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  1. Im not a big fan of perma death, because it greatly punishes people with extremely unique characters. It's really easy to replace kinda generic survivor, ex military, everything sucks type of characters. But people who like more comedic RP gonna blow through their colorful characters so fast and gonna end up have your generic my family died im pissed characters. I might be overthinking this, but ive played on the server with permadieath, and sure u are in control of not getting into trouble, but at the same time it limits your RP oppurtunities and puts it inside a "frame".
  2. No we cleared it up, you can close it, thanks for the quick clarification
  3. Report #19 S1 EU - 06/29/17 20:00 - Invalid Kill (role played) Server: S1 EU Date: 06/29/17 Time: 20:00 Rule breaks: Invalid Kill (role played) Your in game name: Ming Lee Allies: Guest Enemies: Guest Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: No hard evidence Description: Me and Erik role into Vybor see some people in the street, aproach them start talking. Neil the guy who shoots me later mocks me for the way im speaking ( im Rping korean guy) his girlfriend laughs several times, i comment does she have turrets or why shes laughing ouncontrolably, he gets upset, starts getting agresive, i say im sorry. He says sorry is not enough he ask for me for something valuable i offer him some shoes, he ask me to show him my backpack i comply he picks up some items, it seems we chill out, then Neil guy and a girl whispers other guys from their group closes in ask us to put our hands up, we comply they rob us, then tie us up and run us to the hill to the west of vybor. On the way there its getting clear they cannibals they threatening to eat us, one guy says something about im gonna eat u i play i answer sure man u can eat me im into that, like a sexual joke. Neil hears it and says oh u agree that we can eat u i say "sure" we reach the hill and i notice that they really thinking about killing us so i say i dont want u to eat me, he says but u said we can i answer that im korean i misunderstood u first time, I don't want u to eat I dont agree to it (making it clear as possible). They ask us more question about what groups we belong to and such i don't belong to anyone so he moves on to my friend Erik. After that they tell my friend to chop wood for fireplace and ask me to follow him little bit further and ask me which tree i wanna get executed at i pick a tree, he ask any last words? I tried to sell him my old car as my last "wish" he shoots and misses (im thinking ok this dudes gonna play it off now) second shot kills me. Don't know what happens to Erik.
  4. Got held up in Vybor, talked with the guys, they decide to rob us eventually, after that tie us up, run us to the woods. Talk more, we comply with everything they ask us to do get shot down. Didnt even had a gun. He asked me does he mind if he eats me i say i do. Still does it
  5. Are cannibals allowed to kill people just because they wanna "eat them"? Is that how it works? They don't need no other motif?
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