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  1. It was fate that landed Jag Salieri deep within what most people would call the seed of evil. Intentions purely personal, he was on a trip through the European land mass, stopping in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands to study different art and landscapes before he continued on his way through to Chernarus. It was only meant to be a couple days stop but when the Outbreak started and people were quarantined, Jag now found himself in completely foreign land, dealing with with completely foreign ideals of survival. Until then, life had been pretty pleasant as an artist growing up, if not lonely at times out of his own personal choice for seclusion. He's an American-Italian that grew up in NYC with a rather distant and spread out family though there was a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles. A product of the local school system, he had some instruction in art that transpired to taking it to a college level as he got older. He was in the middle of his 20s and his Master's studies when he became trapped in the outbreak around Chernarus. His biggest concerns and thoughts are of home, wanting to see them again, wishing it would still be the same as it was when he left.. but he knows deep down that he'll have to move on with the rest of his family being nothing more than a collection of good memories and bad hangups that he'll never closure for.
  2. Super old thread revival but here goes.. I'm a streamer that recently played through the majority of telltale's Walking Dead series(yes, I live under rocks.) Always enjoyed RPing and in that setting, this looks like the best option to go. I had tried in the past but couldn't get past the bugginess of the game. Will be developing ideas for a character and won't do a shameless plug of my twitch stream for now.
  3. Any time that I've seen the server pop up, I've seen open spots to join. May just be dependent on time of day though.
  4. Hello, currently in the review process to be whitelisted but looking forward once I can play on the server.