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Great Khan

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  1. Dayzrp deader than my nan what's going on?

    1. Nihoolious


      It's a ghost town

    2. Corry


      yeah pretty dead m9 all waiting for .63


  2. It's coming home ya wankers!!!!!

    1. Corry


      alright liam simmer down 

  3. Great Khan

    • Great Khan
    • Spartan

    Gracing my presence here briefly. Congratz dude, I've been way too inactive but I'm sure it was well deserved.

    Also Guns N' Roses are awesome, loving the profile music <3 

    1. Spartan


      It's great seeing your name again on the forums. Pleas become active ingame again! 

  4. Quick update: I'm alive. 

    In my time I've been gone, I got to witness a fat guy getting a blowjob through a window at a Youth Hostel

    Very nearly got molested by a gay dude at the club. if a sack squeeze for 1 second counts as molested then I did get molested at the club

    Witnessed someone get run over

    Witnessed a fight which after 10 seconds resulted in the 2 guys hugging and then making out

    Broke my computer

    And other things xxx

    Now going to return back to what I call a life in the hope I can study to achieve a high social status of power which I will then utilise to crush everyone below me. If I can fix my computer though I'll stick to memeing rather than bothering to do that.

    Love you my fellow DayZRPians who have now probably forgotten me :(. If I get my computer back up and running I'll join in on a few salt sesh's x




    1. Oliv


      What fucking rabbit hole did you fall into?

    2. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      Oliv you fine specimen. Hope everything is going good for you. If I get my computer back up and running I'll grace you with my presence here more often.

      Fell into university and alcoholism. Fortunately for me though I've had a relatively calm one compared to the average student. But if you go out on a night out in any big city over here, there's a 1/10 chance one of the following would have happened to you. Tbf no 2 probably wouldn't have happened if I had realised that I just went into a gay club. 

    3. Spartan




    4. Corry


      who are you 

    5. Santan


      Hi Liam 

    6. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      Hey Dom. Hope everything is going normal for you too....... 

      I'm still me Corry, just a sleepier and usually drunker version. Should have my PC for Christmas so I'll engage in some salt activities then. For now though,  I must focus my every effort not fapping as it is nofap November and having a PC in front of me does not help. 

      (Day 23, I'm carrying litres of semen)

  5. When you're roasting your friend and then all of a sudden you bring out the big guns to the sesh:


  6. Great Khan

    • Great Khan
    • Mexi

    Image result for poop memes


    1. Mexi


      1 usually but I'm not gonna lie.. I've attempted number 3.

  7. Fighting OOC hate with the power of jazz: 


  8. The Classic RPian reaction to seeing the adds/group adds on the forums: 'uhh it's disgusting'.


    1. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      Admins get them out of my sight!

  9. Good music to poop to: 


    1. Hebee


      Lmao. ?

  10. A black Crips Utopia: 


  11. When roleplaying, please remember how to use the right terminology for the following word. Thank you


    1. Balance


      100% this


  12. *Opens the door and peaks head inside.* Hey memelords, I'm home! 

    *Gunshots are heard and dead bodies lie all over the floor* I'll come back some other time... 

    *Closes door and power walks with Tesco extra value meal deal as fast as possible down the street*

  13. I'm still alive btw...

    1. Oliv


      prove it

    2. DeeBlack




    1. Sir Hawke

      Sir Hawke

      Why is this even a thing? I mean... LIKE FOR REAL WTF IS THIS? WHY IS THIS MADE? 

    2. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      Toad Stacking is fun. Something to do when you're not in RP.

    3. DeeBlack


      the fuck

    4. Sir Hawke

      Sir Hawke

      That answer just raises more questions about your mental health.

      You ok bro? Don't need to call someone to come get you Khan?

    5. DeeBlack


      at least you're not throwing them in a blender



    1. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      'Hadoken, hadoken to your face...'

  16. Life is like a box of chocolates:

    Bounty is the kid who gets bullied.

    Snickers is usually the bully.

    Milky Way and Twix are your are average kids 

    Malteser is your non-normie memer

    Galaxy is the popular kid

    Galaxy caramel is destined for great things...

    Which chocolate are you?

    1. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      Oh shit who could forget  the mars. Yes, you are right. Mars does = Ripped pussy slayer.

    2. Grozo


      I am the Moreni chocolate bar - some Eastern European brand that no one has ever heard of, but is actually pretty fucking amazing once you take a closer look.

    3. Sir Hawke

      Sir Hawke

      Fukken kvikk lunsj for life mah dud 


      On a completely unrelated note, dayzrp is now officially a Facebook rip off.

    4. Grozo


      Пффф... Shows how much you know @dankatronic :D

  17. At Subway ready to write up a report for BadRP. These whitename workers are ruining my immersion by giving me the incorrect sandwich.

    1. Sir Hawke

      Sir Hawke

      Well subway sucks, come join Starbucks instead! The white name employees are still shit and the food n drink too, but at least you know what youre gonna get.

  18. 'Love your fellow DayZRP player as you love yourself'

    - The commandment of the DayZRP God written in the role-play bible, section 2: 'How to be a pillar of the community'.

  19. 'Why have abs when you can have some roleplay abs and eat kebabs?'

    1. Sir Hawke

      Sir Hawke

      As long as there is loads of garlic sauce I'm in!

  20. 'When one stays up this long, his mind can succumb to many memes. It is important to filter bad from good, beatiful from ugly. If one is to fail this, he risks getting the permaban. A good nights sleep is recommended if you cannot filter good from bad'

  21. 'A meme is not just for an hour, a day, a week or a month. It lasts a life time. Treat it with respect and don't abuse the powers it holds. Many successful men have memed their way to the top. You can too....'

    1. Grozo


      Words to live by.

    2. Sir Hawke

      Sir Hawke

      It sounds like you are writing the start to some scam success site, you those that go like "... You can too, all you need is to subscribe to me and give me your credit card info and you will be a meme master with these 3 easy steps! Become a meme today!"

    3. Great Khan

      Great Khan

      Thank you for all your appreciation. I hope to act as a fountain of inspiration for all those who wish to follow me.

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