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  1. Life is like a box of chocolates:

    Bounty is the kid who gets bullied.

    Snickers is usually the bully.

    Milky Way and Twix are your are average kids 

    Malteser is your non-normie memer

    Galaxy is the popular kid

    Galaxy caramel is destined for great things...

    Which chocolate are you?

    1. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      Oh shit who could forget  the mars. Yes, you are right. Mars does = Ripped pussy slayer.

    2. Grozo


      I am the Moreni chocolate bar - some Eastern European brand that no one has ever heard of, but is actually pretty fucking amazing once you take a closer look.

    3. Sir Hawke

      Sir Hawke

      Fukken kvikk lunsj for life mah dud 


      On a completely unrelated note, dayzrp is now officially a Facebook rip off.

    4. Grozo


      Пффф... Shows how much you know @dankatronic :D

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