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  1. Agreed. OP, people are sensitive about grammar corrections because they can sound condescending. With this in mind, I tend to only make them when the semantics is truly affected. Also, one line is all that is needed and you're really asking for it if you have errors in your post.
  2. Hello Colonel, did it happen again or is it fixed? No it's fixed now. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your help guys. I'm out for the day now but I will try again this evening (on my phone atm) and let you know if it is solved.
  4. Any idea why I had to use a VPN to access the website? My IP worked fine before, but now I appear to be blocked.
  5. Colonel

    [FM] Free Medics

    Maybe a more appropriate name would be MSF, standing for Medecins Sans Fusils?
  6. You have to talk to them before killing them or performing another hostile act but you don't have to talk to them generally. If your character is frightened of them then I see no problem with avoiding contact.
  7. They were testing 100 player slots recently, so who knows? Also, sirens are awesome. Maybe the easiest way to incorporate them would be to have player-operated ones.
  8. Colonel

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for looking at me funny
  9. Colonel

    Bring back the 'Hero' rule!

    You share KoS rights with members of your group as long as you aren't more than 500m from the aggressive act. So yes, that's fine as I assume if you are in shooting range you're not more than 500m away.
  10. You can play in a group without having to create a group in the forums. That is mainly for promoting your group if you want to recruit others through the forums or compete for title of "Group of the Year". I imagine you will prefer the other option, which is to allow your group to develop organically through in-game RP. Many groups are formed in an impromptu sense when people meet in-game and that is probably the more RP option, to be honest.
  11. Hardcore RPer, eh? I think you'll be very popular around here.
  12. Colonel

    nlr is missing timer detail and kos is missing revenge timer as well as care and bait

    I assume you're referring to a rejected whitelist application? In this case, the member of staff means you haven't mentioned in your description that you must wait 90 minutes before returning to the site of your death and that you haven't mentioned that you can only KOS an aggressor up to 2 hours after the act of aggression.
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