or it may fail and a lot of resources and time will be put to waste just for that move which I understand but in my eyes I see it being a great success and about everybody is so hype on console to play dayz I just hope the develops give more info soon when it will being going on other systems but what are your plans so far or thoughts on this?
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