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  1. thank ya kindly weird it went away automatically. /closed
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198146489592/screenshot/956351032201638004 how to verify game files again
  3. My sky is green. is this normal?
  4. already stated yes but hey I finally managed to connect to the server, but upon connecting I was given a female character. I already typed the name of the specific character in the launcher so i'd have my custom character but I didnt get it. any tips?
  5. Since I cannot find the S1 server listed when I load the game normally, I've tried the DayZ launcher for a few days now but ever since 1.0 I havent been able to join! I Filled the Parameters with all the necessary info. I've downloaded and enabled the mod from the workshop, i've created my character and set to public and active, but to no avail. Any suggestions?
  6. Before the apocalypse, my Uncle was a Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist. He was in charge of initial cryptologic digital analysis to establish target identification and operational patterns; identifies, reports, and maintains Intelligence information. While he was commissioned in the Chernarus Defense Force, He learned skills and knowledge and remained what the force needed to stay organized, operational and dangerous. I grew up in Kamyshovo with my uncle and aunt after my parents died after a hiking trip went wrong. When I was young I taught myself how to read and write, and with the help of a man passing through, I learned algebra, geometry, and calculus within the span of 10 months. After going from a military police officer, to a field soldier, to a luitenent, my uncle ended up behind a computer screen. With matters of national security at his fingertips. I stayed enjoying myself, going camping, and hanging out with a man who was in charge of the entire armys artillery. I became very familiar with every single gun that came in and out of Chernarus, I could make one from scratch, take one apart and put back together, and I knew all secret locations where weapons were stored. After the outbreak I went to a secret underground hanger in the outskirts of Chernarus to the North East. I had took a mountain backpack, m4a1 with 4 coupled STANAG mags and an entire ammo box full of 5.56mm Rounds and 45. ACP Rounds for a secondary 1911 with a flashlight and 2 mags. The rest of my space was occupied with tactical bacon and full canteens. I survived in the woods for 6 months, living off of meat of other animals after all of my bacon was gone. I had not ever emptied an entire mag before, I had plenty of ammo and only shot my gun whenever I had to kill game. I was doing good till I was encountered by a group of clown masked bandits who stole everything, I re-geared in all black with a black motorcycle helmet and camoed Mosin. I now oversee the town of Elektrozavodsk and kill anyone who is worthy of my live rounds. I help those worthy of it, and give food, tools and ammo. They fear me, but know that if they are good people. They will stay protected under my watch.
  7. I've had DayZ for years now, and i'm just now getting back into dayz and DayZRP , but i'm having trouble finding my server! i've never seen it this full in awhile! tell me where I stick that s1.dayzrp.com:2300 ! Thanks
  8. I was not planning on using any recording software, which unfortunately resulted in technical difficulties giving me two separate clips, which is 100% of the footage given. The issue with the suspect's POVs is that a shot was fired nowhere near, nor towards them. If someone fires a shot that doesn't fly by you, or hit you, and isn't near you, you do not automatically assume it was directed towards you because you see the shooter run. Now regarding the initiation, it seems slightly evident that all of the suspects may have taken my character's RP to a personal level. They seem to believe every hostage they find will & should always quiver in fear, or beg for their life, etc. My character was very headstrong, expressing fear was not an option. And that's perfectly fine. As constructive criticism, you guys should really reevaluate how wide the spectrum of RP really is, because it is not limited to only what you know. Now again, I still accuse the killing of a compliant hostage, as emotions shouldn't conflict with the fact that I was fine as a hostage, and I did not refuse any commands, in order to experience RP.
  9. You did say that. Anything could be seen as chatting shit. In my opinion, I was not chatting shit. I was simply talking. Now why is your opinion stronger than mine? A roleplay situation in which the hostage isn't allowed to speak at all, if that is what you meant, is not roleplay. Moreso, its an unrealistic demand. Or in a way, avoiding RP, if not minimalizing it. I'm in the right.
  10. As a hostage there's nothing that says I can't give attitude. Now that would be different if you were to have said "don't give me attitude." What's the point in being a hostage, or taking other's hostage, if they were to all behave the same? I have all the right to say what I had said. But there was not a command given, that I did not follow. Therefore I was compliant. Please quit twisting that up.
  11. Server and location: S1 Near Stary Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05-31-2017 ~5:30PM Central US Your in game name: Quentin Spurlock / Quentin Spurloc Names of allies involved: n/a Name of suspect/s: William Stroker - Donny Sullivan Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events After being accused of attempting to hit Donny Sullivan with an IZH-43 Shotgun when my character had shot a bird, I was immediately shot at by everyone from ~200 meters away so I had decided to run. I was caught up and initiated on by the same group of people later past the outskirts of Stary. I welcomed the hostage RP excitingly, but was discouraged when killed without reason. I was given no demands where I had refused to comply, followed by my unjust death, which leads me here. Members of my family spectated the incident and were discouraged towards my character's death as much as I. I play DayZRP to roleplay, not to have what my character says lead to the inappropriate outcomes for which I've experienced today. Video evidence of death is uploading until uploaded.
  12. I don't know if this was a glitch, new feature, or what, but you know how when you unpack an ammunition box you get a piece of paper? Well I unpacked a box, and decided to write my blood type on the paper incase anyone found me knocked out. Well when I went to read the paper after writing my blood type, above MY note was the note of another player? Anyone else run into this?
  13. HAHAAA EDWARD CHANG although Edward is probably dead by now, good to see you're still here
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