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  1. Felix Lofer was brought up to a rich family in the city centre of Southampton. Throughout his childhood days. Felix had it very easy: he got given the best education money could buy and the freedom to use his Dad's credit card to buy anything. As a result of his environment, he was usually looked down upon by the other kids at school due to jealously they had for his families wealth, but nevertheless, although from time he would get picked on, life was still very much pleasant for him. It was at the age of 15 that things began to take a change. At the age of 15 Felix caught feeling for a boy at his school called Toby. Knowing it was wrong, he tried to supress his feeling by taking the gayness within him and burying deep inside him. However, despite this, the gayness was just too strong as a result of his love and lust for the opposite gender. At his latter years in high school, he professed to Toby his feelings for him. Toby did not like the fact he was gay and as a result, word got round the school. Life become tuff for him as a result. When his family found out, his family were furious. His Dad literally beat him for it, expressing his discontent and how his Son dishonoured the family. 'No Son of mine is a faggot' he used to say. At the age of 18, when his Father had no legal obligation to take care of him, he chucked him out on the street. Life was hard for Felix at this point. His only option he contemplated was suicide. However, 4 months living on the street and he began to meet a gay man who turned his life around: Bobicus. Bobicus, like Felix, was homeless and had nothing left to live for, over the few months Bobicus spoke to Felix, he got to understand how Felix had a sense for strategy. Knowing of his Felix's superior intellect, he invited him into a local gang. As a result of the gangs activities in the drug trade, 5 years on Felix ends up in Chernarus. (RP will dictate the story between the years he joined a gang and got to Chernarus): looking for a bit of fun on this character
  2. Great Khan

    Drunk Thread

    There's no way in hell I could have navigated my way to this thread last night. Made the 30 min bus into Brighton, got Subway, was sick, then headed back home. What a night to remember! Roll on this Saturday for a successful re-run.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm going to end up building one. I got friends down in Easter who are computer gurus so worst comes to worst one of them said he would build it for me! I've got a good idea in mind for parts thanks to your help. Think I'm going to shave tick to a 1060 though, I got to purchase a monitor on top. Talking of monitors, any good and cheap 1080p ones out there??
  4. Oi Oi!!!! My PC is the equivalent to a potato in today's society. I'm looking to buy a new one, with a budget of £1300. I'd rather order it prebuilt tbh because I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, nor do I have the time to learn what the best parts are to get or how to put a computer together. Generally, as long as I'm not getting ripped off, I don't mind paying a little extra for it to be prebuilt Simply looking for something that can handle games on High/Max for the next 2-3 years. Then I'll just upgrade graphics/processor as of when it is needed Anyway I've been searching around. What do you think of the following: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/3xs-gamer-amd-ryzen-7-1700-16gb-ddr4-6gb-evga-gtx-1060-sc-250gb-ssd-1tb-win-10?v=c Have only started looking today and my friend recommended I go for this. Good/bad. If there's anything else you'd recommend please let me know!!
  5. Great Khan

    Drunk Thread

    Okey I got 5 mins Squillium your name sounds like a pig noise change i. I masturbated 2 hrs ago, @Dom is a cooll dude. Sometimes youu just gottas say fuck a New Years eve. It'ss coming close to middnight my dues so I've gotta go find someone to kiss. Im a dirty dog Happy New Years!
  6. As Heebee said my dude, make sure you got plenty of ammunition to fire back at them. My friends don't know I play DayZRP, but they know I play DnD. Lmao I'm invincible though compared to them. One got with a really fat as bird (I mean obese motherfucker) in the club and ever since that day I've been firing a bazooka at him with that one as a roast. He's also like 5ft 5 so that's another one I can launch at him. One of my other friends once made out with a guy in the club to identify whether he was gay or not. Holy shit he gets a lot of woman but I make sure I have this one in the forefront of my mind to fire at him if roasts come to me. Another is just Portuguese. If he roasts me I just mention the fact he is Portuguese. I go to quite a diverse university and when you hang around with English, Spanish and the Portuguse, it's always the Portuguese you can shit on. Nothing beats a good roasting sesh when you're all sitting at the table drunk af trying to find flaws in one another.
  7. Great Khan


    Study a lot more to hopefully pass first year Cut some weight: since Feb I bulked and put on 45lbs when I started the gym. Damn I got strong af but also chubby. Now 100kg so looking to lose 10-15kg before I try to do it the lean way. Either that or I'll just go for a massive bulk to 308lbs and maybe consider competing in a few years time. Would prefer to cut though. 200kg squat tho is what I'm after. Drink less. Maybe talk to girls when I'm not drunk...... ngl though my success rate on the booze is 100% higher, probably because of the beer goggles.
  8. Great Khan

    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Count me in.....
  9. Great Khan

    Computer giveaway

    Hell yeah I'm in. Good luck everyone!!!! xxxxx If I win this studying 'Economics and Finance' will soon become memeing and playing games all the time.
  10. Great Khan

    Community Feedback

    lol. If there's one thing I learnt from playing on the DayZRP servers, it's everyone hates everyone. It's almost a 1:1 ratio to the people you like to the ones you fucking hate so regardless of feedback, everything will be bias. Essentially this idea gives a platform for people to prep their roasts and then season them with a little bit of salt. Where is the love??
  11. Great Khan


    It's tragic what happened and I hope those injured get well soon. I don't think this problem can solely rely on the fact we 'let immigrants in', but rather why we didn't do anything against someone who associates with the black flag: security forces were surely aware of this at the time. Westernised Islam is perfectly acceptable and does work because I personally have formed friendships with Muslims. The problem lies with anyone who supports/sympathises with the black flag. The UK needs to be more intolerant towards these people: if proof comes through you associate yourself with the black flag or any Jihad group for that matter, you should be deported or arrested. Intolerance to the highest scale must be applied to these people: if we applied this principle to the recent bomber, he would not have been there to kill a load of innocent children. Instead, he would have been rotting in a cell. INTOLERANCE to the black flag is what I think would make the country safer and less open to attacks. It is important however for those on the right-wing side of politics to understand the difference between a Westernised Muslim and a radical terrorist because one thing the left says that is right is that 'not all Muslims are terrorist!'. That's my view on things, along with the view that the West hold a lot of responsibility for the rising tensions in the East: this does not excuse the killing of children through.
  12. Great Khan

    What other groups have had their legacy survive past their own lifetime?

    The Inmates, The Broken, ZBOR, Saoirse, Kingdom, Chedaki, Masquerade. Probably more but I think these groups were the ones that influenced the server.
  13. Great Khan

    Suggestions for rules on the server?

    Permanent KOS rights on white-knights and baiting becoming irrelevant when you insult the ones they love.... In all seriousness, no grief on those sweet bases should be a thing.
  14. Great Khan

    Bad RP Near GM 4.5.17

    Great Khan POV: Sorry, having a bit of a busy time right now. Anyway, I initiate on the whole compound because they had our men held hostage in there. After a bit of time, I die. There was never any negotiations for the hostages when there could have been (fight was silent for quite some time before I died). We were not warned that if we continued shooting the hostages would die and to be honest I don't think they actually said it personally because I should have heard it in VOIP if they did.
  15. Cringe af. Listen to Queen faggot. <3 Accept this statement as being true and let me dump on your inferior music tastes.